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When the Plan Changes, So Do We

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Christmas shopping. And guess what Nik and Jay have a week left together. :0 read and review PLZ

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Chapter 9- When the plan changes, so do we
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What if it makes you sad at me?
And what if it makes you laugh now but you cry as you fall asleep?
And what if it takes your breath
And you cant hardly breathe?
And what if it makes the last sound be the very best sound?

What if what I want makes you sad at me?
And is it all my fault or can I fix it please?
Cause you know that I’m always all for you
Cause you know that I’m always all for you

What if it makes you lose faith in me?
What if makes you question every moment you cannot see?
And what if it makes you crash
And you can’t find the key?
What if it makes you ask how you could let it all go?

What if what I want makes you sad at me?
What If- Safetysuit

Nik’s POV: So today myself and Tay decided it was going to be a all girls day. We went to the shops of course for some full on shopping. We walked in the shops full of Christmas spirit, the lights and decorations were up. Everyone were rushing for last minute presents but they were still happy. There were the special sales on. To be honest I haven’t really had a big or a real Christmas in years, mum hates it so myself and Tijana just forget about it. Since dad left she can’t replace that hole she has. Every night it would be the same but worst on days like this.
I feel like this year is for new beginnings, I live with Jay now not with Tijana and mum. To think about it mum hasn’t called back since she left for my aunties I hope she is ok I really do.

“ Hey are you ok?” Tay said
“ Oh Yer, I’m good” I smiled and shook off the feeling
“ You just look preoccupied” she looked around looking at the shops
“ I’m not, just thinking”
“ Ok I believe you, for now. Shopping?”
“ Of course “we both walked over to the clothes shop to get our stuff for Christmas
Tay picked up a vest “ How about this” she put it in my eye sight
“ A vest? No I know you like the guy stuff but come on” Tay took one more look at it and placed it back on the rack “ ok fine, what do you have?”
“ I’m not sure what I want to wear” Tay looked at me up and down “ Wanna go with something sexy for well you know” she gave me that dirty grin.
“ Ahh Tay no” I punched her shoulder playfully
“ I’m just putting it out there, it is the one and only Jared Leto. By the way how is it?
I looked back over to the dresses “ What?”
“ You know the sex” I stopped looking at looked back at her, with a somehow shocked expression

“ Oh so you haven’t?" she asked amazed at the reply from me

I bit my lip and walked back to Tay “ Well we were... getting to it. When someone walked in”
“ someone walked in?” I was a little embarrassed about this “ we were in the kitchen and”
“ You almost had sex in the KICTHEN!” she yelled louder than normal. And faces turned to us. I quickly covered her face with my hand “ Tay shhh, what is it with the kitchen?” “ You eat there, omg” I rolled my eyes “ can we stop talking about it and shop?” she looked shocked just like Tomo did “ fine yes please, I can’t trust your kitchen anymore”

I laughed and walked back over to the dresses and found the perfect one. It was a short black one that covered near my knees and showed a tad of my breast area with matching shoes. It’s sexy but still perfect.

Tay looked at the dress and loved it from the face she has. Then she checked the price $ 350
“ Ah looks like you can’t get it Nik”
I looked at her and then to my purse I grabbed out Jay’s card “ Sorry what?”
“ where did you get that?”
“ Jay kinda gave me one “
“ And he pays for this”
“ Basically yer he does” Tay ended up buying a nice long red dress which covered most of her apart from her legs and arms. We both walked up to the counter and paid for our dresses.

Tay grabbed her bag and so did I “ anymore places?”
“ One more, I need ah.... It’s for Jay. So two places”
“ Jay’s present and where”
I pointed over to the Lingerie shop. Tay looked over to me and then the floor and laughed “ You can do that one on your own there”
“ Fully understand that” I said. I hurried to the lingerie shop to pick something sexy for Jay and then I headed back to Tay.
“ Ready?” she said still laughing
“ Yes and shut up” I wanted to get something that paid with my own money so I got him a bracelet engraved with “ I love you Jay Jay” on it.
“ He should really love this Nik”
“ I do hope so” I placed it in my bag and myself and Tay headed home.
Jay’s POV:
I was home just tuning my guitar on my bed waiting for Nik to come home after her all girls day with Taylor. When Shannon walked in. I looked up from my guitar to him.
“ Hey Bro?”
“ Hi” Shan didn’t look too happy right now
“ Dude what’s up” I put my guitar down , got up from y bed and walked over to him.
“ How many weeks do you have left?” I didn’t really think of the week I had left with Nik, soon I will be going back on tour with the boys once again. And then I remembered how many.

I put my hands in my hair and looked away from Shan. “ Jared you have a week, Christmas is in two days. What do you think is going to happen with her? Is she going to wait months for you to come back?”

I pulled at my hand and sat down back on my bed “ Bro , she will wait hopefully I know she will”
“ Dude she won’t, no girl has” I put my fits together and looked at him “ She will be fine ok Shannon, I will find a way for us to be together ok” Shan could tell I was on the verge of crying he came up to me and placed his hand on my shoulder. “ It’s going to be ok dude” I looked up with blood shot eyes “ I don’t... I don’t want to lost her Shan, she ‘s the one ok... I do” I put my hands up to my eyes to wipe the tears. Shan grabbed hold of me and I hugged him letting out all my tears.

I lifted up my head “ I’m good now okay?”
“ Okay good “ Shannon said standing up
Thanks now, we are done feeling our feelings? Cause I’d like to get out this room before we both start growing lady parts” I smiled still with tears.
“ Sure Jared, you were always the one hiding your feelings “ Shan and myself walked out to the kitchen.

“ Oh shit, nana, dog, SHIIITTT” we both looked at each other and ran to Tomo.
“ What” he said
“ Wait what... wait are you doing I said.”
“ Oh I’m cleaning the TABLE and making cookies?” he has pink gloves on and cookies were on the counter.

I covered my mouth about the cookies and pink gloves.
” Jared?” he could see what I was going
“ Dude I mean could you be anymore Gay, wait this is where the magic is made right?”
“ Leto out” he pointed to the door
“ Don’t hurt your lead singers feelings”
“ Jared out!” Shannon just pissed himself with laughing. I looked at him and he stopped.
“ Fine but who is the one with the really hot girlfriend?” I pointed to myself “ Me”
I dropped Tay back home and then heading back to Jay’s I entered the door to Jay running away from Tomo with pink gloves on and throwing cookies at him. I laughed and Shannon waves to me shaking my head I walked over to him. “ So what did I miss?” Shan looked at the two “ Jared called... Tomo gayish” “ Gayish, he is wearing pink gloves” we both looked at each other and agreed.

Jay finally noticed that I was home he ran over to me and hid behind my back so Tomo came running over “ Hey you can’t hurt Nik” Tomo gave up he wouldn’t hurt me in this fight.
Jay pulled me over to the couch looking at the bags “ So what is in them?”
“ I think you will find out soon” “ Oh really he kissed me on the cheek” I smiled “ Oh yer you will”

“ Nik” Jay looked at me sadly
“ Jay” he cuffed his hands on my face “ we have a week left together “ “ I know what are we going to do?” he put his hands down and hugged me “ I will think about it tomorrow that means this week has to be our best K?” “ k”

If dreams could come true, we would be together .Many things would be better. Hopes and dreams could be forever. But isn't waking up the worst of all? When those dreams are gone, for long. ~ Me
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