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Are you gonna be my girl

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I spun around saw Frank standing infront of me. I wrapped my arms around him and hugged him tightly 
"Surprise" he whispered into my hair. 
"I missed you! Frankie, what is all this for?" I asked. 
"Emma, I was gonna come up with some mushy drivle here about my feelings, but in all honesty, there aren't enough words in the universe to explain my love for you. So i'll just use 4." he said before getting down on one knee and producing a box from his pocket
"Will you marry me?" He asked and opened the box. In the lining was a simple gold ring with a diamond in the middle and a smaller diamond each side. 
"Yes!" I squeeled while beaming at him. He stood up and hugged me tightly before placing the ring on my left ring finger. His lips found there way onto mine and I smiled into the kiss. Then I pulled away and sat down on the grass with my fiancé

"How did you pull all of this off?!" I asked
"I may have had some help from Gerard... and Ellie... erm and Mikey, and Mily... and ray and bob kinda helped to..." he said and grinned
"So everyone was in on this except me!" I laughed, still finding it hard to believe what had just happened. I held my hand out and gazed at the ring
"If you don't like the ring, we can get a different one...?" he asked worridly
"I love it. It's not too 'Look at me!' which I like. It's beautiful" I said
"Just like you then I guess" he smirked and I burst out laughing
"What?" he asked
"That was so cheesy!" I giggled and he kissed me gently. 

"So we're going to get married?" I asked excitedly
"Yup!" he returned
"We're going to get married!!!" I squeeled 
"I was so relieved you said yes" He told me as we lay in each others arms on the hill, surrounded by the dim glow of the candles.
"Why did you even think I wouldn't? we've been talking about doing this for ages" 
"Yeah, but I still didn't know if you'd changed your mind, or something. But anyway, that doesn't matter, because you said yes" He said. 
I moved my lips onto his and his hands rested on my waist. We lay together for a while before we decided to head home.
Frank ran around this hill blowing out all of the candles. I laughed and he pulled me onto his back. He gave me a piggyback ride all the way down the hill and then into my car.
"Wheres you Car frank?" I asked him
"At home, i got Gerard to drop me off so it would t give the game away" He told me. I smiled and leaned my head against his shoulder as he drove.
"So, did you enjoy your little treasure hunt?" He asked
"It was amazing. Going back to all those memories, and I got the best prize at the end" 

We pulled outside Gerard and Mikey (and now Ellie)'s house. I looked at Frank with a confused expression. He just took my hand and lead me inside. 
When we got to the door he put his hands over my eyes and lead me inside. 
Frank lifted his hands from my eyes and I gazed around the room in shock. Ellie, Gerard, Hayley, Mily, Mikey, Bob and ray were all in the room Smiling at us. 
"Engagement party" Frank whispered in my ear. I turned and kissed his, Wrapping my legs around his waist. There were a series of wolf whistles and claps from our friends and before Frank put me down. I ran and hugged everyone before Ellie and Mily grabbed my hand. 
"You, are going to get changed" They told me. I looked around and saw everyone, even Frank, was in 'party clothes'. 
"But I don't have any clothes with me?"
"We've got it covered!" They told me. We ran upstairs and Mily shoved a bag into my hands. I went into the bathroom and changed into the dark denim skinny jeans and blue checked shirt with a black waistcoat. Then I put on the plain black heels before walking out to the girls. Th fussed around fixing my hair before they ran downstairs. I rolled my eyes and followed them. Frank was at the bottom of the stairs waiting for me. I only really just noticed what he was wearing. He had scruffy black converses, super tight skinny jeans that made his... erm... talent look huge. He had a misfits t-shirts with a black shirt open ontop of it. I started into his beautiful hazel eyes before I reached the bottom of the stairs. He stroked my cheek gently. I looked around the room and saw Gerard and Ellie, and Mikey and Mily were stood similar to us, arms around each others waist. 
Bob and ray looked at each other, feeling left out, and hugged each other jokingly. 
I smiled contently and rested my head on franks shoulder. I loved my life.
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