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The party III

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Part 3, dont worry, no more singing, just... kissing, wait and see.

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Ignore the tag for Parody, it's the only way I could get humor AND Romance. Ferard in this :D

*Gerard's POV*

A few hours and about equal beer cans later we all sat in a large circle, through the night a few people had come and gone but now in the cirle sat; Myself, Mikey, Frank, Bob, Ray, Kai, Rora, Lucy, Daniel, Cora, Shannon, Paul, Sarah and Jane. I'd made sure that Mikey didn't have half as much as me to drink, but he was happily... tipsy, and I wouldn't let him get any worse.

Ray passed a bottle of whiskey around for everyone to take a swig of -to finish it- , made sure again Mikey didn't have too much. He was sensible enough.

"Okay," Ray started, trying to orginise something, "Everybody space out more, I want a larger space in the middle."

Everyone moved for him, and stopped when needed, he walked placed the bottle in the middle.

Oh shit, I know where this is going.

"The rules are simple we spin the bottle twice and who ever it lands on. who EVER it lands on" he repeated. "Has to make out, in the middle, I dont mean a peck on the cheek, I mean make out! And they have to keep it up for 3 minutes"

That last rule got a few moans.

As most of uswere satisfyingly drunk we didn't really care, I just hoped I didn't get Mikey.

Ray spun it once, Kai and again, Rora. The pair took to the middle and kissed, 'properly' as Ray had ordered.

The game went on for a while, Mikey ended up kissing both Sarah AND Jane, who I then found out were in his year at school, so it didn't feel so awkward. He seemed pretty content with himself.

To much to his discust, Ray and Kai had to kiss, and with many cheers from they circle both did, in the end.

Then it came to me.

The bottle pointed to me.

Ray spun it, and my insides knotted, I hadn't kissed a girl in a long time, the last kiss had been with 'her'.

It landed on Frank.

He looked up at me from his bottle of beer, and everyone around us wolfwhistled and shouted stuff, same sort of things we did for Ray and Kai.

My heart felt like it was trying to break my ribs, and suddenly got nervous.

*Frank's POV*




The bottle pointed directly at me, I looked to Gerard who looked equally worried. Fucking Ray, I bet he was loving this!

The rules had been changed that the smallest person had to go on the bottom as they both had to be laying down, Kai's drunken notion.

I lay down as Gerard bent over me, leaning closer.

I could still smell the coffee, but it was mixed with the smell of smoke and alchohol.

When he was about 2 cm's away from my face I lifted my head up and our lips collided, a burst of electricity that raced through my veins.

He moved closer and I opened my mouth slightly, leting his tongue explore my mouth, running along my lips, hitting the cold metal of my lip ring. His breath was sweet and tasted like whiskey.

I took my hands from his waist and pushed them into his back pockets pulling him down closer down to me, he was now basically lying on top of me. If his hands wernt each side of my head -taking his wieght- I'd be crushed.

I kissed down his jaw line, and I could hear his ragged breath in my ear, I could tell he was uncomfortable. I moved back to his mouth just as Ray ruined it for me,

"Time's up!" He shouted, and Gerard slowly pulled away, I didn't want him to, this felt so right, it felt so natural.

*Gerard's POV*

Frank was kissing down my jaw and all I could think of was 'her' she used to do that. I couldn't breath and he started kissing my lips again, yes, I did kiss back, that was the rules but I couldn't get 'her' face out of my mind.

"Time's up" I heard Ray shout. I pulled away and Frank let go of my jeans, I rocked back on my feet and the others were cheering and clapping. It started to feel really tight in my chest and I couldn't breath, I felt like I was going to be sick. I knew I'd drunk too much.

"need... air.." I breathed before I legged it up the stairs and into the front garden.

I collapsed in the cold grass by the bushes and threw up violently. I could feel tears roll down my cheeks and the front door open. I wiped my eyes with the back of my jacket and felt a hand on my back.

"You okay?" I heard Ray say.

"Drunk... to.. much" I heaved again but nothing came up. I was shaking and I couldn't help it, Ray rubbed my back. I flinched away "P-please... I j-just want... to g-go home." I tried to breath.

"Gee.... Gee are you okay?" Mikey burst out the door, stumbling a little on the step. He bent down next to me, "I'll take you home okay." he said, I nodded shakily.

Ray helped me up "You dont live too far away, I help you Mikey"

"Thanks but I've got this." Mikey said, he was surprisingly strong for a 15 year old.

I could walk fine, I just couldn't hold myself together, I had one arm over his neck and he had one around my waist.

"M'sorry" I apposigised to Ray as he made sure we got across the road.

"It's fine, we can talk at school."

As we walked down the road I would not stop appologising to Mikey, that he could go back and that I'd ruined his night.

I collapsed on the side of the road about 4 houses down from ours. I couldn't walk any more, I couldn't move. My legs wouldn't let me.

"I k-kept seeing her... I k-kept seeing her." I muttered over and over again, crying again. Mikey sat next to and put an arm around my shoulders.

"It's okay. It wasn't real." he sounded so grown up, and sober.

"Give me your phone." he said. I fished mine out of the pocket of my jacket. he punched in our home number.

I heard Mom shout down the phone at him.

"No, no mom we're fine. no. We went to a party. Can you just come outside, I need some help Gee wont move. No.... no.. he isn't too drunk... no. He's just ... upset. Please and can you help." I heard him hang up and kiss my hair.

Sometimes I wonder which of us really should have been the older sibling. The front door opened and mom ran down the street.

"Oh Gerard." she said, kneeling down on the road in front of me, she raised my head and kissed my forehead "Let's get you inside."

that was the first time I've had to write a kiss, but I've read enough. :D please tell me what you think, I will write more, but this weekend I've sorta let homework pile up while writing this. IT ISN'T DONE YET!

Maria xoxox
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