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I Just don’t want to Miss You

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Nik get's her gift from Jay and I mean a Gift. :P read and review plz. 2nd last chapter. More reviews the faster the update. Smut/ lemons

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Chapter 9- I Just don’t want to Miss You
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Ps: There is sex in this part, if you don't like it don't read on thanks it's just a warning.

And I'd give up forever to touch you
Cause I know that you feel me somehow
You're the closest to heaven that I'll ever be
And I don't want to go home right now

And all I can taste is this moment
And all I can breathe is your life
Cause sooner or later it's over
I just don't want to miss you tonight

And I don't want the world to see me
Cause I don't think that they'd understand
When everything's made to be broken
I just want you to know who I am

Goo Goo Dolls- Iris
Christmas Day----
Nik’s POV:
I opened my eyes to an amazing pair of blue eyes just staring back at me. The man I loved was right next to me, I have wanted this forever and now I have it. My life couldn’t get any better. Even if today was Christmas and I was spending it with Jay.

Christmas time is that day when you celebrate it with people you love
“ Hi” Jay said. He lifted up on his elbows and fixed his pillow still facing me. “ Hi” I replied back still looking at him admiring his chest which wasn’t covered by the blanket.
He smiled at me and then kissed my cheek “ Babe today is Christmas” he raised up from the bed putting his top back on. “ We should go down stairs shouldn’t we?” I asked. Jay nodded and I followed by changing and walking out the door. Jay took my hand, his warm hands around my cold ones. We both walked down stairs holding hands and waiting.

“ They are up” we both heard Tomo yell. When we walked in the lounge room there was Tay, Tomo and Shan waiting. The lounge room was full of Christmas decorations, a huge tree full of ball balls, presents on the bottom and random candy canes. The music is the back ground to give us that Christmas spirit and for once the room was clean which was a different. The room itself just looked beautiful.

Shannon walked over and hugged me tightly, so Tomo ran over and hugged me with Shannon. Squeezing me too much. Jay moved over to sit down on the lounge “ guys I think you are killing her” Jay said. Tomo and Shannon both looked at me and said “ sorry” at the same time. Then Tay came over and gave me a light hug and said “ Merry Christmas”. Jay looked at me and patted on the seat next to him, I walked over and took a seat near him. Jay grabbed my hand gently and rested it on his leg

“ We should do presents” Tomo jumped up all happy, he looked like a little kid. “ Oh excuse me” Jay got up. I looked over to him “ Jay where are you going?” he walked back over to me and kissed my neck slowly “ Ohhh Jay” I moaned. “ Just to my room babe” he walked away and run up to his room.

The volume on the radio went louder and I noticed Tay was there dancing.
“ If you ever love somebody put your hands up” she started singing. “ Nik come on” she yelled over the music I got up and started singing and dancing to Nelly- Just A Dream. We were making a complete full of ourselves. Tomo and Shan just were laughing at us.

Jay’s POV: upstairs

I ran upstairs to my bedroom and looked in my closet for where I hid Nik’s Christmas present which was the Pandora bracelet. I grabbed the box when the other black small box fell on the floor and I opened it completing forgetting that it was the ring.
“ Sir are you ok?” the assistant looked at me and I took one more last look at the rings I so wanted to badly get for Nik.

“ I’m fine”
“ Excuse me if I may, but if you love this girl you should get a ring, I noticed that you were eying them for the whole time here.” I started to think over everything that myself and Nik have done together, I love her, I want to be with her forever so I want to marry her. I would die for Nik, she is the one so I am going to take that jump.
I went over to the rings and picked out one I knew she wouldn’t say no to. The assistant gave it to me and I hid it in my pocket.

End of flashback-
I held the ring in my hand just staring at it, completely oblivious to that my brother was at the door just watching, I didn’t hear him walked up. I quickly hid the ring back where I hid it and got the bracelet and turned around hiding my face. “ Oh Brother” I said pretty fast. Shan walked closer into my room giving me that look which was an I know what you are hiding. “ Jared” he crossed his arms and smiled at me. “ Shan” I looked away from him and walked to the door. But Shan blocked me. “ What dude?” he just hugged me “ I am so proud of you Jay” and I knew he saw the ring but I wanted to act like he never did. “ Why” he got out of my hug and put one of his arms on my shoulder “ Jared I saw the ring” I starting freaking out again. “ Shan please don’t tell her not yet” “ Dude, Dude” he put his finger to his lips making a zip across them. “ I never will, I’ll let you do that, coming down stairs now?” I pulled my hair back “ Sure” we ran down stairs to see that Nik and Tay were singing to the radio and she still had an amazing voice like the first day I heard her. I sat back down on the floor near her and rested my eyes. I could hear Nik walked over.

Nik’s Pov:
I walked over to Jay sitting down, he looked so calm yet hot just sitting there. I looked at him with his closed eyes and went closer to kiss his cheek only to him opening his eyes and pulling me to his lips our lips touched and we were having a full out make out, which was stopped by Tay yelling “ Ewww guys not in here” so we stopped and I sat down next to Jay. I noticed a small red box with a bow on it next to him. “ Babe Merry Christmas he whispered in my ear” he handed me the box. “ Jayy thank you” “ You haven’t opened it yet” I looked at the box once more and took the bow off to opening it to a gold bracelet “ Omg Omg” I smiled so much “ Jay you got my a Pandora Bracelet omg” I was so happy I couldn’t put it on so Jay did “ It looks perfect on you babe” I grabbed him and hugged him, wrapping my arms around his neck and I started to cry.

