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DVD Abuse

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Frank Mikey and Gerard being random and have a fun little argument

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The "mind-reading" is not going to make sense for a while, so I hope you are ready for a wait

Chapter 4 - DVD Abuse
Frank's POV
“I gotta erm..” Gerard mumbled.
“Yeah, me too,” I quickly turned around and left following the sound of a TV that was playing upstairs. I plopped down on the couch next to Mikey, I was trying to figure out what the fuck just happened. I heard the noise of the TV turn off and I noticed Mikey rewinding something. I looked up and noticed it was the beginning of the Simpson's Movie. I laughed, he was watching the part where Green Day tried to take a little time to talk about the environment, then they get eaten by the lake. When it finished playing for the third time, Mikey went to play it for a forth but I grabbed the remote from is hand. He pouted.
“Grow up,” I laughed, he pouted again and I started holding the remote away from him. I heard a door open and close but I didn't think much of it as I stood on the couch holding it once again out of his reach.
“Frankie,” Mikey pouted.
“Come on get it Mikey.” I smiled, the remote was then taken out of my hand and it wasn't by Mikey, it was Gerard. I smirked, “Hey give that back!” I shouted and jumped onto Gerard's back like a monkey. That's when I noticed that there had to be skin to skin contact between me and the person. I made sure there was none, by readjusting myself, also the purpose of readjusting was to make sure Gerard couldn't swing me off of himself.
“No!” Gerard just said.
“Come on this is unfair, you have longer arms” I whined, pouting a little extra for effect.
Gerard just continued holding the remote out of reach as he turned the dvd player off and turned the TV on. He sat on the edge of one of the chairs hold me in place against the back of the seat. It was comfortable not that I was complaining, but I seriously wanted that damned remote. I smelled Gerard's scent as I leaned forward and I bit my lip trying not to make skin contact as I reached for the clicker. I watched the channels flicker past, as the various shows went by.
“Gee, please give me back the remote.” I whined again, putting on my best puppy face.
“Why should I,” he asked, his head turned towards me. I bit my lips trying not to kiss him.
“Because I said please,” I gave him a smile.
He scrunched his nose like a bunny, and handed the remote back to me, but still didn't move.
“Erm.. Gee?” I said hesitantly.
“Yeah?” He asked still staring at me, they look was kind of awkward, but I didn't want him to stop.
“Can you get up?” I asked licking my lips nervously.
He noticed this and smirked, “No.”
“Guys,” Mikey moaned in annoyance. He walked over and snatched the remote back from me, putting it back onto the Simpson's Movie, and repeating his previous actions.
Gerard and I both groaned, “Mikey,” I said, “I love Green Day and all, but that is getting a little annoying don't you think?”
“No,” he snapped but took out the dvd anyway, replacing it for Bullet in a Bible.
“Mikey,” Gerard said, “I thought you had that memorized already.”
“Not completely” Mikey said smirking, “Just ninety-nine percent of it,”
“Mikey!” Gerard looked annoyed, “You have abused this dvd player enough for one day.”
“Shut up!” Mikey snapped.
“Gee,” I moaned breaking apart the argument, “this is really uncomfortable”
Gerard turned towards me and raised an eyebrow, “Is it really?” he asked once again smirking. I guess since the same weird thing happened to him, he kind of knew how I thought, now if only I could figure out him.
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