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Unexpected Surprises

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It's Frank's Senior Year of High School, but he is now at a new school, with new people. But most of all he meets someone and falls in love, but love isn't always easy.

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Chapter One: Unexpected Surprises

My senior year is going to be hell, not that it wouldn't be anyway.
My mom can into the basement family room, where I was siting on the couch, plugged in and reading, celebrating my last day of freedom before I was shipped off to the penitentiary that they call a school. Besides, why do they call it High School, if you get in trouble for being high?
“Frankie, dear,” she said reaching over and softly taking The Scarlet Letter out of my hands. I let her, pulling out my ear buds.
“Yeah?” I asked, putting my feet on the floor so she could sit down.
“Your father and I have been talking and this coming school year, we are sending you to a different school.”
“What!?” I screamed, “How could you?”
“It's a better school Frankie, more people with your intelligence.”
“So I'm graduating with a bunch of eighteen year old douchebags, who cares?” I screamed
“It's not that, it's you're graduating so young, only fifteen-”
“Sixteen in October,” I mumbled cutting her off.
“That doesn't make me feel any better.” She looked at me her eyes sad. “Honey, This school, has people who will understand you, and your attitude. But it's not just that, it's that also the fact that you are to smart for your own good.” She gave me a forced smile, “Will you at least try it out?”
“Fine!” I pouted. I put the ear buds back into my ears turning it up as loud as it would go signalling the end of the conversation.
The Next Day
My alarm clock rang and I got up. I quickly got ready and hopped into my car passing on breakfast. Chewing on my lip I drove to the school that my mom had talked about. I got there, and parked my car. I got out and ran into the building. I went to the main office. I stood there, near the counter waiting for one of the secretaries to notice me. One eventually came over.
“Yes?” She asked putting a clipboard on the counter-top.
“I'm Frank Iero, I just transferred this year, and I need to sort out my schedule.” I said.
“You get your schedules in home-room” She went to sit down.
“The thing is, I don't have one.”
She went to her computer, “Last name again?”
“Iero” I started playing with the hem of my shirt.
“Spell that please.”
“I E R O” I chewed on my lip, then started playing with the ring piercing, that amazingly enough my mom hasn't said anything about yet.
“Franklin?” she questioned.
“Er.. yeah.” I responded.
“Ahh, yes. Your guidance counselor is Ms. Perinne. Go through her, and it's the forth door on the left.” She motioned me through, “She should be here already.”
I waited outside her door for a couple of minutes while she talked to another student. When the student left she looked up and smiled.
“Yes?” she asked politely.
“I'm Frank Iero.” I said nervously.
“Okay, well have a seat and lets talk about your schedule.”

About twenty minutes later
After that session, I looked down at my schedule, first period Honors English 11/12. Great.
I got in and handed my pass to the teacher.
“Thank you Mr. eye-ro.”
“It's Eye-year-ro, ma'am.” I said correcting her.
“Okay, well, I'm pairing you with, hmm... let's see... Mr. way over there. She pointed.
“Thank you.” I walked in the direction she pointed, and sat down. “Hey, I'm Frank” I introduced.
'No habla inglés” the guy said, and looked back down at the paper.
“Ermm...” I thought for a moment. “mi nombre es Frank.”
“You know,” the guy said speaking English, “you could say me llamo, instead of mi nombre es, it is so much easier that way.”
“You can speak English?” I asked shocked.
“No,” he responded, “only that little bit before, and this speech now explaining.”
“You're kidding right?” I asked.
“Qué,” he responded.
My eyes widened in shock at that, it was cool, mind you, but a little creepy to.
“Dude, I'm just yanking ya, I can speak English,” he laughed. “Hey, I'm Mikey.”
“Frank,” I responded reintroducing myself.

Okay so it's been a while, and you may have read this before on but i decided to grace you guys with this story since i love comments and I am a comment whore, so yeah
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