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Unholy Matrimony

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This chapter has a reference to God in it. I am sorry if that offends any of you.

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Chapter 5: Unholy Matrimony

Frank's POV
As I laid at home later trying to figure out what was going on, I soon realized that it only started after I had talked to Gerard, huh, what could that mean? I shook my head then stood up and started writing everything down that I knew about Gerard then about Mikey.
In Mikey's five second I actually got a lot. With Gerard, it's like he knew what was happening and tried to stop me from seeing. Everything I got from him is cryptic. I sighed putting down the pencil. I run my hands through my hair, staring at the paper. After a minute I stand up and go downstairs.
“Hey mom,” I said walking into the kitchen and grabbing my bag. I noticed that she was baking, which usually meant that she and dad were going to announce something at dinner. I put my bag down, I wanted to see if I could get a sneak peak. I walked over and stopped my mom from putting in three cups of salt instead of three cups of sugar. It wasn't going to be good news. I grabbed her hand.
“Mom” I said, and like with Gerard and Mikey I saw everything flash into my head, I suddenly wished I hadn't done that, because everything is everything. I let go of her hand and muttered, “It's three cups of sugar not salt.” I walked over to the table again grabbed my bag and ran upstairs. I got in and threw my bag across the room and plopped onto my bed crying. This was fucking perfect, just fucking brilliant. My Senior year of high school was suppose to be perfect now it was confusing and probably going to be one of the worse years of my life thanks to the bombshell that my mom was gonna drop. “Where the fuck is my weed?” I muttered and started tossing my room.
I finally found it and sat on my bed, rolling a joint. Why are parents such pricks, like seriously, they couldn't hold on for one more god damned motherfucking year. I noticed that I had messed up rolling the joint and started all over again. The joint was like my life, though only if I could get another shot at life I would be all set. I never wanted to be 15 almost 16 and a senior, and I sure as hell wasn't ready to fall in love, or have this weird psychic mind reading ability. I then thought of something and placed the joint down. What if Gerard and I think on the same sort of frequency? What I mean is instead of trying to put myself in Gerard's shoes, what if I put him in mine, so to speak.
I picked up a sheet of paper and started writing stuff out, some I already knew from Mikey's memories, but other parts, the darker ones I needed to figure out, in order to fully understand this kid. I ripped pieces of the paper and tried to put together Gerard's life like a puzzle. I know all the pieces are there but I just couldn't get them to fit quite right. Biting my lip I tried again, this time with a little more success, I mean he is a twisted person, and everything but he intrigues me. I don't want to flat out approach him about this, but he is the only one that I know about who has this same new ability as me. Well it's new to me.
I sighed leaning back and lighting my joint. If I was going to go downstairs and listen to the life ruining decision that my mom, and dad are making, I am most definitely going to need to be high, to not cry when they say it. I may be their oldest child, and their smartest child, but I am empathetic, so I can feel their feeling. It's annoying really. Getting up after taking another hit I started searching for my I-pod. I noticed it sticking out of my Misfits hoodie. I grabbed it and smiled when I for once had a full battery. I put my earbuds in and started listening to N sync. Sue me, I like them big deal. They are my pot band. Or love song band, you know what I don't even have to explain this to you.
I took a few more hits and went downstairs for dinner. I know I smelled like pot, but for once no one even asked why. After dinner my mom went into the kitchen and came out with a nice Chocolate Lava Cake, a Banana Cream Pie, and a Lemon Meringue Pie. Seeing this Cheech of course was the one to first break the ice.
“Mom,” Cheech asked tentatively, “what's going on?”
“Oh, nothing Hunny, it's just, your dad and I are going through something.” My mom poked at the piece of the pie she had gotten.
“What exactly?' Debbie asked, she shouldn't be doing that, she's only nine for crying out loud. Not only were they ruining my Senior Year, they are ruining the rest of her childhood.
“Oh, princess.” My dad said, Debbie was always his favorite. “You mom and I are separating.” He reached over and cupped her face before getting up and hugging her.
“Separating, meaning like a divorce.” Debbie asked.
“yes sweetheart,” My dad, wiped away some of the tears that had ran down her face as she said this.
“That's crap!” Cheech shouted.
“Why though,” Debbie said trying to drown Cheech out. I stayed silent picking at my Banana Cream Pie. You see, my parents also expect me to be the mature one, the one they could rely on. Also I still didn't know exactly how to react to this situation, even if I did find out before anyone else.
“Princess, sometimes love fades, and when it's does it's a struggle to maintain a relationship with that person.” My dad tried to explain.
“Will your love for use ever fade?” My sister asked innocently.
“No sweetheart, it won't” He kissed her forehead.
“Isn't that what you said about mom?” I asked finally saying something.
“Excuse me?” My dad said, he looked pissed.
“You wedding vows, you said you'd love her forever, and that nothing could ever separate the two of you. That you would always be together.” I had tears streaming down my face, “You also told us to respect God, and tho do that is to also receive the sacraments and keep them holy. You also told us that Matrimony is one of the holy sacraments you are able to receive. And it can't be performed more than once in a church, unless it is annulled, and seeing that you have three kids I don't think that is going to happen is it?” By the end of that I was screaming.
“Franklin!” My mom scolded.
“I'm sorry mom, but it's true.” I picked up my plate and brought it into the kitchen then stomped upstairs. I needed a joint.

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