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Merry Christmas to you, Babe

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Almost Christmas, it's time to have fun and be happy. Gifts, shopping. Have a look

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Chapter 8- Merry Christmas to you Babe
Even if, for example, I was to lose you tonight
I wouldn’t forget, because I love you
When we quietly exchange a kiss, in the light of the moon
Love overflows everytime I feel your soft lips

Your laughing voice, your sad face too, I’ve seen a lot of things about you but
Your image when I first saw you was what left me at a loss
Locked up, quiet, inside my heart
Not even my “thank you” can reach your heart

In the middle of this track that continues endlessly, what are you thinking?
Don’t forget, let me stay by the side of that heart
Hiding away the feelings of regret in the darkness, I was just playing during that time
Even though I was supposed to become a boring adult
Quietly opening the heart I had locked up
I wonder if the words “thank you” will reach you

Kat-TUN- Kame solo

Jay’s POV:
So yesterday I told Nik I loved her and she told me the same. I couldn’t believe it myself but I do. I want to be with Nik forever, do you ever wake up and think it all was a dream? I think she is the one, that one person I would die for. I mean, I dunno really. I’ll think about that later but Christmas is in a few days and I need to get her something, something with a meaning I think.

I was walking pass shops thinking what she likes and then I remembered that a few days ago she was talking about Pandora. Yes she wanted a bracelet there. I headed down to the nearest path where all the main, big shops were when I saw the Pandora shop. I went to the door and opened it. I started to walk over to the braclets when a young man with blonde clean hair and brown eyes walked next to me.

- “ Looking for something special Sir?”
I looked to the man “ Ah yes, it’s for “
The man smiled “ For someone special , I see”
I replied back with a smile and the man turned to the main bracelets.
“ Are these what you are looking for Mr.-“
“ Leto” The man placed out his hand and I gave him a hand shake

“ Well then Mr. Leto I will leave you to look” he smiled and walked away
“ thanks” I looked over every single bracelet I could find until I found one that was perfect for Nik.

“ Sir looks like you found one”
“ Yes” I pointed to the braclet and the man got it out from the glass place. He placed it on the counter in front of me to get a better look.
The man put it on his hand “ This is a new one, it’s the Diamond 4.26ct tennis bracelet”
“ It’s amazing I must say”
“ It sure is sir, would you like to know the price?” I nodded at him
“ it is $8,500 and I believe a man like you can afford this. Mr. Leto” the assistant placed the bracelet back on the table.

“ You know who I am, don’t you”
“ Of course I do, just testing so shall we” he held up his hand to the counter.
Myself and the man walked over so I could pay.
“ That is $8,500 Jared” I got my wallet from my pocket and got out my credit card, I could pay for it with cash but that would start up too much attention.

“ Yes sir” I put it on the counter and he swiped it. I then put in my pin and signed it.
“ so if this is for “someone special” he used he fingers for that, would you like this gift wrapped for Christmas.

“ Please” I smiled. The man wraped the bracelet and then handed it over to me.
“ Thank you sir, come again and have a good day”
“ Thank you”

Before I left the shop I passed the wedding rings they were new and shining, just thinking about that well I do want to spend the rest of my life with Nik, I love her. So what if I do ask to marry her, one day I might just do. I wouldn't mind having children with Nik, having little Nik's running around. Having a house to ourself.

I walked out the store and placed the box in my pocket so Nik wouldn’t find it on me anytime soon.

* Ring, Ring* I got my phone out from my other pocket and checked who it was I smiled and placed the phone to my ear.
“ So missing me already Babe?”
“ ah no I’m not, noo not at all, I mean ok maybe”
“ Yer you totally are”
“ Ok I am, but where are you Jay Jay I want to see you”
“ looks like someone needs me now, and where I am well that’s a secret” I walked back to my car and turned it on.

“ Not like that, I wouldn’t mind it. Wait why can’t you tell me?”
“ Course you don’t want a piece of my ass or my ab’s because you like to run your hands down them and then you have to stop”
“ Oh sweet Jesus stop teasing me “
“ Naww is someone getting happy because of me? In more ways then one babe”
“ Shut up Jay” Nik said playfully
“ I will be home soon babe”
“ Ok Jayy Jay bye”
“ Wait babe, when I get home I should rock your world”
“ Jay I know how to tease you”
“ How?” I looked confused that she knew how to. I put my hands in my hair.
“ By not having sex with you, because I know how much you want me” I smiled knowing that all that was true, I wanted to do her so much but Nik wanted to wait.
“ That’s not teasing me”
“ hmmmm not at all is it” Nik said sarcastically
“ fine Bye”
“ I win bye” Nik hanged up and so did I at the same time, I put my phone away and headed home.

