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Chapter Three

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CoffeeAddict13 and !FreakyFrankie!

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hey people- thanks for all the reviews :) sorry this chapters kinda short- my computer went all funny and wouldn't let my type up the rest of it which was in Frank's point of view, so i'll post that as soon as poss. please R&R- i know i've only posted a couple of chapters (i have about 8 written on paper so far) but i'm wondering- do you think it's worth carrying on? i'm feeling it's maybe kinda shitty :/ sorry- i'm feeling a bit down at the moment and i just wanted to know what you guys thought :/
sorry, i'll shut up now! xD here's the 3rd chapter-

Chapter Three

CoffeeAddict13: yeah I’m okay thanks. You?

!FreakyFrankie!: pretty bored but yeah lol. Wuu2?

CoffeeAddict13: just listening to music and drinking coffee haha.

!FreakyFrankie!: cool, what you listening to?

CoffeeAddict13: Misfits- they’re one of my fave bands xD

!FreakyFrankie!: really? Me too!

Wow. He like Misfits. How the hell is he in with the popular guys when he likes Misfits?!

CoffeeAddict13: awesome! What other music you into then?

!FreakyFrankie!: Black Flag, AMEN, The Bouncing Souls, Green Day, Nirvana. That kinda stuff. What about you? this guy officially rocks!!
CoffeeAddict13: wow same! I love Bullet For My Valentine too.

!FreakyFrankie!: awesome- I’ll have to check them out.

CoffeeAddict13: so wuu2?

!FreakyFrankie!: not much, just listening to music and eating cookies lol.

CoffeeAddict13: sounds like me haha

!FreakyFrankie!: white choco-chip berry. They’re my faves xD

Okay…this is a little freaky…

CoffeeAddict13: omg, that’s so weird- they’re my faves too! What music you listening to then?

!FreakyFrankie!: Murderdolls- heard of them?

CoffeeAddict13: nope. Any good?

!FreakyFrankie!: fucking awesome! Hold on, I’ll send you a link.

CoffeeAddict13: cool, thanks.

I pause my CD and click on the link.
Wow, Frank’s right- they totally rock! I accidentally spill the remains of my coffee over the keyboard in my hurry to reply.
“Shit!” I curse, doing my best to wipe it off with the duvet. “SHIT! Motherfucking stinking FUCK! Sh-“
I jump at Mom’s voice as there’s a knock on my bedroom door. My CD must have been on so loud I didn’t hear her arrive back from work. And she’s just heard me swearing my scruffy black skinny jeans off. Oooops…
“Are you okay in there?!”
“Yep, fine Mom.”
“Well, I want you to come downstairs and help me with the dinner in a moment please.”
I sigh. Great. Fanfuckingtastic.
“’kay, I’ll be down in a sec.” I say, hearing her go back downstairs as I type a hurried reply to Frank, the keys slightly sticky from coffee.

CoffeeAddict13: sorry it took me so long to reply- I spilt coffee all over the keyboard haha! And yeah, you’re right- Murderdolls are pretty cool.

!FreakyFrankie!: haha I’m always right :P

CoffeeAddict13: lol anyways, I g2g now sorry :/

!FreakyFrankie!: kk, speak soon? You’re pretty cool to talk to actually- I’d never have guessed- you’re so quiet at school!

He notices me at school? I thought I was invisible…

!FreakyFrankie!: except for the time you set your eyebrows on fire in biology…:P

CoffeeAddict13: lol yeah- I scream like a girl :/

!FreakyFrankie!: haha I think I’m still deaf!

CoffeeAddict13: my left eyebrow STILL hasn’t grown back properly :O

!FreakyFrankie!: hahahaha :P

“GERARD!!” I hear Mom yell from downstairs. Shit- I’d forgotten about dinner.

CoffeeAddict13: lol I’d better go. Speak soon 

!FreakyFrankie!: toodle pip, my vampire friend xD

Vampire?! Why does everyone call me a vampire?!
And wait- did he just say FRIEND???

CoffeeAddict13: vampire?

!FreakyFrankie!: lol, sorry- it’s just at school you always remind me of a vampire; you’re quiet and nobody really knows anything about you, you always wear black and you look really dreamy most of the time. Don’t worry- vampires rock!

“GERARD! Get down here!” Mom yells again.

CoffeeAddict13: lol vampires do rock…I’m not so sure about me though! I love vampire stories and movies but I really do have to go now 

!FreakyFrankie!: omg! I love vampire movies and stories too- the lost boys is one of my faves- like it?

Oh my god!! He likes the lost boys! Is there such thing as a perfect guy?!
As a friend, obviously.

CoffeeAddict13: I totally love it- fucking awesome!


CoffeeAddict13: I really have to go now or I think my Mom will murder me haha! Byeee :P

!FreakyFrankie!: lol, kk speak soon :P

I smile and log off reluctantly. Maybe my Friday night wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.
Perhaps I spoke too soon…

R&R please :)it gets more interesting in the next couple of chapters- and we meet some new characters. anyways, let me know what you think- if it's shit, please tell me. thanks
lucy xo
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