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Chapter Two

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coffee, computers and cookies.

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note: sorry Gerard's screen name is the same as it is in my other story, but it just kinda made sense for this one too.

Chapter Two

Gerard’s point of view:

After pouring myself a mug of strong, black coffee, I grab a bag of my favourite white choco-chip berry cookies from the cupboard and stumble upstairs to my room.
Setting the mug of sacred caffeine down on my cluttered bedside table, I switch on my CD player, grab my laptop and flop down onto my unmade bed.
I log into my usual chatroom and am just taking a sip of scalding coffee when a familiar little –“PING” sounds.

CrazyCat228: hey vampire face :P how’s it going?

I start one of the cookies and type a reply, wishing, for the billionth time since Cat moved that we could actually talk face to face like we used to, without travelling two hundred miles.

CoffeeAddict13: shit. You?

CrazyCat228: good thanks. What’s up?

CoffeeAddict13: I have no fucking LIFE!! I’m the saddest fifteen year old in existence- the only people I hang out with these days are my little brother, the horror books in the school library and my computer. The only time people pay attention to me is when my eyebrows are on fire!!

CrazyCat228:okay, firstly, you are NOT sad, just… mentally challenged :P

CoffeeAddict13: oh ha ha.

CrazyCat228: secondly, you are gunna have to actually TALK to people if you want to hang out with people other than your CD player, who BTW is NOT a person.

CoffeeAddict13: how dare you!! You’ve upset Charlie  and I can’t talk to people at school- I don’t fit in anywhere and they all think I’m weird.

CrazyCat228: you are weird. But in a good way hahaha :P and who the hell is Charlie?!

CoffeeAddict13: my CD player!!

CrazyCat228: whatever. My point is, just talk to people- not everyone is how they appear. You might be surprised.

CoffeeAddict13: I dunno…and apologise to Charlie. He’s hurt.

CrazyCat228: stop being so negative, Gee! Sometimes people are actually really different to how they appear or who they go around with- just try and give them a chance? Maybe not the ones who like to beat you up though :/ fine. Say “Sorry” to Charlie for me. And tell him his owner’s an idiot!

CoffeeAddict13: I’m his owner.

CrazyCat228: I know.

CoffeeAddict13: O:

CrazyCat228: look Gee, I know you’re shy, and not everyone at your school is nice to you, but you’ll never get friends or a girlfriend if you don’t at least try.

CoffeeeAddict13: I am trying!! And I don’t want a girlfriend. Girls suck.

CrazyCat228: ooops, sorry, I meant BOYFRIEND. I forgot you’re gay…

CoffeeAddict13: what? No I’m not!! Why would you think that??

CrazyCat228: you aren’t kidding either of us, Gee. You’ve never had or wanted a girlfriend as far as I know, and last time you came to stay and we watched the Kerrang! Awards on TV you enjoyed seeing Billie Joe a little TOO much, remember?

Shit. I thought she’d forgotten about that…

CoffeeAddict13: shut up! And that was the woman presenting the awards!

CrazyCat228: Ummm…Gee?

CoffeeAddict13: yep?

CrazyCat228: that was a guy.


CoffeeAddict13: oh shut up! I’m not gay- I’ve never actually had a crush on a guy.

CrazyCat228: yet…

CoffeeAddict13: hate you.

CrazyCat228: love you too :P anyways, I g2g now- I’m meeting Charlotte and Rebecca.

CoffeeAddict13: 

CrazyCat228: talk to people you gothic moron!! Crawl out of your coffin and start LIVING!

CoffeeAddict13: it won’t make a difference.

CrazyCat228: it will! Bye x

CoffeeAddict13: it won’t! See ya x

CrazyCat228: it fucking WILL! I’m always right, okay? :P

CoffeeAddict13: WON’T!!!

CrazyCat228 has signed out.

I sigh dejectedly and flop down on the faded black sheets of my unmade bed, now on my third cookie.
I spend the next fifteen minutes pondering over my shyness, my sexuality and the plural of “moose” as the sound of Black Flag and rain drumming against the window fills my dark, cluttered bedroom. Then suddenly-


Frank’s point of view:

When the grey sky has turned ebony, I eventually trail home through the tiny droplets of rain which have become bullets, icy bullets soaking through the thin red hoodie and school shirt I’m wearing.
By the time I’ve let myself through the front door, my sodden, choppy dyed black hair is plastered to my pink cheeks, icy from the vicious rain and I’m shivering violently.
Mom is at some kind of work meeting and Dad is away on a business trip, so after grabbing a bag of cookies and a coke from the kitchen, I go into the study and log onto the family’s ancient, stone age brick of a computer.
I sigh. Hardly ANYONE is online- it’s almost as if the computer’s just decided to remind me that they’re all out having fun and I’m not.
There are a couple of people from my year I don’t know and this girl, Sophie, Aled’s always saying I should ask out, but truthfully, having a girlfriend has never particularly appealed to me. I guess I’m just waiting for the right Girl to come along.
Bored outta my fucking mind, I scroll down the list of people online. One screen name catches my eye- CoffeeAddict13. I chuckle and click on the link to their profile, seeing as I’m a total coffee addict too.
My eyes sweep over his profile picture; tangled, shoulder length ebony hair, button nose, ghostly pallor, smudgy black eyeliner, baby pink, slightly chapped pink lips, startlingly unusual, intelligent greeny tinted hazel eyes with long, dark lashes peeking out from under the curtain of dishevelled midnight hair. I realise “CoffeeAddict13” is the shy, gothic guy in my biology class who accidentally set fire to his own eyebrows with a Bunsen burner last month- Gerard Way. He’s kinda weird and always looks spaced out, dreamy, like he’s in his own world and he kinda reminds me of a vampire with his chalk white skin, black clothes and mysteriousness.
I’ve always thought he looked sort of interesting, but around Aled and the guys I’ve never dared speak to him or I’d never be forgiven.
But they aren’t here now… before I know it, I’ve typed in a message and pressed send.


Gerard’s point of view:

I jump at the tiny –“PING” and sit up, pushing my tangled, black hair out of my eyes and glancing at the computer screen.

!FreakyFrankie!: hey, you okay?

I frown and study his profile picture, trying to recognise him.
As my eyes sweep across choppy, scruffy dyed- black hair and long side fringe, big, dark, heavy lidded eyes rimmed with red liner, flawless skin and silver lip ring, and I realise that !FreakyFrankie! is Frank Iero, the guy in my biology class who got excluded for a week after starting a petition to use teachers instead of rats for experiments.
Frank’s in with the popular, sporty guys, though he doesn’t really seem to fit in with them and lately I’ve seen them laughing at him, picking on him. I’m amazed they don’t beat him to pulp like they do with every other guy who wears eyeliner.
He seems cool though, and I feel kinda sorry for him having to hang out with those dickheads. Wait, if he’s friends with them, why the hell is he talking to me?! People in with the popular guys just don’t talk to people like me.
All the same, my fingers, trembling slightly for some reason, type in a reply and press send.

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