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Troubles with D.O.W

by Albri 1 review

After his friends disapreance all that Albri can do is relive the nightmare.

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Chapter 1
“Spart you can hold him!” yelled grim through his mic.
“Whine keep up the heals. Your doing great.” said Albri.
“Albri take care of the orb before it kills me! We are almost there.” exclaimed spart.
A jet of blue light shot out of the spell Albri Launched. This causes the orb to exploded and kills the boss.
“Great shot Albri! So that is the new spell…” Whine was cut off as a bright flash of light appeared on his screen. All Albri could hear was the screams and yells of his friends as they disappeared from the game. Then nothing. No sound. Just quietness.
Then right before Albri slams his laptop shut he hears a voice out of no where yell out, “Your next Albri! We know what you have done!”
Albri jumps out of his bed in his newly obtained apartment and yells out, “ What have I done!”
Now back in the right state of mind he blinks a few times to clear his head and realizes that it was all just a dream.
“Keep it down it’s 2 a.m.!” yelled his angry neighbor.
“Why? Why did this have to happen to me?” questioned Albri, “What does the Voice mean by your next?”
Albri gets off his bed and grabs a dog leash off a dresser and says, “Eddie come here, lets go for a walk.”
A little puppy hops off Albri’s bed and comes running up to Albri wagging his tail.
“Lets walk to the park and back. I need to clear my head.”
Eddie barks back to show that he understands.
As they walk to the park all Albri could think of is what had happened just the night before. What have I done. Were we not suppose to have killed that boss that easy? May be that’s it, but still how could a game come to life and take my friends.
Now that I think about it the website I found that told me about the spell said it was an ancient spell that may have consequences. I just thought all that writing was just to enhance the spell, make it sound powerful. I should have tried out that spell some where else before I used it with my friends. Then again it is all just a game.
“Eddie lets get going back home,” said Albri, “Get your rest tonight. Tomorrow morning me and you are going to see what that spell does, and I want you to come with me just in case it takes us somewhere.”
With a confused face Eddie nodes in agreement.
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