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You Can Run Away With Me

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Frank leaves the house and goes to talk to Mikey

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Chapter 6: You Can Run Away With Me

Gerard's POV
Frank was the only one who can make me come out of my shell like that and I don't know why. What I do know is that I made him see into people's minds so he could get to know his knew friend, also known as my brother, better because I know that Mikey would never tell Frank everything about himself, and well I really think Frank is good for Mikey. I picked up my sketchbook and started my homework for one of my courses at college. I am going in drag did I mention that? No! Well I did now.
My head was bent over in concentration as I tried doing the texture exercise, and it was actually coming out pretty good.
The door to the basement creaked open and I heard footsteps on the stairs.
“Gerard,” I heard, the voice was recognizable but I brushed it off, I needed to finish this, “Gerard,” the strangely familiar, annoying voice snapped, “We gotta go to the park.”
I finally looked up, “The park? Why?” I asked.
“Frank called, he wants to talk to us.” Mikey grabbed my jacket.
“No,” I said, “ It's eight thirty at night, it's dark, and after what happened last time I went out late, I am not going it again.”
“Gerard, you were alone last time. This time you aren't.” Mikey reasoned.
“Go fuck yourself, and do it alone, I am not leaving.” I snapped.
“Okay, but just to let you know, Frank is going to be really disappointed, he specifically asked for you to be there.” Mikey said trying to sucker me into going. I didn't budge.

Frank's POV
I laid for an hour alone in my, I was outta weed when I got up here so I wasn't high anymore, though by now I wished I was. I cannot come to terms with my parents divorce, I mean, I know that they have had their troubles like any normal couple, but I kind of wished that they would be the foundation of my life, and make everything worth while in the end. I guess that not all wishes come true, but in the end of all things, I guess that it was steady enough. I pulled my phone out of my jean pocket and typed in Mikey's number. It rang a couple of times when I finally heard a women's voice pick up.
“Hello?” she said.
“Hello, is Mikey there?” I asked
“Ah, yes. Give me a moment please.”
I heard the phone be put down, presumably on the table. I minute later I heard a couple of voices, then the phone get picked up
“Hello,” a male voice answered.
“Hey Mikey, it's Frank” I responded.
“Oh, hey Frank, what's up?” he asked.
“Can you and Gerard meet me at that park on Cross Street? It's important.” I asked, the sound of pleading escaping into my voice.
“Sure, when?” He asked, a tone of worry in his voice.
“In about half an hour.” I responded.
“I'll be there.” He said, “bye”
“Bye” I hung up my phone and picked up my jacket. The park was about twenty five minutes walking distance away. Which was what I was gonna do. I know, I am an idiot but whatever. I needed to sneak out, the safest way is through my sister's widow, dammit. I went into the hallway and peaked into her room. She wasn't there, good, that meant everyone was still downstairs. I quickly looked up and down the hallway, glancing at my bedroom door to make sure it was closed, it was. I went it and open the window and went out onto the tree branch outside. When I got out I sort of squatted closing the window. I climbed down the tree and quickly ran towards the sidewalk, and made my way uneventfully to the park. I got there faster than I thought. I sat on one of the swings and swung back and forth a little as I waited. About five minutes later I saw a shape approaching in the distance.
“Frank,” the shaped called out. I recognized the voice to be Mikey. I raised a hand to show him where I was and called out.
“Hey Mikey, over here.”
Mikey came over and plopped down in the swing next to me, “Sorry, I couldn't get Gerard to leave his batcave.”
“Ahh it's alright I guess,” I muttered and looked down, cracking a small smile at the joke but that was it.
“Okay Frank, what's up you would normally have fallen off the swing from laughing so hard at that joke.” Mikey stared at me.
“My parents are getting a divorce,” I muttered, then looked up at him, “Do you know how close to my birthday it is?” I cried, “My fucking sixteenth birthday!”
“No how close, you never told me when your birthday is,” Mikey reasoned, 'err that fucking pisses me off'
“My birthday is in exactly eight days,” I stared as Mikey started doing the math in his head, “It's on Halloween,” I said, saving Mikey from the aneurysm he was sure to have if he kept that up.
“Dude can we switch birthdays?” He asked.
“Did you not hear what I said before, my parents are getting divorced, Mikey” I grabbed his shoulders, “What do I do?” I had tears streaming down my cheeks, “What if I have to move? I just got to this new school.”
Mikey looked at me,”I don't know Frankie, you are the smarter one.”
“Book smart, yeah. Street smart, with only some things.” I shook my head, “The thing is Mikey, if I don't end up liking with my mom, I know I'll end up moving, and since I was fifteen before the divorce I most likely won't have a say of where I live.” I looked at Mikey sadly. It finally broke through to Mikey and he did not look happy about this fact and he actually started seriously thinking. My phone vibrated as he did that and I looked at the Caller ID, it read 'home'. I bit my lip and hit ignore, knowing I was going to be in shit once I got back, but I didn't care.
“I really don't know Frankie,” Mikey reached over and hugged me. His sorrow that he might lose his best friend, and greatest friend he has ever had seeped over into me and I started crying more.
“I don't want you to leave,” Mikey muttered and pulled away, “I know” he said smiling, “We can run away together.”
“What about your family Mikey, your brother and mom, and dad, and grandma.” I asked.
“Well,” he said biting his lip, “you can live in the basement with me and Gerard, that is if things don't go your way.”
“I'll consider it.”
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