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Be With Me Forever

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Jared asks a question to Nik. Ok he is going to propose to her. Review or rate. Or longer update

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Chapter 10- Be With Me Forever
You see right through me
How do you do that sh-t
How do you do that sh-t
How do you do that sh-t
How do you, how do yo, how do yo, how do yo

You let me win, you let me ride
You let me rock, you let me slide
And when they looking you let me hide
Defend my honour, protect my pride
The good advice I always hated
But looking back it made me greater

You always told me forget the haters
Just get my money, just get my weight up
Know when I’m lying, know when I’m crying
It’s like you got it down to a science
Why am I trying, no you aint lying
I tried to fight it, back with defiance
You make me laugh, you make hoarse from yelling at you
At gettin’ at you, pickin’ up dishes and throwing them at you
Why are you speaking when no-one asks you
Nicki Minaj- Right Through Me
The dinner-
We both walked down stairs dressed and ready for the night. Tomo, Shannon and Tay were waiting down stairs. Shan smiling and grinning at Jay in some sort of weird way. Tomo was just standing there. And well for Tay she just looked terrified more or less traumatized. I gave her a smiled but she just looked away. Tonight seemed different something was going to happen I could just feel it. “So we should go” Jay cleared his throat. Tay quickly went to the door and we followed.

I sat in the back with Tay and the boys were at the front of the car. The car started up and we drove off.

“Tay what’s up?” I turned to her. She faked a smile to me “Nik ah... you and Jay uh”
“ we had sex yer” Tay put her hands to her face “ YES I KNOW “she clenched her teeth together. “ So you arr freaking out about that?” she turned to me all red faced. The car drive to the restaurant was quiet after that.

Jay’s POV:
We finally got to the restaurant after that yet normal but awkward car drive. My hands started sweating and the butterflies started in my stomach. I looked to the floor and Shan walked over and slapped me on the back. “Dude you ok” he whispered so Nik wouldn’t hear. “ I’m fine Shan, just nervous you know” Shan looked over to the car were Tomo, Nik and Tay were still standing waiting. “ If she is the one, that I know she is for you. You shouldn’t be afraid to ask her” I looked up from the floor and nodded to Shan I trust him, he is my older brother. “ Ok Shan I will”. Nik looked over to me and I gave her a safe smile. We all walked into the restaurant.
The waiter was at his computer writing down names and he didn’t look up when he asked “ Sir your name please” “ Jared Leto” I said

“ Ah wait JARED LETO” he said my name a tad to loud which got attention of many people. The waiter looked up and saw that I was holding Nik’s hand “Isn’t she a little young?” “ that is none of your business” I replied. “ Well she does look too young, when did it happen, how?” Shan pushed me over a tad “ Take us to our table please! And if you ask one more question I will make your day a living HELL got it?” Shan started to get defensive of us. The waiter nodded a scared look and pointed us in the direction of our table not saying another word or asking one more question. “ Great to our table then” Shan said and started walking. We all took out seats and I helped Nik getting an evil stare at Tay. I pulled Nik’s chair out, she took a seat and I pushed it back in. Tay shoved the menu in her face mumbling something I didn’t hear. I let out a low laugh.

‘ Taylor? Tayllorr?” “ What" she snapped at me and her menu slammed on the table. “ Tay calm down ok?” Nik said looking over at her. “ Sorry It’s just nothing, I’m sorry” she placed the menu back in her face. I looked at Nik and she looked back at me giving me a I dunno face.
We all ordered our food myself and Nik ordered basically the same.

For some reason most of the time Shan was flirting with Tay. “ You look really nice tonight, I love your dress” Tay placed her fork down and looked up at Shan smiling but it was an evil one “ Leto this flirting why?” Shan went in closer with Tay “ Because Tay in a matter of fact I like you” Tay put her fits together and Shan kissed Tay on her cheek soon after that Tay realised what happened she wasn’t angry anymore and put her fits down “ Thank you Shannon” she blushed and began to eat again.

Shan turned to me and nodded to the bathroom. “ Excuse me ladies” Shan said and looked at Nik, Tay and Tomo and walked off. “ Hey I’m not a girl” Tomo said with a mouthful. “ That’s what you think Mofo, I need to go also excuse me” I let go of Nik’s hand which was being held for some time and it started to get sweaty again. Nik just looked me and for some reason I think she knows something. I walked over to Shan or more like ran to Shan. “ Ready dude?” he leaned on the wall “ Yer I think so, I don’t, yer ok I am” I said getting my sentence all messed up, the ring started to get heavy in my pocket. “ It’s going to be fine dude” he gave me a calm look.
We both walked back and took our seat. Nik took my hand as soon as I sat back on the chair.

Nik’s POV:
Jay came back and he didn’t look normal. I grabbed his hand back in mine and I noticed it was sweaty. “ Jay are you ok” I asked getting worried. “ yer babe” he didn’t look at me and he never does that. “ Why are you sweating?” he quickly pulled his hand away out of my reach and that really hurt “ I’m just hot right now” “ Jay it’s not hot, it’s cold right now” he finally looked at me “ Oh uh I am” I looked in his eye and I knew then and there he was lying this man never lies, never lies to me.