Jay pulled me away “ What is wrong babe?” he asked worried. “ Just no one has done anything this nice for me” “ Well babe I love you and I would do anything for you” he used his finger to wipe that one tear away and I whispered “ Thank You” only like a thousand times. “ Jay I got you something also, I know it’s not as near good as this” he put his finger on my lips “ Anything from you Nik is perfect” I blushed and got his present from my pocket. He opened it “ Babe it’s so-“ “ read the engraving” I stopped him. He got the bracelet from the box and read it out loud “ I love you, Jay Jay” he smiled and laughed “ what? What? Is it bad” I asked getting scared that he didn’t like it. “ No that wasn’t it, Just the nickname you are giving me Jay Jay. Pushing it babe” I knew he was kidding by his face.

I put it on and we both had our bracelets. There was Tay in the background crying “ I want a MAN like that” she said which got all of Tomo, Shan, Jay and I our attention. “ Well I am here" Shan moved closer and Tay just pushed him to Tomo “ In your dreams Leto” "but I am in your dreams Tay, remember who Is your fave" Shan said in a firtly way and pointed to himself. " he does have a point" Tomo said.

I rested my head on Jay’s shoulder and he was playing with my hands. The day was full of try hard singing from myself and Jay’s part he just cheats we can’t play sing star with Jay. We all shared presents with each other, talking, laughing, Throwing Tomo in the pool then we all had to hid because well he wasn’t happy. Myself and Jay ran in the closet still wet from Shan pushing us both in the pool after Tomo was thrown.

“ Shh he is going to find us in here Jay” “ No he isn’t “ Jay pushed me on the closet wall and pushed his chest on mine, he pulled my arms up on my wall and started kissing me from my lips and getting lower. “ Oh excuse me” Shan interrupted both of us, we stopped and the closet was quiet “ This… is .. well awkward, making magic again. Doesn’t need to be here” he started to whistle. A light started to appear at the closet door and Tomo’s face was show “ Ah got ya” we all bolted out the closet and ran again.

The night went on and Jay and myself wanted to get dressed for tonight’s dinner. I got my dress from my closet which Jay hasn’t seen yet. And he appeared in the bedroom with only boxers on. I just watched him. “ Babe I can tell you are eying me off” I blushed again. He knows that somehow. I walked over to him only in my underwear and bra and hugged him. His hands started running down my body getting lower each time. He went back up to my bra and looked at me I nodded I can’t believe I did, but then again it’s time. I never thought this was going to happen with Jared Leto, never.

Jay’s POV:
Nik leaned in her soft lips colliding with mine enthralling them in this heat on passion. I felt a moan rise up and so did Nik. I wrapped my arms around Nik on the bed. While taking the back of her bra off just checking one more that this is what she wants “ Are you sure Nik we can wait?” I whispered again she only nodded. Her bra was thrown onto the only side of the room and I could feel her bare breasts I have been longing to see. Neither of us expected this to happen right now, Nik just wanted to wait but for today she didn’t.

Our lips collided again in the passion of the moment, each kiss was growing deeper with passion and love. I cupped Nik’s breast. Making her moan, Nik couldn’t stop it she moaned deeply in the kiss. I wanted to pleasure her first. I broke the passion of the kiss and moved back to Nik’s neck, following her delicate line of her collar bone kissing down. My hand still massaging her breast. “ O, M,G. Jay” Nik spoke softly.

I started to get harder. Groaning I attempted to will my growing erection away temporarily. I succeeded as I continued to kiss my way down Nik’s chest. My lips and lounge replacing my hand on one of her breasts. Nik’s body quivered at the feel of my tongue on her breast. “ Fu… Fuckkk Jay”. She gasped. I grinned knowing she was ready. Moving I stole one more kiss before I ran my finger gently down her side find their way to her pants. Nik quivered she knew what was coming but never stopped me.I looked up at her grinning I slowly taking her underwear off.

Nik groaned. “ Jay I.. need you, Jay!” She called out my name and I was happy what I was going to give her. I made my way back up to her breast biting at it softly. Slowly I moved away from her breast kissing my way down following the contours of her toned yet feminie body. Nik grabbed at my boxers and removed them amazed at how big I was. We were now both naked. I knew now she wanted me in her. She started to get wet from my fingers being inside of her. “ No.. Ohh. Ohh. Jay I need you in me”. I got ready to enter her and Nik’s faced changed to happy to scared “ It’s ok babe I won’t hurt you” “ I trust you, but protection Jay” “ Oh yer” I quickly got up and put a condom on running back to her. Nik was on bottom I was on top. Nik my shoulders “ I want to feel every inch of you Jay, deep inside me” she moaned.

“ Are you sure?” I asked again “ yes”
Waiting to make sure she was fine with this. Nik nodded at me and I started thrusting in her. I felt myself slip deep inside of Nik. Nik moaned loudly. Out of pleasure, she loved it. I smiled at her and stole a quick kiss. Moving myself out of her. The seconds of sex turned into minutes of moaning and Nik screaming my name.

Downstairs- “ Are they still going at it” Tomo asked “ Dude they sure are” “ Ewwiiee I don’t want to know” Tay covered her ears. Shan moved over to tay and uncovered her ears “ One day someone will be asking that about you” Tay replied with “ Ewww no way in hell”

Nik and Jay-
“ F… Fuckk Jay” Nik called out loudly again. They both stole another kiss still slamming at each other when they both reached their climax and stopped both on their backs falling on the bed breathing hard. “ Jay you were.. so.. damn GOOD!” “ Babe you were not bad yourself” Jay kissed Nik again. “ But we should go” they both quickly got changed and ready for the night again. No awkward convo AT ALL.
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