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Over and Over [Frerard]

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Frerard :D Dont like it, don't read :D

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so guys... I'm gonna attempt to write a Frerard :D I've tried a couple of times before but they've never worked out, but this time I'm sure it will :D I was inspired to write this after watching this YouTube video -> (btw, this girl makes THE BEST frerard videos ever. Check them out!!!) and I thought the song fit so well, so Im gonna have a go :D
R&R and I will give you a shout out and a free pair of socks... big prize I know :D

Gerards hand tangled in my hair, keeping my lips against his as he moved his mouth with mine. I struggled to concentrate on anything else but his Tongue dancing with mine, the sparks that were flying through my system. Suddenly he pulled away and turned back to the hundreds of pairs of eyes watching us. I know these onstage kisses meant nothing to him, but they were what I lived for. 

sorry it's short and awful, it's just to get you started, give you a taste of what's to come!!!
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