Nik’s POV:
I can tease Jay way to much I feel proud of that. It’s almost Christmas and I can’t wait but I need to get Jay something.
I walked over to the counter and made a cup of tea. I couldn’t stop smiling knowing that Jay loves me and we both said it. That night was the best night of my life.
Shannon appeared in the door way.

“ What ya thinking about” he walked over and sat at the table I turned around to face him.
“ Huh.. What?” I was really out of it right there.
“ Thinking about Jay ha” Shan gave me one of those grins meaning he knows something.
“ Ok yes as I do”
“ So you love him” Shan crossed his arms.
“ Am I that obvious?”
“ To me yes, lets say when I see love I just know or it’s look you give him the look in your eyes because he has that to” Shan got up and walked over to me. He placed his hands on my shoulders “

“ Nik don’t lose him ok? You are that one girl who has lasted for more then one day” I was confused of what Shan was talking about.
I pushed his arms off “ Shan I would never leave him, NEVER”
“ I know, just his track record “

“ Trust me I won't, what happened in the past is over ” I looked right into Shan’s eyes and it’s like he could read me.
“ Ok I do, I’m gonna go know” he walked out the room and I went back to my coffee to the sound of footsteps coming behind me, but I knew who it was. His cologne was one thing.
I faced my coffee so he could get me from the back, I closed my eyes.

And then his arms came around my waist, his strong arms that just felt like home. He kissed my neck and put his head on my shoulder, I felt him pull me closer into him. I could feel his stomach on my back and I could smell his cologne. I opened my eyes.

“ Hello there babe” Jay said and put a rose right in front of my face.
“ Naw Jay” I grabbed the rose and Jay pulled me into him again, only this time I was facing him.
“ well aren’t you the romantic”
“ I can do more then that Nik”
Jay put his hands up my top reaching to my breasts. I had to tease him somehow so I did the same. I put my hands under his top and started feeling up his abs like he said I would. He let out a moan when I did. He stopped at my lips and kissed me, I kissed back and this time it was powerful. He pushed me on the table so I was laying on it and he was on top of me. Jay started kissing me strongly and I could tell he wanted me again like the other night. Just as he was about to take my top off Tomo walked in.
His face was shocked but more or less scared.

“ Guys hell no, not in THIS ROOM!” Jay pulled me up from the table so we were standing up, he put his arm around my wasit and we looked at each other and started laughing.
“ No why are you laughing?”
“ Well Tomo you sound like my mother” Nik said
“And I should be you two were going to have SEX in the kitchen, this is a G rated room people. I eat in here. Sweet Jesus guys, young love I get it but the kitchen” He shook his head and crossed his arms while tapping his foot. I bit my lip trying to control my laughing which Jay couldn’t do.
“ We are sorry Tomo I didn’t know you care about it that much” Jay said still laughing
“ it’s the kitchen where magic is made”
“ Well we were about to make magic Tomo” Jay kissed my neck
“ JARED! Nik plz get out, I have cleaning to do"

We both walked out holding hands and well we didn’t talk to Tomo for the rest of the day and we didn’t have sex because he would know for some weird reason he will. We both walked passed the lounge room where Shan was reading a book " you didn't?" I looked at Shan "what?" Shan rolled his eyes " you almost had sex in the kitchen?" "ok well-" Shan cut me off " you can't, it's like his special place, it's like swearing in a church just no" we both laughed and ran to Jays room, I jumped onto Jays bed. He looked at me and smiled " what Jay" he didn't take his eyes off of me "nothing you are just so beautiful" I smiled back at him " thank you Mr. Leto now come here" Jay came over to me and placed his head on my stomach, I started to play with his hair. " looks like we need a new speical place" Jay grabbed my hand and kissed it. " looks like we do, because the kitchen is Tomo bears church" we both laughed.

No doubt - endings are hard. But then again... nothing ever really ends, does it?
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