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You make me fall for you

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the boys go to an interview

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I awoke the next morning to the sight of Gerards face. What a perfect way to wake up.
"Dude? hey dude wake up, he have an interview in half an hour" he said. 
I sighed and sat up. I'd fallen asleep on the sofa and it had compleatly killed my back. Maybe Gerard could massage it for me. I imagined the feeling of his hands on my skin, sending tingled down my spine, whispered that he loved me in my ear...

I quickly snapped out of that fantasy, my mind would sometimes run away with itself. I quickly changed and had some coffee to wake me up. I looked over at Gerard, and saw he was wearing skin tight black skinny jeans, a black t-shirt and his leather jacket that I'm pretty sure has never seen the inside of a washing machine! His hair which was now bright red was messy in it's own perfect way. I imagine running my fingers through it, tugging on it has his lips caressed mine. Shit I have to stop with these fantsies! Gerard is straight!
When everyone was ready we all went out and were shown to the interview. 

They were nearly all the same boring questions, but I amused myself by watching Gerard. The way he talked slightly out of one side of his mouth, his un-needed but cute hand gestures, his love an enthusiasm for things he'd been asked about millions of times. we let gerard do most of the talking, although me and ray did have our say at points. 
"So, when you started the band, did you all get along very well, did you all join at once?" the interviewer asked
"Well, for a started it was me, mikey, ray and first drummer matt. But we'd always been good friends with Franks band pency prep. So when we were about to record the album, we thought we needed another guitarist, and because we all did, and still do, love Frankie here, we asked him to join" Gerard explained
"So, you say you all love Frank, am I right to say you love him particularly alot Gerard, after seeing all these on-stage kisses?" The interviewer asked. This was a new quiestion an I was interested to hear Gerards answer
"Well, when you have a smoking hot guitarist, you have to make the most of him while his guards down" Gerard said and winked at me. We all burst out laughing, including me to cover over my happiness.  
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