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Chapter Four

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hey guys- sorry the last chapter didn't post properly and thanks to alligatorpie for letting me know! anyway thanks for the reviews on chapter 3 :) here's the next chapter. sorry there isn't much frerard yet, but i need to get the story going properly - don't worry there'll be some F&G action soon enough :P
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Chapter Four

Frank’s point of view:

It’s just after midnight and for the millionth time this week, I’m lying, wide awake, listening to rain pounding on the window pane as hundreds of unwanted thoughts whirl through my mind; Aled’s cruel taunts ringing clearly in my ears, refusing to fade. “Only faggots wear make up!”, “How pathetic ARE you?!” “Why would anyone want to go out with YOU?!”. The insults are whirling faster and faster round my brain, the occasional one thrown in from my Dad or Dom or Luke.
But after a while, somehow, “The Lost Boys” and CoffeeAddict13 creep their way into my mind and miraculously, the insults fade a little as I finally manage to fall asleep.

Gerard’s point of view:

The meaningless words and symbols on the whiteboard in front of me swirl and fade from view as my heavy eyelids droop shut, the dull, droning tone of the teacher lulling me into sleep.
Seriously, what kind of sadist gives you chemistry at nine o’clock on a Monday morning?!
I’m utterly exhausted after staying up half the night drawing zombies, reading horror stories and dreading school, I’d far rather curl up and sleep than listen to Mr. Charles’ monologue about “diffusion” and pretend I don’t care that I’m the only one in the whole class sitting beside an empty seat.
“Mr. Way!”
My eyes snap open and the angry face of my chemistry teacher comes blearily into view.
“Ummm..” I mumble.
“The AWNSER would be good, Mr. Way!”
Shit. What lesson is this again?!
Suddenly the bell rings and there’s a mad scramble for the door. Thankfully, Mr. Charles just rolls his eyes at me and lets me slough off down the bustling corridor to English.
I keep my head down as I force my way through the throng of chattering students.
“What’s with the bat, Freak?” Aled Hutchings, leader of the “cool” gang, spits at me as I scuttle past, head down, wishing I hadn’t worn my bat badge.
When I finally make it to English, slightly winded form being “accidentally” elbowed in the stomach by Luke (one of Aled’s gang), everyone is lined up outside the classroom, still keeping my head down and nibbling my lip.
I’ve just removed my bat badge at put it in the pocket of my Black Flag hoodie, when I notice someone I don’t notice standing next to me, head bowed, nibbling her nails.
The girl is pale and skinny with reddish dark brown hair that waves to her shoulders and wide, anxious, russet eyes that are flickering nervously from the door of the English class to the floor. She’s wearing black skinnies, a pirate belt, black, buckled rocket dog boots and a velvet jacket adorned with badges and safety pins.
I feel really sorry for her- she looks so nervous and I know how horrible people in this school can be, so swallowing my shyness, I clear my throat and mumble-
“Ummm… are you okay?”
She looks up, still biting her nails.
“Uhhh…yeah.” She says in a quiet, lilting voice. “Is this Mrs. Phillips’ English class?”
“Yeah.” I say softly, not wanting the popular guys at the front of the line to her me talking to her in case they start picking on her too. “Are you new?”
“First day.” she grimaces.
“How’s it going?” I ask a little timidly- I’m not at all used to talking to people at school.
“Shit.” She says matter-of-factly,
I can’t help but chuckle- a rare thing to happen at school. “Sound’s like my first day! I’m Gerard-“
“You don’t want to talk to the FREAK!” a boy with streaked, bleach blonde hair near the front of the line calls jeeringly. “He might turn you into some kind of blood sucking WEIRDO too!”
I blush, ignoring the stabs of hurt prickling my stomach, ducking my head and letting the strands of my ebony hair hide my expression.
“I’m Bee.” The girl says, ignoring the guy who just called me a blood-sucking freak.
I look up, surprised; she doesn’t seem to mind talking to me, even though the guy with blonde streaked hair has just made it clear I’m the outcast. Weird.
But then maybe she is kinda weird- I can’t really see her with the “cool” girls who have bright orange faces and peroxide-blonde hair or the geeky girls who have homework obsessions and wear the correct school uniform or the normal girls who listen to McFly and paint each other’s nails baby pink or the rebel girls who wear scary amounts of eyeliner, vandalise the school toilets and dye their hair bright colours.
She seems unique, original, individual.
“Come in class!” Mrs. Phillips calls, interrupting my thoughts.
The class file inside and I flop into my usual solitary seat at the back of class.
Bee is looking around nervously, and catches my eye, then glances at the seat next to me.
She wants to sit next to…me?
I nod slightly and she comes and sits down beside me.
“Thanks.” She whispers.
“No problem.” I smile shyly as Mrs. Phillips starts talking about some Macbeth essay. “Do you like English?” I ask quietly, getting out my jotter.
“It’s my favourite subject.” She smiles shyly. “Do you?”
“Yeah, it’s pretty cool- I like Macbeth.” I reply.
We’re both quiet for a while as Mrs. Phillips discusses Lady Macbeth’s character, but it’s nice to have someone beside me other than an empty space.

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