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Frank meets Gerard

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Chapter 2: infatuation
1 week later
Okay so Mikey is a cool kid, fun to talk to and shit. I was doing my vocab for English, while “listening” to my brother Cheech ramble about some girl he was dating. My phone vibrated in my pocket. I jumped.
“Whoa! I'm vibrating” I said and of course Cheech had to make it dirty. I shook my head, “perv.” I mutter.
“Hello” I said, “Oh hey Mikey,” I bit my lip listening, “Sure I'll come over.... No it's no problem.... no you cannot copy my English... Geez Mikey have you ever heard of the ACADEMIC HONOR CODE.” I laughed at his indigent response, “Mikey she checks it, and besides even if I read the responses to you it's still cheating. I'm coming over now, WITHOUT the vocab book, or the answer sheet.... Bye to you too see you soon.” I hung up grabbing my jackets and putting it on. “Yo Cheech!” I hollored.
“What?” he asked.
“Tell mom I'm at Mikey's 'kay”
“Yeah, yeah, yeah, have fun fucking your boyfriend.” he waved me out.
“He's not my boyfriend, and besides he's straight.” I replied and left slamming the door. I drove to Mikey's and knocked on the door. This guy with dyed red hair, and hazel eyes answered the door. His face was pale, and his lips plumped. I was smitten.
“May I help you?” He asked, the way his lips moved were like a dance, so utterly entrancing.
“erm.. uhhh.. i-is ummm...” I couldn't remember how to speak properly.
“Is what?” he asked trying to help me, and failing the more I looked at him. I decided to look down.
“Is Mikey here?” I asked.
“Oh, yeah. Come in.” He opened the door further. “Mikey!” He screamed.
“What!” a reply was screamed back.
“You have a friend here!” He shouted back
“Can you entertain him for a minute, I'm changing.”
“Yeah sure!”
Mikey's mom came in, “Can you not scream at each other, you could've gone down and told him.”
“But that's too much work.” he complained. She shook her head exasperated.
He turned towards me, “Hey, I'm Gerard. Mikey's older brother.”
“Hey, I'm Frank.” I gave him a small smile turning red.
“Ahh, that new kid that Mikey is always ranting on about how great he is.” Gerard said.
“He really says I'm great?” I questioned.
“Nah, he just says that you are smart and have awesome taste in music, and comic books and at one point said that you are a more masculine version of me that can actually play guitar.” he laughed and went into the kitchen coming out with two cans of soda offering me one.
“If that's true, then did you mom ever force you to have dance lessons?” I asked sitting on the couch next to him.
“No, but if it's any constellation my nana can dance.” He smiled.
I noticed a sketchbook on the coffee table and pointed to it, “Can I -?”
“Yeah sure.” he handed it to me.
I flipped through it, entranced by the pictures and the attention to detail, and the blended colors. “Wow,” I finally said, “these are amazing” I looked up and noticed this sad look on Mikey's face, it was like he was heart broken, and I had no idea why.
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