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Being in love with your best friend sucks

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He continued singing, and I tried my hardest not to watch him, the way he moved, everything about him, but it was nearly an impossible task. It was like he was a magnet to me, I was drawn in by everything about him. His eyes never once met mine for the next few songs, ne'er giving me even a slice of hope that he could have felt those same sparks. 

I tried to cover up my emotions that were threatening to spill over and engulf me by going crazy. I jumped off amps, attack the mic stand like it was a murderer. I could tell I was gonna pay for this in the morning when every muscle in my body ached, but it was work it, because Gerard looked over and me and grinned that heart melting smile. 

The set eventually finished and we walked off stage. Gerard hugged me for the briefest of seconds before going off to hug everyone else. My whole body tingled from his touch and I was left rooted to the spot until Mikey came up and high-fived me. keep your cool Frank. You can't give away your feelings. It would ruin everything 

I couldn't risk everything me and Gerard had. He was my best friend, and I couldn't let my stupid emotions get in the way of that, no matter how much it hurt me.  
After walking back to our tour bus, we all sat around and talked for a while. Eventually people starting drifting into the bunk area to sleep. Soon it was just me left with Gerard. He smiled at me and I swear I died and went to heaven. 
We sat in silence for a few minutes before Gerard yawned. 
"Dude, how are you not tired? I mean, you were totally going nuts!!! was your side of the stage on fire or something?!" he asked with his adorable laugh. 
"I guess I'm kinda tired, still just pumped from the show" I explained
"Well man, I'm gonna hit the sack, i'll see you tomorrow" 
"Night Gee"
"Night Frankie" He smirked.

After he'd left the room I threw my head into my hands, wondering what I'd ever deserved to be put through this.
Just so you know... Being in love with your best friend sucks.
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