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Together Till The End

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This is the last chapter and it sums up everything. So reviewww come on plz. Love,Dream,Eternity,hope and bye- bye

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Chapter 11- Together Till The End
How can I put this I I I
I'm an independent woman, I...
I've been crying like a child
I just wanted you to know the person that I am
More than any other your fans
I would love you for a thousand years
Yours truly

I ain't gonna play it cool
Let me tell you I've tried that
Every day, and every night, your words
Ring through me
Who am I trying to fool, honey I've been living on my own
like Freddy
But I'm still a woman, baby tell me how

How could I ever love another?
How could you say you don't remember?
God knows I'd give anything
For just one more night together
Today I'll miss you more than ever
How could you say you don't remember?
This one's for the happiness I'll be wishing you forever
This One- Utada Hikaru
Love,Dream,Eternity,hope and bye- bye

Nik’s POV:
I was sitting on Jay’s bed admiring the ring that was on my finger just smiling thinking about how amazing our life together is going to be. We will get our own house and Jay keeps talking about having a family with me after. I never put much consideration into having children I am still 23 so I still want just time with Jay and not having to think at kids. Little Jay and little Nik’s running around. I closed my eyes and put my hands on my stomach.
Last night I called Tijana to see if mum was back home, so Jay could meet them both. She said mum got back a day ago, so today Jay was going to meet them in a right sort of manner.

I got out of the house, I wanted to get some fresh air and some sun. I walked out the door to the backyard, the sun burning my eyes which I had to cover them for a while to see Tomo sitting on a chair writing in his diary. I smiled and he waved to me. I walked over to him.
“Writing in your diary I see, a guy with a diary” Tomo looked at me and he folded his diary back over so I couldn’t see what he was writing. Tomo was on a swing, well a love swing rocking. While drinking tea, ever so slowly with his legs cross and writing in his diary. All he needed was my sisters fake cat and he was set.

“There is nothing wrong with that, so.. I imagine you are looking for Jay and maybe Shannon?”
“Well I just came out here for some fresh air but you asked so yes I am then” I leaned on the tree near where Tomo was sitting.

“They are both playing with a ball near the maze” he looked up from his diary
“You have a maze; I didn’t know this house was that big” I cocked my head to the side.
“No one does, it’s connected to a farm” I crossed over my arms “Something I didn’t know” I gave him a confused face.
“ You and Jay never come out of the house, so that is why” “ That is true” I said walking over to him “ I should go find them” “ Bye” Tomo said while grabbing his diary back and began to write in it again. While crossing his legs and picked up his little tea cup.

Jay’s POV:
Shannon and I ran out the back down letting the door slam shut. When we were young our father used to scream at us for making too much noise. Our mother would be inside making cookies for us which gave the house a nice aroma. My mother and father would never get together well. I ran towards the centre of the lawn, where Shan was waiting which seemed like forever.
“Here Brother Catch! I panted and Shan ran and he turned and leapt into the air, just in time to catch the ball in his arms. He pulled it tightly into his crest and began running toward the maze, the wind whipping his hair and cut grass flying in his face.

“Boys!” A female voice called, stopping me dead in my tracks from following Shannon.
It was Nik behind us, standing where we first started in the centre of the lawn. She was wearing a simple summer dress. Smiling and looking amazing with the sun hitting her in a nice way, she looked like an angel.

“What are you boys up to” I looked at Nik and she smiled at me. I walked over to her and kissed her hand.

“Playing Catch basically” Shannon yelled from behind us throwing the ball back at myself but I caught it.

“Are you going to join us?” Shannon said from his same position on the lawn he ran over to Jay and grabbed the ball from his hands and got it ready to throw at Nik.
“In this” Nik looked at her dress. Questioning her state to play the game in a dress.
“Yep” Jay said

“Ok then” Nik walked back to where the game was finishing off and Shan threw the ball slowly and softly at her.
“You throw like a girl Shannon” he turned around and gave Nik a grin “I do not, I just don’t want to hurt you”

“Hmmm I don’t think you can hurt me” I smiled “Bring it then”
“Hey let’s not hurt my future wife here, we have to meet her sister and mother today” Jay took Nik’s hand. “I knew that” Nik said.

