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Change Ur World

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You know you're in love when things stop making sense. Jay and Nik say I love you and their lives move on for better. read on :)

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Chapter 7~ Change Ur World
I wanted to be with you alone
and talk about the weather
But traditions I can trace against the child in your face
Won't escape my attention
You keep your distance with a system of touch
and gentle persuasion
I'm lost in admiration, could I need you this much
Oh, you're wasting my time, you're just, just, just wasting time

Something happens and I'm head over heels
I never find out till I'm head over heels
Something happens and I'm head over heels
Ah, don't take my heart, don't break my heart
Don't, don't, don't throw it away (Throw it away...Throw it away...)

I made a fire and watching it burn (yeah)
I thought of your future
With one foot in the past now just how long can it last
Oh no, no, have you no ambitions,
My mother and my brothers used to breathing clean air
And dreaming I'm a doctor
It's hard to be man when there's a gun in your hand.
Oh, I feel sooooo…
Head Over Heels- Digital Daggers
~Meeting Shan and Tomo~
Nik’s POV: So today I was going to meet Shan and Tomo, Jay was going to make sure of that. I hope they do like me. Jay came to pick me up . “Where are you going” Tijana asked “ None of your business”. Tijana walked in front of me “ I’m sorry ok, I can see you two do belong together, ok so maybe I am jealous of you two” “ Tijana I know you are ok, I have to go” I started to walk out the door to Jay’s car.

- We got out the car and started walking to the house“ Come on Nik” Jay was pulling onto my arm. “What happens if they don’t like me Jay?” I looked sadly into his eyes.
“ Nikkk they are going to LOVE you, don’t get shy on me ok?” “ Jay I hope so, I’m not getting shy” I smiled at Jay.
- “ Of course you aren’t, trust me they are fine with this” he kissed my cheek
- “ aww Jay stoppp” “ Nope never” he kissed my cheek again. Jay stopped and looked at the door. “ Here we are, ready? “ Ready then ever Jay” The door was opened by Shannon.
- “ Really guys near the front foor?”
- “What? Jealous much Shan” Jay teased Shan and he kissed my cheek again.
- “ Never brother come in , let us meet her” Jay took my hand in his and we walked into the lounge room where Tomo was tuning his guitar.
- “ So this is the girl Jay has been talking about none stop”
- “ You said you didn’t tell them about me” I whispered in Jay’s ear
- “ Ok it may of slipped out, a tad ” I held onto his hand tighter and he returned holding onto my hand.

- “ Ha slipped out more or less it all came down” Tomo got up from his chair and put his guitar on the lounge . “ You must be Nik”
- “ Yes I am, Tomo” I smiled at him and he smiled back “ Hi Shan” “ Heyyy Nik” Shan came up and hugged me and then Tomo joined. “ Wow guys, can’t breathe here” Both Tomo and Shan stopped and said sorry at the same time.

- “ Guys, guys she is mine” Jay came out from behind me and hugged me by my waist.
- “ It was nice to finally meet you Nik” Shan came up to me. “ Well then boys I’ll show Nik around” Jay took my hand and we ran upstairs to his room.

Nik’s POV: We ran up stairs and I started to see rose petals going into his room. I followed the petals to his room. I entered in holding Jay’s hands still haven’t no clue what was going on. We walked into his room with candles around everywhere, flower petals on the floor. Jay walked away from me and grabbed some roses from his table and walked over to me. I could hear a song in the background “She Will Be Loved, by Maroon 5 I was sure of that.

- “ Nik when I said I had feelings about you, I mean it. There is something I have been wanting to ask you, something I want to say” Jay came over to me, he gave the roses to me and I smelt them. Jay pulled me closer and stopped at my lips.

- “ I love you Nik, I always have”
- I started to cry a little. Jay used his finger to wipe it away “ Why are you crying my love?” I quickly pulled into him and hugged him “ Why Jay, Why did you pick me? Out of all the girls?”

He pulled me away and looked into my eyes “ Because when I first looked into your eyes I fell in love, I know I can trust you. I know I can be with you and act normal. Everytime I look at you my heart misses a beat. You have given meaning to my existence” He took the sides of my face and kissed my lips deeply with so much passion and love. We both took a breath “ I love you Jared Joseph Leto” “ And I love you Monique Gilbert”.

- “ Nik will you move in with me” I answered back with only one word “ yes” “ Finally”
Jay’s POV: Before the end of the day we both went back to nik’s house to get her some clothes and other things . Tijana and Nik still didn’t talk to each other I hope everything will get better.
- “ Bed time?” I asked Nik.

- “ Yes Mr. Leto bed time” Nik went into the bathroom to change . I got in my bed with Nik and she cuddled into me.

- “ Jay”
- “ Yeshhh”
- “ You really don’t have to wear a top”
- “ Are you asking me not to?” Nik licked her lips and smiled at me “ Yer well I’m asking now” Jay took off his top and threw it to the other side of the room. “ Better, Miss Gilbert” “ Much better” Jay got back into bed and Nik rested her head on Jay’s chest and started to draw circles with her finger.
- " Looks like you are spending Christmas with me" Jay smiled
-" Asking"
-" Yes"
- " I would love to spend Christmas with you, Jay"
-" I knew you would my love" I pulled up to Jays face and kissed him, he started to kiss down my neck and I rubbed my hands over his perfect abs. He took off my top and put it on the end of the bed, Jay placed small kisses on my neck to my covered breasts. He grabbed them making me moan. "Jay" " mhhhmm" he moaned."I can't not tonight,I'm sorry" he pulled away from kissing my body " I understand babe, another night then?" he looked at me with puppy eyes, I just laughed ." what?" " you badly wanted to have sex with me don't you?" he kissed my neck again " badly babe, but I'll wait" he laid back down and I rested on his naked chest. " Sorry Jay - Jay" I whispered . He pulled the blanket over my body so we could get cozy and he cuddled back into,while playing with my hair so I could fall asleep in his nice warm arms.

Nik's POV:
To answer a question, what love feels like it fells like this:
For me, it's when the focus sharpens, when time stands still, when every sense is heightened. Time I spend with Jay. The love is more real than any time I spend away from hour is a small eternity because everything is so much more intense when I'm with him. And yes, anything and everything is possible if we're together.It's this weird feeling you get in your tummy when you see the person who you love.A feeling you can't describe. You just feel that, that person is the one.

No one can take this away, the way, the feelings I feel for Jay.

Everytimee I see you my feelings get deeper, I need you more than ever....
Sorry for this chapter being short, I have been a tad busy, but I swear it will get better.
Plz reviewwww :) So it might take a while with Christmas again and I really need some reviews :)
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