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A week later me Ellie and Mily were out dress shopping. Wedding dress shopping. We weren't having the hugest wedding, it wasn't gonna be in some statley home with 300 people there, but we were still going through all the traditions, White dresses, brides maids, best man, hen nights, stag do's, the lot. It would take place in a local church, and all the guys, plus A few others would be there. 

I tried on the 8th dress of the day, and it still wasn't right. There were so many options! floor length, knee length, strapless, thin straps, thick straps, corset or not, different materials. I was seriously considering ditching the dress and getting married in jeans and a t-shirt. I stepped out the changing room and Ellie and Mily 'ooooh'd and 'ahhhh'd but I told them it wasn't right. They picked out another one, shoved it al me and I rolled my eyes. 

I got changed and peered in the mirror. It was the one. It had thin straps leading down to a tight fitting top that them flowed out in a long skirt. At the back it justed about skimmed the floor, but it got short towards the front which skimmed my knees. There was a netting underskirt and the White material looked amazing.

I stepped outside and grinned at the girls.
"Its perfect" Mily whispered. I could see myself walking down the isle towards Frank in this dress. 

We bought it along with some shoes before going back to Me and Franks house. He was out shopping with all the guys so we had time to hide the dress before they got back. 
It was two days before the wedding, and the next evening we would be out on our hen and stag nights, which meant that tonight was the last time me and Frank would be together before we were married. 

I sat in Franks lap, my head nestled into his chest. 
"We're getting married in two days" Frank mused and I kissed him softly
"Tomorrows your last day of being a free man!" I joked
"I can't wait to be official joined to you. You'll never leave me then"
"I've never planned on leaving you, never" I told him 
"I know you don't plan on it, I just still worry that one day your gonna realise that I'm not good enough for you..." 
I put my hands gently on the sides of his face and turned him to face me.
"Frank. You are good enough for me. I love you, and that's all the matters. Don't be insecure, you have nothing to worry about because I don't wanna be with anyone else"

The next day went pretty quickly and soon it was the evening. I was stood In the hallways with Frank. He was about to be dragged off my the guys so I wanted to say goodbye to him .
"No standing me up tomorrow?" I asked him
"No way. I wouldn't miss this for the world"
"I love you so much..." 
"I love you to" He said and hugged me 
"So I guess I'll see you tomorrow?" he continued
"Sure, I'll be the one in White" I giggled and winked at him. His lips moved onto mine and his Tongue escaped into my mouth. Suddenly I felt him being pulled away. Gerard grinned at me before pulling frank out of the door. I smiled and then Franm ran back in. He threw himself at me wuickly and crushed his lips to mine. 
"Mmh, I don't wanna go" He whispered in my ear
"Go! have fun " I told him. He kissed me again for what I was sure would be the last time before we were married
"I miss you already" He whispered and I hugged him close
"I miss you to. Il see you tomorrow" I reassured him as Gerard pulled him away once more. I blew him a kiss as they left
"He better be at the church in one piece!" I shouted after them and Gerard just laughed like some sort of evil genius.

I ran upstairs and quickly got change into the red dress I was wearing tonight. I came downstairs and Saw Mily and Ellie waiting for me. The shoved a sparkly tiara and a black feather boa round my neck. I rolled my eyes at them and let them drag me through the door. We decided we would just hang out at a local bar. I wasn't gonna drink much but it was gonna be a food night.

After two glasses of wine I decided to stop drinking, I didn't want a hangover on my wedding day really! Ellie and Mily had had a couple more glasses than me and we were all rather giggly. 
"Heres to your last night of Freedom!!!" Ellie cheered. I laughed at her
"Im not bothered about not being single anymore, I mean, i don't want anyone other than Frank, so I have no reason NOT to be married to him" I said and the all awwww'd at me. 

We got back to Ellie and Gerards house where I was staying that night at about 12:30. After sitting up for a while Ellie and Mily fell asleep. 
I checked my phone but I had no messages from Frank. It was only one evening, but I missed him. I didn't want to waste a single moment of our time together. I considered calling him, but decided against it...

Franks POV:

The guys had just got back to my house, and all of them except for Gerard and me were totally wasted. Gerard had fallen asleep so isat up on my own. I couldn't believe that tomorrow I would be marrying Emma. I never saw myself as the kind of guy to get married. I missed her already after only being apart for a few hours, that's how much I loved her. I kept looking at my phone wishing she'd call. Am I aloud to call her? Or can we not have any contact? Screw it, I just want to hear her voice...