“Shan give me the ball” I looked at Tomo and he threw it at me. The ball went flying to Tomo’s diary making it fall on the ground and him not looking to happy.
“Hey WHAT was that?” he yelled to us. Jay, Shannon and Nik all turned around not facing him and they started whistling.

“Oh come on Stefan” I said turning around
“I’m not Stefan” I flipped my hair back over my shoulder “of course” I looked at his diary
“Doesn’t make me him” he said picking up his diary.
“That is what you say, I’m Team Damon anyway” Jay turned and looked at me “Team Jared” he gave me the puppy face “And Team Jared of course” Jay smiled.
Shannon turned around looking at us “I’m Team I don’t give a shit, bye weirdos” he started to walk back inside
“We should go” Jay said and we walked to the car.
Nik’s House:
“Ready” I asked “Not really Nik” Jay held on my hand tighter
“Its fine” “What happens if you mother is like your sister and she faints” I laughed and rang the bell to Tijana appearing. With a different hair colour.
“Hello Sister” she said welcoming us into the house and mum was sitting on the lounge reading the newspaper, she looked at me and ran for a hug “It’s so good to see you, It’s been so long”
“I know mum” I returned the hug looking at the house which also changed when mum noticed Jay.
“And this is J... Jared... LETO”

“Yep” I said and I knew what was going to happen. I rolled my eyes getting ready for mum to explode.

“I never knew that was going to happen” mum put her hands together and smiled “That is both of us mum” Tijana said
“So he is your boyfriend Nik?” Mum asked sitting down taking a slip of her coffee
“Uh mums we are kinda... engaged” Jay raised my hand up to mums eyes to show the ring.
“Duddeee” Tijana said shocked
Mum almost spit out her coffee once hearing “engaged” “Nik uh congrats” mum got up and hugged us.
The night was full of drinks, telling stories and mum and Tijana getting to know Jay more.


Nik’s POV: Diary
So to push my story to the happy ending. Jay and I got married a year after, we needed the time after the tour. Oh almost forgot I went on Tour with the boys after we went all over the world. My mum met a new guy which we found out later that they were getting married. Tijana finally moved out but it was still close to mum. Shannon and Tay got together we knew something was going on that night. Basically Shannon screamed out I love you to her at a concert.
Tomo is still like Stefan but he is out there looking for someone, don’t worry he made it clear he wasn’t gay. Sex in the kitchen remember? Ah good times. Let’s say I stopped eating in there. Everyone’s lives changed for better this year and last. And you should have seen our wedding we had it under the Eiffel Tower it was so romantic both of our families were there with us. Flowers flying around at the end, smiles all around and when Jay said “I do” I knew he was mine forever.

So Happy Endings do happen, Dreams come true. I always ended wanting a happy ending. Now I’ve learned, the hard way, that some poems don’t rhyme, and some stories don’t have a clear beginning middle and end. Life is about not knowing, having to change, taking the moment and making the best of it without knowing what’s going to happen next. Life just surprises you and wakes you up. You just take that next step in life.
And for Jay, he was the best choice of my life.

Love- a wildy misunderstood, although highly desirable, Malfunction of the heart. Which weakness the brain, causes eyes to sparkle, cheeks to glow, blood pressure to rise and the lips to pucker. Love wasn’t hard for me to find, finding Jay was easier that I knew it could be.
We Are Together Till the End

We walk together, hands in each others. Smiling, kissing, laughing. Letting our live turn into something beautiful, something real. When he hugs me from behind, kisses my forehead.

Do you miss it?
Do you want this?
I won't miss you, miss this.
I love you, forever babe.
This, This is reality, this isn't a dream

I finally realize, I'm nothing without you

So this is me, signing off. Leaving to continue my life, which I would never replace. And I will never forget.
I believe in nothing, but the beating of our hearts
I believe in nothing, 100 Suns until We Part

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