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Something weird in the air

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Mikey and Frank talk

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Chapter Three: Something weird in the Air
“Mikey's here,” I muttered, and got up. I made eye contact with him, trying to get him to understand that we needed to talk.
“Okay,” Gerard smiled at me and stood up, making his way back down to the basement, but not before flicking Mikey in the head.
I made my way over and pulled Mikey to the couch.
“Do I seriously need to invite you to sit down in your own home,” I said, he just stared. “What is it?” I said a little upset that Mikey wouldn't talk.
“You had an actual conversation with my brother, he showed you his artwork.” Mikey stared at me some more.
“What's wrong with that?” I asked curiously.
“Half the time I can't get him to willingly say two words to me, let alone get him to show me his art.” Tears fell out of his eyes. “How do you have this damned affect on people?”
“I don't know.” I reached over and pulled him into a hug. Suddenly visions started appearing in my head, Mikey's life from his eyes, laid out on a silver platter. Trying to act natural, I pulled away.
“So, what'do'ya wanna do.” I asked, biting my lip.
A slow smile came across Mikey's face, “A little game I call Annoying Gee.”
I acted stupid, “What's that?”
“Oh, it's attempting to annoy my bitch hermit of a brother. You see, you do whatever you can to try and get him riled up, I happen to be the current master.” He smirked evilly, “Come on I'll show ya.”
We both got up and I followed him into the basement.
“Hey Gerard!” He screamed taking the sketchbook from him, “What'ya working on?” He started going through it flopped on the bed on the opposite side of the room, the side I could clearly tell wasn't his.
“Give that back,” Gerard said irritated.
“Why should I?” Mikey turned another page of the sketchbook.
“TEN!” Gerard said, “NINE, EIGHT, SEVEN, SIX “
“Okay, okay” Mikey said handing it over and laying back down on the bed.
“And get off my bed,” he motioned towards Mikey's bed.
“Geez, Gee. Uptight might.” Mikey got up and jumped onto his.
“Stuff it Micheal, I'm not in the mood.”
“You certainly seemed so a minute ago talking to this one over here.” Mikey motioned towards me.
Gerard looked at me, his hazel eyes boring straight into mine. I thought of him from Mikey's point of view. How annoying and brilliant Mikey thought he was. The differences in their appearances, so much that not a lot of people realized that they are brothers. If fact, Mikey never confirms of denies this fact. My eyes roamed Gerard's messy, but purposeful attire. His nicely built body. My eyes locked with his yet again, and I could look away, I was once again entranced by him.
Mikey cleared his throat. We looked away, both of us red in the cheeks. My face also hot from embarrassment.
“Well,” Gerard said, “Ummm...”
“Yeah,” I muttered. I decided that I needed to see if what happened with Mikey, would happened again. I didn't want to just hug Gerard though.
Gerard then walked over and wrapped his arms around me. It happened again. I saw Gerard's life, Everything he remembers and it is quite a lot. I didn't immediately let go, like I should have. Gerard intrigued me, and I think I am falling for him. Then came the interesting part, Gerard meeting me, his first impression. It seemed as if he liked me, I don't know why though. I then noticed how good Gerard smelled, his scent filling my nostrils twice as strong, it wasn't as if it was a bad thing.
I pulled away from him, and took a step back. Our eyes locking again. Could Gerard know about me? He had this whole new look in his eye that looked intrigued, and a little confused. I am a little confused about myself also.

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