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Chapter 9

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Chapter 9 and I've only JUST realised that Bob and Ray haven't been mentioned... Oh well. :D

*Gerard's POV*

Frank's hand flinched back when I took the books from him, he looked down for some reason, was he embarassed?

"Thanks." I said to him, tucking them under my arm, "Do you want to -" I started

"No, umm, I better be off, my mom doesn't know I came."he said quickly turning for the door.

"S-sure, sorry you had to come all this way out." I appologised.

"It's fine," he walked out, and just as I was going to shut the door he turned and said, "Umm, me and some people I know are having a party tonight. I didn't know if you like wanted t-to come a-along?" he asked fiddling nervously with a badge on the strap of his bag.

"Sure. What time and where do they live?" I asked, it'd be nice to meet other people.

"Umm, he's called Ray... Umm, can I write it anywhere?"

I ran in again and grabbed a pen from the kitchen counter and opened the back of my german book. Handing the two to him he quickly wrote down Ray's address and a phone number.

"umm, could you get there for about 8?" I nodded. He smiled and waved bye before running down the path, closing the gate behind him.

Slowly I shut the door, reading the address, memorising it. It wasn't too far away, luckily, he'd written 'Ray's house phone number for if you get lost' next to the digits.

I couldn't wait to get out of the house, walking into the kitchen Mikey sat at the counter trying to get a piece of toast out with a fork.

"Jesus MIKEY WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!" I yelled.

He jumped, and dropped the fork, making the toaster spark a little, I hit the switch on the wall so the power cut off and stared at him in amazment.

"ooops." was all he said. Then we both burst out laughing.

'God save us if this kid ever has to live alone' I thought to myself.

"Are you okay?" I went over to him. he nodded, still giggling, "You're an absolute idiot sometimes. Were you trying to get yourself killed?!" I said, still amazed at his stupidity.

"No. I was just hungry."

I tapped his forehead lightly with my knuckles, "Earth to Mikey, Earth to Mikey, forks DO NOT go in toasters when they are turned on."

We were both still laughing when we flopped back down on the couch.

"Hey, Mikes, I'm going out tonight, are you gonna be okay till Mom comes back?"

"When you leaving?" He asked.

"About 7:30 ish, I think. You'll be alright till 9 yeah?" I said, I didn't want to leave him on his own, even though he was old enough, "I think I'll hide all the electrical appliences before I leave though"

"Hey" he lightly punched my arm, "nah, I'll be fine. Where you going?"

I tapped my nose.

"Gee..." He said sternly. I couldn't help but laugh at his face.

"out to a....friends, well, I hope they'll be my friend."

"So you're going to a strangers house?" he said not impressed.

"No. Frank'll be there, so it is all good." I shrugged, "At least I sorta know him."

*just over 3 hours later (and still Gerard's POV)*

I went into my room to get ready, I was nervous about meeting these new people, but not as nervous as I had been going to school.

I grabbed a fresh pair of skinny jeans and a plain black top, even though it wouldn't cover my cuts, I pulled it over my head. I brushed through my hair, it had random kinks in it, but I didn't have enough time now to wash it again. I smudged some white foundation on my face to hide the bruises, it did a pretty good job, the marks looked like they were fading now. I smudged kohl pencil around my eyes. I walked to the corner, where I spent last night, I picked up the empty bottle (which turned out to be Russian Vodka) and put it in the bin, I pick up the razor I used, now covered in dry blood, just looking at it now made me want to be sick. I put it in the bin with the bottle, I went to my bathroom and opened the cabinet where I hid my pills.

After clearing out my room of all things that could hurt me, I felt a lot better, knowing if I ever had to take something or drink to forget, I couldn't, I'd just have to face what I did.

Fuck it would be hard but Mikey's face this morning was the biggest slap in the face I could have gotten. I had to sort myself out.

I gave my self one thing, I was aloud to smoke still, I knew I couldn't quit THAT that easily, I'd only been doing the pills for a few weeks, just to get me to sleep.

Grabbing my long biker boots and pulling them on, I search my room for my favourite black leather jacket, if anything I could just keep it on all night (to hide my arms).

"Mikes...." I wait "MIKES!" I yell louder up the stairs, he pokes his head around the door "have you seen my black leather jacket?"

"Have you checked there?" he pointed right at the jacket I was looking for which was laying right next to my bed.

"Thanks." I says grabbing it and running up the steps.

Sorry, but I had to put that toaster thing in, it makes my day everytime I see it. Basically if you didn't know, an interviewer asked who would be most likey the do that, gerard and frank say mikey. and they say mikey actually does dangerous stuff like that at home
Maria oxoxo
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