Emma's POV:

My phone quietly started vibrating and I picked it up after the first ring.

[AN: there's gonna be a lengthy phone convo now, so anything bold is Frank, andything italic is Emma. Saves me having to spend ages putting "I said" "he said" blah blah :P]

Emma I could hear the smile in his voice
Hey Honey
there was silence for a few seconds
I miss you
I miss you to....
how was your evening?
pretty boring. I haven't drank much, and I didnt have you there to keep me entertained
Same really, me and Gerard are the only sober ones though!
Haha, what are they doing now?
Theyre all asleep really. And the girls?
/fast asleep/ 
just us two loners then I heard him laugh
yeah I guess
I really do miss you so much
I miss you to. It sucks that they're keeping us apart
well, they're all asleep now...
they wouldn't notice if we left for a little bit... I coul tell where he was going with this
no funny business... I just can't stand to be away from you
I know baby
I'll meet you at the end of your road in 5 minutes 
/Sounds perfect. I love you/ 
I love you to

and with that we hung up. I knew it was wrong, that you should stay apart the night before your wedding, but I just couldn't stand to be away from Frank for this long. It was like torture. 

I in my PJ's, which were just jogging bottoms and one of Franks t-shirts, but I didn't want to change so I just pulled on one of Franks black goodies and a pair of Converse before slipping out. Ellie and Mily were fast alseep so they wouldn't notice I was gone. I walked down the street towards the end. I was halfway up the road when I saw a small figure appear. I could see under the dim glow of the street lamp that it was Frankie. I started to running towards him and jumped into his arms when I reached him. I wrapped my arms around his neck and my legs around his waist before crushing our lips together. So much for the kiss before we went out being the last single one! We kissed for a while, neither of us deepening it, it was totally love not list that powered us. Eventually he put me down. We sat on a small bench at the end of the road, hand together, fingers entwined. I rested my head gently on Franks shoulder and he stroked me hair. We sat together in silence for at least 10 minutes before Frank sighed.
"We're getting married tomorrow..." he mused and I kissed his cheek
"No cold feet?" 
"Well... my feet are kinda cold, but not that kinda 'cold feet' . I can't wait to marry you" He said 

After a little while longer I stood up, pulling Frank with me.
"I think I better go. I don't want Ellie or Mily to wake up and find me gone, plus I need my beauty sleep for tomorrow!" I said
"You don't need beauty sleep, your beautiful enough already" He said
I pulled his lips onto mine and kissed him with all my heart. This really would be the last kiss before we were married. I broke away regretfully
"I love you" I whispered into his neck as he hugged me close
"I love you to" 
"So I'll see you tomorrow"
"No doubt about it. I miss you already" He said into my hair. I stayed in his arms for a few moments longer before pulling away. I smiled and lightly kissed his cheek. I walked down the road. When I turned back his was stood watching me, checking I got inside safely. I waved lightly at him and he made a heart shape with the thumb and index finger on each hand. I giggled and blew him a kiss. 
When I got back into the house I went up stairs and Jumped into a bed in the spare room. I fell asleep dreaming of all of me and Franks memories. There were so many that I will still dreaming of them when my alarm went off. I shut my alarm off and lay awake for a few minutes. I stared at the light dancing on the ceiling. Today was it. I would marry Frank, and he would be mine forever. I sighed happily and got out of bed. It was half past 8, and the wedding was at half one. 5 hours seemed such a long time, and such a short time as well. I walked out of my room and went downstairs to find Mily and Ellie. They were both on the sofa drinking cups of coffee.
"How're the hangovers?" I asked them with a smirk
"Urg, not too bad I guess" Mily groaned. We sat around for a while, and then we started to get ready. They got changed into their black bridesmaids dresses and quickly did their hair and makeup.
"Right then!" Ellie grinned as she turned to me. They started to apply makeup to my face, although not too much. I just relaxed and let them do with me whatever they wanted. After they had finished I changed into my dress. It still fit perfectly and looked so perfect. I got out and yet started on my hair. They left it loose Orr my shoulder but curled it slightly. Then they popped a veil over my head... and we were done. I didn't realise how much time it had taken, and I looked at the clock and saw it was 1 o'clock. Only half an hour to go. 
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