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Join The Black Parade

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A visit no of them will ever forget and the help they needed more than ever.

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So I was getting impatient. My step mom brought some of my stuff to me over the weekend, but to my disappointment not my notebook with the story I need. So here is my attempt to recreate the wonderful exciting chapter I have waiting in a box somewhere in the sperm donors house. Hope I can get it to sound as good as it really is. This is all going to be from memory. Read and Review please. =D

P.S. I’m typing this right now in Microsoft Word and you wanna know how old my Grandmas word is? The little paperclip guy is sitting there watching me =D I miss the little paperclip. Haha Alright to the story!


As my eyes flew open I was blinded by the little bit of light that was streaming through the slit of my curtains. After allowing my eyes to adjust I quickly realized that I was alone. Tears threatened my eyes just as my brothers walked into my room.
“Av! Are you okay?” Mikey asked walking over to me and sitting on the bed.
“No.” I said silently
“What’s wrong Av?” Gee asked sitting on the other side of the bed.
“I had a bad dream.” I said.
“Like a nightmare?’ Gee asked
I looked at him thinking about his question.
“Well I wasn’t exactly a nightmare, but an unfortunate one.” I said
“What was it about?” Mikey asked looking at me.
That’s when I blurting everything, and some of it wasn’t quite making any sense at all at the moment. All I was muster was to say Daddy, blood, lots of blood, Mom, Knife, Stabbing. Mikey looked at me puzzled at first.
“Slow down Avril, Just calmly tell us what you mean by those words.” He said
I took a deep breath and then told them everything.
“Mom stabbed you?” Gee asked
I nodded
“And Daddy was there?” Mikey asked
“Yeah. It really felt like he was with me.” I said
“And I still am.”
We all spun around to see Daddy standing before us. I jumped up and ran over to him taking him in my arms.
“Daddy!’ Mikey said before running over and joining us.
Gee stood staring at us. I looked at him and saw anger in his eyes.
“How the hell?” He screamed “How in gods name are you standing before us right now? I saw your dead body! I felt how cold you were. I watched you being lowered into the ground!”
“Calm down son.” Daddy said, “Now all of you, sit. Let me explain.
The three of us sat down on my bed, watching Daddy. Waiting for him to speak.
“Well to start off, yes Gerard, I am dead.” He said “But I have unfinished business to attend.”
“What does that mean?” Mikey asked.
Daddy looked at me as he spoke “When Avril was born I promised your Mother no matter what I would make sure she was safe.”
“So your spirit is still here because of me?” I asked
He nodded “Your mother is to blame.”
“So let me get this straight.” Gee said “Because of the way Moms treating Av, your spirit is unable to rest?’
“Yes Gerard, your Mother needs help. She can’t keep doing this.” He said.
“Why haven’t you come sooner?’ I asked
“Sugar I’ve always been here with you, you just haven’t been able to see me.” He said
“Why?” I asked
“Because I can only make my self present to someone. And I’ve just been watching, waiting for the right time to interfere” He said
“Why now?’ Mikey said “Why not sooner.”
“I’ve been waiting for you two.” He said
I jumped up and hugged him again, and shortly after the others joined me.
“Daddy?” I asked
“Yes Sugar?”
“What are we going to do?” I asked
Just then we heard a commotion downstairs.
“Well find out shortly.” He said
We stood there hugging each other as we listened to Mom stumble up the steps. I stiffened and tightened my hold on Daddy. Just then my door came open revealing my Mother. She walked in and stopped. She stood there staring at us wide eyed.
“Donald?’ She finally asked.
My Dad let go and walked over to her.
“Yes Donna honey, I’m here.” He said
Tears started forming in her eyes.
“But… How?” She said
“My spirit can’t rest.” He said
She looked at him with a puzzled expression
“Donna the way your drinking and then treating our daughter isn’t allowing my spirit to rest.” He said
She looked at me with tears streaming down her face. I walked over to her and hugged her. My Dad walked up to her and lifted her head to look into her eyes.
“Donna, honey. You need to get help. You can’t keep doing this to our only daughter.” He said
See looked at him and then me.
“Honey, promise me you’ll get help.” He said
My mom started to cry harder “I promise Donald.” She said as she grabbed me and cried “Avril baby, I’m so sorry. I’m sorry for taking my emotions out on you.”
I held my Mom, not quite knowing what to say. Finally she pulled away and grabbed my Dad and cried into her chest.
“Honey?” He asked
My Mom looked up into his eyes,
“I love you Donna.” He said
“I love you Donald.” She said back.
After holding each other for a bit longer he pulled away and hugged each of my brothers as they exchanged I love you.
He turned to me and hugged me.
”I love you Sugar.” He said kissing my forehead.
“I love you Daddy.” I said tears threatening my eyes. He turned back to my mother grabbed her and planted a kiss on her lips. He let go and stepped back.
“Now Gerard, you know you’re the man of the house now. You keep these two safe from harm.” He said
Gee answered him with a silent nod.
“I love you all, and please don’t lose the love you have for each other as well.” He said
My Brothers took me and Mom into their arms and tears started rolling down our faces.
“Well be together again someday. Till then live everyday as if it were you last.” He said “I love you all. See you soon.”
Just then his spirit faded. He was finally able to rest, but then the tears hit me more along with my brothers and Mom and we all stood there crying in each others arms.


I changed it up a bit. I hope you guys love this update. I don’t know if I like it chapter as much as the original that I have written but, if it really does suck. I might edit it when I get the actual chapter. Till then read and review!

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