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Night Mare

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Another sleepless night. Dear god, I have no idea how I couldn't sleep after a day like that! Normaly I'm passes out five times over after three hours in the mall, now 12 and I'm wide awake....stupid starbucks.

I take another stroll in the moon light. You are the victim, you are the pray. Okay, now Chiodos really needs to shut up. It's scaring me...

Haha, scardy cat.
Great, I have a voice inside my head now! Perfect.
I'm not just a voice, I'm your voice of reason, and your voice of... Lets go with unreason.
What the hell is that suppose to mean?!
Look where your going!
Wha- BAM!

I ran into something hard. "Ow, I'm sorry, I-"

"Well, Looky here, the new girl." Dante said looking down on me.

Back away slowly, or jump him, I don't care.
Your no help!

"H-Hi ya'" I stutter.

"What brings you here in the middle of the night?"

You're keeping me awake at night.
Shut up Chiodos! Not now!

"I-I just can't sleep is all." I say, god he's hot... I slamed right into his rock hard abs! Me likey Dante, if he didn't look like he could eat me.

"Oh, I was under the impression you wanted more. My mistake." DID HE REALLY JUST SAY THAT?! HELL YEAH I WANT MORE!

"But I-uh-"

"What was that?" He asks, closing the gap between us. I could feel him breathing.


"Would you be fine with just...Alittle...Kiss?" Our lips touch and I swear I felt fire works. He slides his hand to my cheek.

Ha! So you did jump him!
Shut up!
Hey, I'm not the one kissing a dude i've know for what,two days?
Go to hell.
Going with you

He pulls apart for a second. "Was that fun new girl?" Um, I can't speak right now, please come back when you hadn't just given me the best kiss of my life, thanks. He smirks at my stunned reaction. "See you later, new girl."

He walks backwards with no fear of falling, then morphed into his wolf form, running into the wood.

I bet you liked that.
Le` duh!
Good, so i'll just let Chiodos take it from here.

I gave it all to you. Everything I had and then you took my soul away.

That doesn't help!

I stand there in shock, yes, still. I guess he did enjoy the bite as much as I did. Sweet... Anyway!

I search the woods, nothing. Perfect. He left me, what a duche. Well, since I am all alone, I leave to my rock. There is a small flat one that I put the pillow and blankie on. It's cold under my side at first. Then warms and luls me to sleep.

Darkness, plain darkness. I see nothing but. Then the howels, howels from no where. The air grew hot and felt like it was closing in. I couldn't see the end nor a beginning. I don't even know what I'm standing on. Just more darkness. Then a voice.

"Good bye Dlyan." It hisses. Just like that, I began to fall, falling in a fait I can not see. Leaving the dark for a deeper black that wraps around me and closes off my air. I start to scream, muffled by a cloth.

"Dylan! Dylan!" Some thing hisses. Claw-like things, or so it feels, grade me by the arms and start to shake me.


"Ahhhhhhhh!" I scream as my eye shoot open and sit up.

"Dylan, are you okay?! You were screaming in your sleep!" Ron said covering me with his arms. I look around. It was day light and everyone was up and every one was staring at me.

I scan the crowd, I see Chuck, Oliver, Conor, Jake, and Adien. He looks worried and scared. His eyes on me, are kind of, calming. Which is odd since just three days ago, they gave me the chills.

"Ron," Adien calls. "Is she alright?" He pushes through the crowd.

"I think so, just a night mare." He says.

Adien, I guess, decides not to take Ron's word because he kneeled down besides me. He feels my head, looking into my eyes. "Are you okay?" He asks softly.

"Y-Yeah, thanks." My voice cracks from the lack of use.


Hey hey hey:P I've heard from alottt of people that the wanted more:D sorry for ignoring it for so long. I didn't mean to. Anyways, please, please, please, help me decide between Adien and Dante. My friend says Dante but i dont know, help!
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