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Revival of Spart

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Grim and Whine need to figure out where they where they are and how to bring back to life there friend Spart

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Chapter 2
“Spart! Spart are you there?” Whine asked.
“Whine. I think he is gone. Its been 24hours without any sign of life from him.” said Grim.
Now with tear drops forming in Whine’s eyes he asks Grim, “If this is suppose to be Destruction of the World and we are suppose to have our powers and also we resemble are characters in every way. Why cant I try and revive him like I have done countless times?”
“Whine as I have said before it is not safe. We don’t know how to cast spells and if we try and cast the wrong one we can end up hurting each other and it could possibly kill you or me. Now do you really want to take that chance!”
“But Grim it is Spart! One of our friends, and if we do not have him and we learn how to use our powers we will die without someone who can tank!” screamed Whine.
“If I do let you do this where are you going to even start? On the game all you had to do was hit a button. Not say any words or do anything! Just hitting a button.”
“ I have a feeling Grim. It is worth the chance. Whether you want me to or not I am going to give it a shot. For your own safety please stand behind the rock just in case something goes wrong.”
“Fine!” yelled Grim as he started to walk over to the rock. “Alright Whine I am good to go. Give it your best shot!”
Then Whine started to cast his spell. Whine yells out, “I call upon the great spirits of Destruction and Death. You have taken a fallen hero that has yet to finish his quest. Let him rise once again!”
Around Spart’s lifeless body a bright blue light appeared. Then Spart’s body was lifted into the air as if he was an Angel ascending to heaven. Then he was slowly let down. Till he touched the ground and was once again alive.
“Whine you did it! He’s back!” yelled out Grim from behind the rock.
“Spart! Spart! Are you ok? How do you feel?” Yelled out Whine as he ran toward Spart.
“Where am I? What happened? Who are you and why do you know my name?” Asked the frighten Spart.
“Spart you are in the game Destruction of the World. We do not know what happened or why we are here. This is Grim and that is Whine from the game we all play. We resemble and have the powers of our characters from the game. We do not know if Albri is here or not or even if he is alive.” explained Grim.
“What do you mean you do not know if he is alive?” asked Spart.
“Spart when we got here yesterday you were dead. Me and Grim fought about the idea of trying to revive you because we did not know how to cast the spells or what would happen. I eventually talked Grim into letting me give it a shot, and apparently it worked.” Whine told Spart.
“Ok I understand. What do we do now?” asked Spart.
“I suggest we wait 24 hours before we set off to find anything.” said Grim.
At the same time Spart and Whine node in agreement.
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