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Chapter 13

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I don't know whether it is just my laptop or not -peice of shit- But at the bit where you can chose, like to go to the next chapter, it keeps saying there are no more chapters then the one you are reading then.... hhmmmmm I wonder... See ya on the other side Cl oh and I dont need a name for 'her' any more.

*Frank's POV*

Gerard sat on his heel's for about 2 seconds and then ran up stairs, I think he was sick.

Jesus. I was the sick one for enjoying that, the kids at school were right, who in their right MINDS would love me, especially a guy. Gerard was discusted by kissing me, so much he actually threw up.

Mikey looked really worried, as Ray ran up the stairs to find him.

He kept looking between everyone in the room, and the open door.

"Go." I said gently, nodding to the door.

"Yeah.. Umm, Bye then." He said as he followed Ray out.

I got up and went to get another beer from the fridge Ray had put in down here. Everybody had started talking again, and someone managed to get the stero on again.

I grabbed my coat.

"leaving?" Bob asked, the guy may have been younger but hell, it was easy for anyone to be taller than me. He had short blond hair and piercing blue eyes, he was a really good friend of mine, and Ray.

"Whatsto you?" I slurred a little, to be honest I didn't normally drink this much, but I guess I was trying to keep up with Gerard.

"I'll walk you back." He said.

"NoI'mfine" I took a drink of the beer and staggered up the stairs.

I couldn't think properly anymore, the stairs seemed a lot longer then I remembered, and I swear I was seeing things. I stumbled out of the front door and walked straight into Ray.

"Hey, what choo doin?" I said drunkedly, odd though, my head had been soo clear when I kissed Gerard.

"Frank. You're not driving like that." He said.

"Who said I was driving? I'll..... WALK HOME" I said flinging my arms in the air, spilling beer on him.

"What, across town?! It's like 2am! You're staying here." Ray exclaimed, too loud for my ears.

"No. I needto clearmehead." I said pushing past him.

I heard him sigh "Call or text me when you get home then."

I waved a hand in the air in acknowledgement.

About 1/2 an hour later of stumbling blindly through the streets I called Ray to tell him I was home.

I fumbled about with the lock until it opened. I shut it really quietly, thinking my Mom would be in bed.

The livingroom light was on "Oh great" I mumbled to myself.

"Frank? That you hon?" My mom called, she sounded more drunk then I was.

*Gerard's POV*

Light from the sun came through the curtains, and hurt my eyes as I slept. I opened my eyes, and immeadiatly didn't know where I was, as my room was in a basement and I never got morning sun.

I sat up and got headrush, flopping back down on the pillows I groaned.

The door cracked open and a head poked around the door, "Gerard, are you awake?" the voice whispered.

"I don't know" I replied quietly, "Where am I?" My head was pounding and I couldn't remember much after kissi- OH my god. I kissed Frank.

I hurriedly stumbled out of the room, past Mikey and collapsed with my head in the toilet throwing up.

He leaned against the door frame.

"You were in my bed last night, I slept on the floor, mom wanted to keep an eye on you."

I groaned, throwing up more.

"Did last night really happen?" I asked weakly.

"Yea." he said.

I slumped down, wiping my mouth on the back of my hand, and flushed the toilet.

"Wan't some coffee?" I shook my head, I couldn't take having anything right now. "Woah. World! listen up Gerard doesn't want coffee!"

"No so loud." I said.

He came and held a hand out for me, I grabbed it hauled myself to my feet, I flung an arm around him shoulders, half through wanted to stay vertical, but half through love.

"You the best little brother ever, you know that."

"You still drunk?"

"Don't think."

He laughed quietlyly, but the noise amplified in my head.

"I'm going back to bed, is that okay?" I said, looking at the clock on his wall, 9am.

"Sure, I'll tell mom not to disturb you." he smiled and shut the door.

I flopped back down on his bed, and saw his make shift sleeping area from last night, that kid was too good to me, I could have kicked me onto the floor. I wouldn't of minded.

I lay down on my side, facing the wall and curled up into a ball, holding my legs and a tear rolled down my face. I silently cried myself to sleep and didn't dream of anything.

*Mikey's POV*

I have to admit as odd as it was, I thnk Gerard liked the kiss at one point last night. I did feel a little awkward about watching though.

I have NOTHING against homosexuality, it was just I didn't really want to see my brother kissing someone I knew he didn't really like or know well.

Apart from that I had a pretty cool night, I got Jane's number -after we kissed- and Bob want me to properly join their band because they needed a bass.

I heard nothing from Gerard till about 4 in the afternoon, mom had work again -she now works in the local hospital, in the children's ward- she'd left us some dinner in the fridge, sushi for me and pasta for Gee. -hehe that rhymed-

During the day I'd finished the little homework I had, and I now sat playing video games.

I heard the main shower turn on and then off about 30 minutes later. Later Gee walked down the stairs, looking better then he did this morning. The bruises shone now though, I knew he'd hidden them last night, purple splodges, and light yellowing ones on his arms, I could just about see the cuts from the other night, but they were fading, some almost gone. They just looked like scratches now, not proper scaring ones.

He sat down on the floor at my feet and rested his head on my knee's. I sometimes think to myself, that we were born in the wrong order, Gerard acted so small sometimes, and I had my mature moments, like last night.

Sorta of just a filler chapter I think today... Maria xoxo
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