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Mall Times 12

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I was dreaming of something sad yet... Amazing. I got a final word in. I said goodbye to my parents and every one I know and love. I cryed in the dream. And so did many of the people. Mom and Grandma were the worst. Some even said good luck and/or to bite them as well. That just made me cry harder. But, through that, we had some laughs. My best friend and I laughed for the last time, and I said goodbye to all. It was a good dream.

My eyes flutter open. I have to see if I really slept or was that something I thought of in my head. My eyes were light so I guess I slept.

"You smile in your sleep, you know that?" I look up fast. Aiden was next to me on his side and elbow. I see her smile in her sleep, and know that shes a dreamer. Shut up Chiodos!

"Um- er-"

"It was cute really, you just smiling for no reason." I too had a reason!- WAIT! Did he just say cute?!

"I-I- was- Having a dream- about my Parents..." I stammer.

"And your smiling? I thought humans females were suppose to hate their mothers and fathers?" No, thats only spoiled brats. Me no spoiled.

"Well I don-"

"Alfa Aiden! We can't find-" Ron comes running to the rock. Awkward... "Oh, ugh, sorry 'bout that... I'll just leave now..." He points in the other direction with his thumb, he ran out of there.

"I better go too. I need to- er- tell Ron something." Yeah, lets go with that. It wont be a lie since he just saw this.

I bolt out of there. I ran like a fircken cheetah! I was sure to be the color of a tomato. But that's not a supprise. These days, I'm always a tomato.

"Dylan! What the hell was that?! I did not just see you with the alfa!" Ron yelled once he saw me.

"Wrong. You did. Now do you get internet? I can't get on line." I take out my Ipod and start to play around with the wifi.

He laughs. "Um no. We're in the woods." Dur Dylan..."But starbucks has free wifi." STARBUCKS!

"Wait what do you mean?" I ask. I din't know they went out in public!

"We have to do something during the day! We normaly just go to the mall and shop around." He shrugs when to a 17 year that's hevan!

"But what about money? I only have like 3 bucks on me and you look like you have the big 0." I look around him.

"We have an....agreement, with the town." He trys to find the right words. "Someone reported one of us once and the mayor got scared. He flat out told us to stay away from people and he'll pay us. We had no intention of hurtting people but we agreed non the less. So now we have like 30 card hooked up to one account." He laughs

"How much do you get payed?" I ask when I am singing in my head, MONEY! MONEY! MONEY!

"1,000 a week." He says like it's pennies! And that's in a week! Damn!

"SHOPPING SPREE!" I yell. Never had one of these...

"Yeah, we'll be going in a second. You got a purse or something?" He asks.

"Nope. Only had one my whole life! I've had it since I was 13 and it looks like shit now but I still love it! It's at home though..." Damn...

"Lovely. Okay, we're off. It's only me and you. The others need to set up. We normaly stay in one place for like three weeks sooo they have to make selfs selfs comfy." He shurgs then starts to walk. Great we're walking, he'll be sick of me by the time we get there.

"We just have to cut through here and we'll be there." So he says! So we'll be those kids who come out of woods like hitch hikers. SO THAT'S WHO THOSE KIDS ARE! I get it now....

"Yeah, sure-" We pass some trees a poof! We're here. "And I stand corcected..."

"I bought out hottopic! I bought out hottopic!" I brag with my bags in hand. Okay I didn't buy out the whole store. But most of it. Mainly gir, domo, last air bender, and Harry Potter. The good stuff.

It had to be lunch time. "Ron" I moan. "I'm hunnnnnnggggrrrrryyy."

"Theres a good little French place, it's my favorite because of it's crepes! They are to die for!" Wow.. that was really gay...

"Then what are we waiting for?" He laughs and takes my hand.

The place was soo cute. It was this small booth like thing. It had it's own little eatting area too!

"Two cocoa crepe`s with a side of bean ice cream, please." Ron asked the man behind the counter. He just said the price and stared making them. I laughed at Ron who was starring at the guy with a smile on his face.

I knock him in the ribs. "Stop it. I think he's noticing." I whisper.

"Shut up and let me have my moment, kay?!" He hisses back.

"Two crepe`s." The man said to Ron with a smile. They were lock in a stare for a good 10 seconds.

"Hello! My crepe` is getting cold!" I interveen.

"Yeah, yeah, I'll be there in like 2 seconds, go eat." He waves me away. Thanks alot.

I take my paper plate from his hand and take a table for us and sit there for 5 minutes. My crepe` was freezing by the time he came.

"Hey." He said with a smile of his own.

"Shut up, I hate you right now." I mumble.

"No you don't" He says. Yes, I do.

"Not talking to you." I say wile, at last, I dig into my crepe`. It was amazing. The chcoalate was creamy and smooth. It was light enough to be held in the thin pancake. Putting the ice cream on it just made it better. I'm sure it would have been even better WARM!

"You are, don't lie." I simply ziped my lips with my fingers. "You suck." He says.

We eat in the quiet. I don't like so as soon as I'm done, I talk again. "So where we going now?" I ask.

"So now we're talking?" He crosses his arms and sits back in amazment.

"I got bored." I shrug.

"Nice to know." He smirks. "I wanna go to the books store, come."
----------- Once a dream now a bit tortuous. I have too many things. Never thought I'd say that, by the way. I don't know where it's all going to go since we don't have anything!

Again, I stand corceted. There was a camp site that wasn't there before. Damn these people are full Of suprises! What'll happen next?!
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