I placed my hand on his chest and it was like his heart was pounding out of his chest. “ Your heart Jay” then I could hear a different tone of music this wasn’t your rock or R&B it was a lovely sort of calming music and then I knew I heard this before. Because this was one of my favourite songs “ Everything by Lifehouse”

“ Close your eyes babe” Jay said and took my hand.
“ Jay why am I closing my eyes, What’s so special i can’t even open my eyes”
“ Just wait for a tad longer babe” Jay said smiling.
We were in a room the music was louder, the room was warmer which thank god because I was freezing. I don’t think we were even in the same room with Tomo, Shan and Tay anymore.
“ Can I open my eyes?” “ No you can’t wait until I say the word”
I waited.

“ Babe you can open”
Jay was keening in front of me, which surprised and scared me.

Cause you're all I want, You're all I need
You're everything,everything
You're all I want your all I need
You're everything, everything.

Jay started to sing with the song
“ Jay”
Monique Gilbert, I have loved you since the very first time I saw you, since the first day I laid my eyes on you. And that day when you sang Hurricane with me, you were always on my mind I would always be thinking about you when I was awake or sleeping. You will never leave or you will never leave the way you feel in my heart. Remember that look you had in your eyes on the stage, When we went to the beach together and talked to each other for hours, the time when you had to sneak me in your room. So as much as I love you and tell you why I fell in love with you I should stop this speech. I just want to ask you one question that could change both of our lives together. I love you.

Then Jay pulled out a ring in a box from his pocket. “ Will you Marry me? Miss Gilbert?”
I was out of words
“ Jay.. Jay. You just proposed to me “ I said and he nodded smiling. I looked into his blue eyes.

“ Jay Jospeh Leto. You were the one I kept thinking about too, since the concert, since everything we have done together. The way you changed my life and my goals, the way you make my heart feel. The way you look in my eyes, making my heart warm. You trust me with everything and you never lie, You have been so kind to me and I would never think this would happen. So yes Jay, to answer your question I will marry you because you have been the only one I have loved.
“ Really mean that?” Jay smiled a huge smile

“ Yes Jay Jay I do” I said so honestly. I gave him my left hand and he put the sing onto my ring finger. I looked at the ring which was now on my finger, it was truly amazing, it was beautiful.
“ It was my mothers, it was firstly Shannon’s but he gave it to me for you. I knew you were the one and I wanted to give it to someone special I loved.
“ Jay it’s perfect”
“ Now we have to tell the others” Jay said
We both said “ And Taylor” at the same time we laughed knowing she isn’t going to take this well.

“ Ok Jay Jay lets go”

We both walked back to our table. Getting looks from everyone else, people started whispering. Tomo was on his phone and Tay and Shan looked pretty close. We stopped at the table and Tay started to act like she didn’t like Shannon.
She grabbed her fork and said “ Leto if you come any-“ she paused and looked at my hand.
“ Guys, Girl we have something to say” Jay said all three of them turned to us.

“ Dude she said yes” Shan asked surprised he looked at Nik’s hand and understood. He smiled and blinked to Nik. Still Tomo and Tay needed to hear it.
“ Ok I just proposed to Nik” Jay said looking at Nik’s face.
“And I said yes” looking back at him. Shannon was the first one up to hug both of us at the same time.

“ Dude Congratulations, I knew giving the ring to you for the right girl was awesome”
“ Congats Nik, welcome to the family, of two” he used his fingers for the two “ Now three”
Tomo came up hugged us and said congrats. Tay came out crying of course.

“ You guys were so made for each other, come here give me some love” she hugged both of us. Tay got out of the hug and looked at Nik “ You are so lucky you are getting married to the man of your dreams ah nawww, this is a SMOT moment.

Jay looked at me “ SMOT” “ It means Sweet Mother Of Tomo moment” “ Ohh” he said
“ She is a nice lady” Tomo laughed and so did we.
“ So who is your maid of honour?” Tay asked . “ Tay I believe it is you” I smiled “ I knew it, damn right I did Your wedding is going to be amazing.” Nik hugged Tay again. I then looked at Jay I smiled more then I knew I could. I was engaged to Jayy Leto, he has been my crush since forever, he is the lead singer of my favourite band, the only one I love and he is my fiancé.
He hasn’t met my mother yet and I can’t meet his because they spilt.

“ Jay I think you need to meet my mother and we need to tell ah Tijana”
“It’s alright babe we will and guess where I am thinking of having out wedding

“ Where Jay?” I asked really wanting to know
“ Paris “
“ P.P.Paris”
“ Yep if you want to” he looked at me and smiled
“ Damn yes, hell, hell yer, I’ll marry you anywhere”

“ That’s good I knew you would say yes anyway, so tomorrow we should meet you mother and sister”
“I’ll make the calls” Tomo, Shan and Tay were back at the table looked like they were planning things and Jay pulled me into him and he touched my lips, we kissed.
If I could have just one wish,
I would wish to wake up everyday
to the sound of your breath on my neck,
the warmth of your lips on my cheek,
the touch of your fingers on my skin,
and the feel of your heart beating with mine...
Knowing that I could never find that feeling
with anyone other than you

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