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Past times

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Albri lets in a little bit to his past and gets prepared for his and Eddies future after using the spell.

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Chapter 3
“Eddie! Eddie where are you?” yelled Albri.
Eddie comes running out from under Albri’s bed with a picture in his mouth. He drops the picture besides Albri and starts to bark like crazy.
“Where did you find that?” asked Albri, “I have had that hidden under my bed sense the day I found you out on the streets. Why is it you find that now!” screamed Albri.
Eddie pushes the picture even closer to Albri. Albri kneels down and picks it up.
“Do you think my parents anger has to be caused by what ever had taken my friends?”
Eddie barks as soon as Albri finshed his sentence, and continues to bark non stop.
“Keep that mutt quite! I am trying to sleep up here!” yelled Albri’s neighbor.
“We will deal with this later Eddie. It is time to see what this spell does.” said Albri as he walks over to his computer chair. Eddie runs up to Albri and jumps on his lap
“Hold on tight Eddie!” yelled Albri as he hit the button to the spell.
A bright blue light shoots out of the spell Albri’s character cast. It hits the bear killing it instantly. As had happened before when his friends were taken a bright light appeared and Albri passes out and is sucked into the computer screen.
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