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Another Authors Note [Update]

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And its pretty sad...

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So I've had a pretty eventful day.
I turned eighteen on Wednesday
And I've been thinking about moving back in with my Grandmother who I had been living with ever since I was a baby up until I was Fourteen, when i Moved in with my abusive father who didn't turn abusive till I lived with him.
When over the weekend I was staying at my boyfriends house to whom I always go on the weekends. Well he decided to bring me home Monday morning to go to school. But when we go there my Father was still home when he should of been at work. So I decided to go back to his house and forget about school.
well I came back this morning and went to school, but when I got home all hell broke lose.
I walked in the door and my father started screaming at me telling me to get the fuck out of his house and that I wasn't his daughter anymore. I told him all I wanted was to get a few things but he refused to let me. He told me if I wanted anything I had yto come with a cop. So he kicked me out in the freezing snow. I walked about a mile down my road in a blizzard crying on the phone with my grandmother as my Boyfriend was coming to get me.
So now I'm here at my grandmothers with none of my things. I was going to update today cause I was planning on coming back anyways, but it didn't work out.
So tomorrow I have to call my Guidance Counsiler and talk about getting transfered to the school in my Grandmother town without going to the school considering my Grandmother doesn't have a car and my Mother is the most reliable person in the world.
So in closing I hope that everything works out. But in good news I'll be updating on a regular basis now that I have internet here at my Grandmothers. I'm sorry to keep everyone waiting.
But I'm holding my hopes high and not letting this get to me to bad.
And I hope you all will hope with me that everything in the life calms down soon.

With love,

Thank you Shortygirl and Fabulouskilljoy. I'll be sure to turn to you when I need help. =D

So today I called the cops but they said they couldnt really do anything considering that they couldnt make him give me my stuff. So after calling the police I called my Step Mother and told her that I called the cops and such and that they couldnt do anything. I guess this really surprised him cause he's letting me get my stuff I just gotta make sure my step mother is there when I go. Couldnt go tonight cause it was snowing really bad and my Mom and I didnt wanna risk driving there. So hopefully I can get my stuff soon so that I can update for you guys. It really sucks tho cause they're making me get my queen size bed and it hard when my Mom doesnt have a truck but I guess her friend is going to come up this weekend and help us. Which will be nice. Anyways, I promise to update as soon as I have it. Thank you all for being there and being so patient with me. And I assure you the wait will be well worth it.
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