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Albris Arrival

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Albri gets into the game.

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Chapter 4
“Spart! Grim! Come here fast!” yelled Whine as he saw an object falling for the sky.
“What is it Whine? You woke me up.” said Spart.
“And I was trying to figure out my attacks.” said Grim.
“What is that!” yelled Spart as he spotted the falling object.
“It cant be.” said Grim shocked at what he noticed.
“What is it Grim?” asked Whine.
“It looks like Albri and his pet wolf Eddie falling from the sky.” said Grim.
“Are you sure?” asked Spart.
“Positive.” said Grim.
“He is going to hit that Rock! Spart you need to use the protection spell to save Albri!” yelled Whine, “The one where you through your shield at him and the shield takes the damage and not him!”
“But I don’t know what to say!” Spart yelled back at Whine.
“You need to do it now, and you do know it I can see it in your face!” yelled Grim, “It is your job as a tank to protect your allies from any harm or damage!”
“I will give it a shot.” yelled Spart as he started to cast the spell.
“Shield of Protection I call upon you! Protect my ally!” yelled Spart as he threw his shield at Albri and Eddie. The shield incases them both protecting them from any harm as they hit the rock with a loud thud. The shield that incased Albri and Eddie appeared to be undamaged.
“I guess my assumption of the spell was correct.” said Spart as he Whine and Grim ran over to Albri.
“Is he all right?” asked Whine.
“He looks beaten up.” said Grim.
“At least he did not hit the rock.” said Spart.
“Yah.” agreed Whine.
Albri laid on the ground for a few minutes then started to wake up.
“Albri are you ok?” asked Whine.
“Where am I?” asked Albri.
“In the game.” answered Grim.
“Did Eddie make it here?” asked Albri.
“Yes, if you mean your wolf.” said Spart.
Albri jumps to his feet and runs over to Eddie.
“Eddie! How did they know my pet wolf was based off your real life self?” questioned Albri.
“I don’t know, but I am confused.” said Spart, “Why are you now just appearing?”
“After we defeated that boss did you guys see the bright light?” asked Albri.
“Yes.” said Grim, Whine, and Spart.
“After that happened I slammed my laptop shut.” explained Albri, “ Then I herd a voice call out my name and said I was next.”
“Wow!” yelled Whine.
“So how did you get here?” asked Grim.
“I think I know how we all got here.” said Albri.
“Please tell us,” said Spart, “ we have been wondering about this for a while now.”
“Ok. A weak before we killed that boss I had gotten a message through the game from a Destructors employ.” explained Albri.
“Who are the Destructors?” asked Whine.
“They are the ones who made the game Destruction of the World.” said Grim.
“As I was saying, I got a message from them saying to check out a website and that I was the lucky one person to try a new spell, but for some reason it said to only use it with you three.” explained Albri.
“What happened after that?” asked Spart.
“When I used that spell against the boss it made a portal from the out side world to the game. I do not know why I was not taken into the game then though.” said Albri.
“But why did you just get here!” screamed Grim at Albri.
“I just used the spell, and it took me here. Before when I use the spell Eddie was asleep under my bed. The only reason I can think of is that Eddie my dog was on my lap. Some how they know that Eddie is my wolf from the game, and sense he was by me this time he could be brought in the game with me.” explained Albri.
“Where do we go from here?” questioned Spart.

“While I was passed out I saw what appeared to be a citadel.” said Albri.
“Do you mean Destruction Citadel?” asked Grim.
“Possibly, do you remember where it is at Grim?” asked Albri.
“It is in Deaths Pass.” said Grim, “I have only been there once. The place is covered in guards.”
“What do you think is in there Albri?” questioned Whine.
“I do not know, but if it is as guarded as you say Grim then we are not ready.” said Albri.
“If this is the game we should search for the bosses and animals we have killed once before in the game to improve our selves.” said Spart.
“Spart we also do not know what is there or if it is the cause!” yelled Albri.
“This is our only lead to getting out of here.” said Grim.
“Your right Grim. Its dark out right now so lets get some rest and tomorrow we will find a local town.” said Albri, “Where have you guys been staying at?”
“We found an abandon shack.” said Whine.
“OK, lets get some rest and we will figure this out in the morning.” said Albri.
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