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chapter 2

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Note from author-- alright so this is chapter 2! boo yeah! 2 chapters in one day, thats pretty sweet, I have to say. but anyways enjoy reading and I really hope that you like it!

"Shaelyn, get your ass out of bed and get ready for school”yelled my mom from outside my room
“Ugh!” I grunted as I buried my head underneath my pillow and my mom banged on my door
again “Its to early”
“Now Shae!”
“Fine. Jeez.” I said tiredly, rubbing my eyes, as I threw my pillow towards the door to shut her up but knowing it would most likely not do so. I sghed as she began to say something again
“Im already in a bad mood this morning Shaelyn. So I would really appreciate it if you could please listen. It is already six thirty, you need to be at school by eight fifteen so please get out of bed now and get ready”
“Calm your balls mom, please? Im getting up” I groaned and I threw my blankets off of me and stood up, stretching and yawning
“Thank you” was all she said before leaving my room. I was just about to go back to bed when...
“I swear if you go back to sleep Shae, you will be grounded and up at 4:30am for the next month. Do you understand me? Do I make myself clear?”
“Yes!” I said as I shot back up and walked over to my bathroom to have a quick shower

after my shower, I dried myself off, blow dried my hair, wrapped the towel around myself and walked back into my room. I pulled the towel tighter around myself , as the warm bathroom air left and the cool crisp air from my room hit me, and I walked over to my closet to grab some clothes to wear. I pulled out a pair of black skinny jeans, my tight white short sleeve shirt that had a dinosaur on it, and a pair of pink/black underwear. Throwing the clothes on, I then walked back into my bathroom to do my hair and make-up. I just straightened my shoulder length black hair and as for my make-up I did- foundation, purple plus light blue eyeshadow, simple black eyeliner and a simple coat of mascara. Finally satisfied with how I looked, I went back into my bedroom to grab my shoes (colorful all-star converse), my bag and then walked downstairs. By that time it was already 7:45 which meant that I had apparently thirty minutes to get to school. And from looking for it yesterday to see where it was, it takes about fifteen minutes to walk their

“You ready to go Shae?” asked my mom as I came down
“Are you going to eat anything before you go?” I just looked at her as I got my shoes on
“No because I need to get to school, find the office, get my schedule and then find out where my classes are before school starts and I have got only thirty minutes to get their and do all that”
“alright well what about lunch. You taking anything for lunch?” I just looked at her again as I finished getting my shoes on and stood up to leave
“No, I’ll probably just buy something from the cafeteria or whatever but I got to go now. Bye”
“Bye” said mom and I walked out the front door.

The walk to school was actually not that bad. Nobody came behind me and shoved me, nobody called me names, nobody threw food at me. Nobody did anything. I was actually quite enjoying it. That was until I got to school. As soon as I got to the school, everybody stopped what they were doing and stared at me. It was as if I was more important than whatever it was they were doing or as if I had a huge sign on my head that read “hey look at me. Im a loser go ahead and stare at me”. It was as if they had never seen a new kid at their school before. As I kept walking into the school, I heard some people whisper “Hey she’s new”, “hey look its the new kid”, “I’ve never seen her around before”, “Ew New girl” blah blah blah and such. I just ignored them all and kept walking until I finally found the office

“Good Morning” the lady at the front desk said as I walked in “May I help you?”
“Good Morning and yeah, I'm new here and I don't have my schedule yet”
“Alrighty and whats your name?”
“Shaelyn Seldon”
“Shaelyn Seldon...... Shaelyn Seldon... ah here you are. Just give me a second while I print this off for you and get it” she said and I just smiled politely as she got up to go and get it from, I'm guessing, the copier room. She came back a few seconds later and handed me my schedule
“Thank you ma’am”
“Your welcome Shaelyn. I hope you have a good first day and Welcome”
“Thank you and have a good day” I said politely giving her a smile and leaving the office.

The first class that I had was English which was in room B201. I had like five minutes, no wait, less to find my english class and finally after walking for a few minutes around the halls aimlessly, room B201 came into view. I walked into the classroom to find the teacher already their sitting at her desk

“Good morning” she said politely as I came in “You must be Shaelyn Seldon, am I right?”
“Yep, that's me”
“It is nice to have you here Shaelyn. For now you may take your seat wherever you would like until class started. We will be doing a seating arrangement today”
“I'm Mrs. Melzer by the way” she said as I put my stuff down on a desk in the third row, left side of the room, by the window and sat down

Finally the bell went and students started to pile in, chatting with friends and taking their seats. Mrs. Melzer stepped out of the classroom but only for a moment as she came back in with some papers in her hands. Within two minutes , everybody was sitting down, and every seat was filled... except the one beside me. Mrs. Melzer stood up at the front on the room, cleared her throat and waited until she had everybody's attention

“Brandon, feet off of your desk, this is not a place to just lounge around and where is Mr. Stead... again?” said Mrs. Melzer and they boy behind me spoke
“He is not here yet”
“I see that, where is he?”
“I dont know”
“and I dont believe you. Anyways moving on” she said, sounding annoyed “Class as you all know, today we will be having a seating arrangement done but before we get to that, I would like to introdue to you all our new student Shaelyn Seldon” everybody looked at me “Shaelyn would you like you to stand up and tell us all a little bit about yourself?” what is this, first grade?
“No thanks, I think I’ll pass”
“Im not asking you Shaelyn”
“Um okay?” I said not so polite as I stood up “Um hi, I'm Shaelyn. I go by Shae. Um I just moved here from Alberta but am originally from London England, hence the accent, and yeah” I said, sitting back down when I was done
“Thank you Shaelyn..”
“Shae” I corrected her
“Shae. Thank you. Now class would you all please be kind enough as to stand up and go to” she was saying but stopped as a boy walked in “Mr. Stead, would you care to explain as to why it is you are late again?”
“I had stuff to take care of at home?” he said
“Ryan, it is only the second week into school and you have already been late seven times”
“I know that, sorry”
“Go stand at the back” she said and the guy did as told. I watched him as he walked by me to the back, giving the guy behind me a high five. He was pretty cute. Dark hair with a blonde streak in the front, side bangs off the right. He was wearing black skinny jeans, a blue tight shirt and a purple hoodie that was unzipped “Now as I was saying class, please stand up and go to the back of the room. As I call out your names, you will sit where I tell you to sit. The arrangement will also be in alphabetical order. Go to the back” said Mrs. Melzer and everybody grabbed their things and went to the back of the room and waited for their names to be called

I stood their patiently and waited for my name to be called as Mrs. Melzer went through the list of names, calling people one by one and directing them where it was they were to sit. I quietly dropped my bag and leaned up against the wall, staring at my shoes as I waited and finally my name was called

“Shaelyn, you will be sitting here” she said, pointing to a seat in the back left corner

“alright” I said and took my seat where I was told

“and beside you will be Ryan” she said and within a second, the seat beside me was filled

“in this seat...” she carried on but I gave up on listening to her

the rest of class went by pretty fast. Mrs Melzer gave me my books and went on about whatever it was the lesson was about.
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