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Paradise, truncated. Despite himself, Spike believes in happy endings. Sort of.

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I've wondered what paradise was like, sometimes. Not too often.
I dreamt about it, once. Long ago.
I was lying down on a steep mountain made of cigarettes. Around me, cigarette trees bloomed.
I had a cigarette in my mouth.

Beside me, a lean, wistful-looking woman hummed, dangling a cigarette from her lips.
We stared at the gray clouds of cigarette smoke drifting in the sky.
She hummed very well.
After a moment, I closed my eyes and spoke.

"Got a light?"

The last note of her song melted away. I felt her smile.

I didn't mind at all.


Val·hal·la (vl-hl, väl-häl) also Wal·hal·la (wl-hl, vl-, wäl-häl, väl-).
n. Scandinavian Mythology

The palace of immortality in which Odin received the souls of slain warriors.
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