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Those Little Organe Things

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I touch my head, It's throbbing. "Come, I have some other perks that might help." Aiden said, pullingme up, seeing if I can walk.

I wobbled on the way up. It's not odd, I'm never able to stand after a nightmare, I'm just to scared. He took it as a sign I need assistance. He picks me up wedding style. I flush pink and he turns a slight shade.

We got to his rock. He places me gently on it, then goes to the right of the rock where he pulled the pillow and blankie from. Does he have a little stash of human stuff or something?!

He comes back with a small white bottle and a bottle of water. Those things I know very well as my happy pills -er- I mean, pain pills. THE ORANGE ONES! THEY ARE MY HAPPY PILLS!

"Thanks..." I say taking the two orange tablets of joy from him.

I swallow them as he talks again. "It was scary, the things you said in your sleep. You kept saying they were going to get you, that they were going to kill you, who are they?" He asks, watching me, I don't know, making sure I don't choke? I've done this way too many times to choke dude.

"I don't know. I didn't even see anything in the dream. It was the worst type of dream. Only, I wasn't falling. Thank god." I sigh.

"That kind of sounds like mine. I never have dreams. Just blackness. Was it anything like that?" He asked, tilting his head to the side.

"Sure, if the darkness suffocating you and hissing things at you, yeah, then it's like that." I say, gulping down some water.

"That must be frightening, you should stay around here today. No mall," Never thought I'd say this but, YES! "No starbucks," That ones iffy. "And no cooking."

"Good, I suck at cooking." I say thinking back to that time in 10th grade when I burnt soup... Worst chicken ever...

He looks confused. "I though all women were great cooks."

"Wow that was sexist." I say flatly, I mean, really? I thought the 1900's ideal women shit was thrown out. It is 2011, right? Not 1950?

"What? I was taught that a women should be able to cook and give birth." Now we're going back to like the 1500's!

"Thanks, so I'm failing at one of my two only goals in life," Already knew that though. "Great.. Just the thing to start my day."

"I-I- uh." He stammers and his whole body tightens up. "I'm sure you wont fail at the other!" So I'm suppose to be happy that I get my period? I get sad when that happens though...

I glare at him. "Your not very good at making a gir feel better, you do realize that right?" I ask plainly.

His body fell, and he looked all sad. Aw! He looks like a sad puppy! I really want to pet him right now. I'm trying to resist the urge to pet the puppy. I'm going to do it. I am, I promise you!

I reachout mindlessly and touched the soft hair. It's softer than I thought for a man who lives in the wild. I start to stroke and he looks up. "What are you doing?" He didn't seem mad or anything, just wondering. "I'm petting you, you seemed sad. And puppies like being pet and scratched behind the ear." I start to scratch behind his ear.

I look down to see if he was like a puppy. Sure enough, his foot was wagging. How cute is that?!

"Stop!" He yells throwing my hand from his head, and jumping to his feet. I could see the veins in his neck and arms. I had forgotten he is mildly bipollar.

I thought you were gone!
Eh I come and go.

"Okay! I'm sorry!" I whimper, scooting away from him in his rage. After my little squeak, his once fist twitched into loose fingers of shock. He must of realized something.

"Dylan, I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to snap I-I- it was just- I don't really know how to react to that. No one ever really touches me... And and I'm just sorry." He blurts, He reaches out for forgivness. There's that puppy look...

"It's fine, Aiden." I say nicely. How did I drop that so quickly? I normaly hold a grudge for 5 minutes plus.

A smile lights up his sad face. "Thank you!" He chirps.

Damn that kid needs to get some help.
Shut up!
Why, you know it's true. And Why so provtective? Huh?
I-I don't know, Just am.
Some one's got a crush, you gonna tell him you jumped tall dark and scary?
I did not jump him!

"Dylan, are you alright? You were turning red." Aiden informs me. Shit

"Oh, I just thought of something, it's nothing." I smile. "So do you have anything else in your handy dandy rock?" I ask peeking or it, quickly going back on it when I see what a huge drop it is. "N-No idea t-this was on a-a cliff." I cluch the rock with dear life. Note: Hights, not my thing.

"Sorry I didn't inform you. You okay? Your shaking." He says, wrapping his warm arms around me.

I cuddle up to his chest, not blushing for once. "Yeah, I'm just cold mixed with my paralyzing fear of hights." I shrug into him.

"I've got you now, your safe."
All you Aiden fans, your welcome:D I haven't made a final decision, maybe alittle sprinkle of Dante. I have big plans that you might hate me for but- you'll just see:D

Love, Jadesohma
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