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Fork In The Road

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Shaelyn Seldon is new to BC. and so not ready to move on in life. but then she meets...him. can things change?... who knows.

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Name: Shaelyn Seldon

Age: 17

Height: 5’5

A little but about: Shaelyn Seldon is a 17 year old girl who just moved from Edmonton Alberta to Vancouver BC with her mom, younger sister, and two little brothers. Shaelyn, goes by Shae, has black hair, ears pierced once each, nose pierced and has bright hazel eyes.


I sat their quietly by myself on my bed as I listened to my mom and younger sister, Amanda, bicker back and forth with each other from downstairs. Sometimes I found it funny but other times, when it got serious or when I was in the middle of it, I didn't. The reason why I am up here in my room is well for one, I got nothing better to do and two, I’m not talking with my mom right now because she has officially ruined my life and getting into a fight with her right now is seriously just pointless.

I stared up at my ceiling as I listened some more to the two of them before I finally got bored of them and decided to occupy myself by doing something else. That something else turned out to be drawing, and I was doing fine off in my own little world of arts, that was until I was interrupted and lost my train of thought.

“So I'm guessing” my mom said from my doorway “That you are not coming down to eat dinner?” I just looked at her and then back to my drawing and continued “Fine. Here.” she said and placed a plate, that had a few slices of pizza on it, down on my desk as well as a glass of pop. “You know, you can’t just ignore me forever shae, so I suggest that you pull your act together right now”

“Or what, you’ll pull a hiss fit?” was all that came out of my mouth, and then “Yeah I think I will pass”

“You know what Shaelyn? I am honestly bloody well sick and fucking tired of you attitude. So you need to cut this bullshit act out right now before I get pissed!”

“What, you aren't already?”

“Stop your attitude right now”

“Stop fucking ruining my life and maybe I wouldn't be having an attitude. Ever think of that?”

“Whatever Shaelyn” was all she said back before turning around and leaving my room, slamming my door behind her as she left and mumbling something to her self.

Yes. Shaelyn Seldon is my name but everybody calls me Shae, which I like a lot more. I am seventeen years old and just moved here to Vancouver BC with my mom, younger sister Amanda, and two little brother Teeghan and Joel. We moved from Edmonton Alberta where we lived for seven years and before that was London England, where I was born and raised. Mom and I have never really gotten along and its like she doesn't even care. Mom and I not getting along actually started when mine and Amanda's dad left when I was nine and Amanda was four. Then we moved to Canada. Edmonton Alberta to be exact where mom met David and then they had Teeghan and Joel together. But David left

us just over a year ago when Teeg was six and Joel was three. It has mainly been downhill even more since then. At school my life was not better. Actually to be honest it was just complete shit. People called me names, I had no friends except Bailey and Kaydyn, I always got picked on, beat on, shoved into lockers, food thrown at me, lunch money stolen and always picked either last or never for anything in PE. So I honestly kind of liked home better than school.

“Shae, mom says lights out now because we start school tomorrow” said Mandy (Amanda) as she opened my door and stood their in the doorway

“Joys. Alright well um what time do we have to be up by?”

“I don't know. Six I guess. Your school starts before mine does though”

“I know that”

“Alright. Good night”

“Good night”

‘Joys’ I thought to myself and sighed as Mandy walked out of my room. I am, to be quite honest, not at all looking forward to school tomorrow. First day at a new school? Never turns out well especially when all you’ve been at your previous school was a daily punching bag. Maybe things will be different here? Pfft! Yeah right. I am so not looking forward to tomorrow.
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