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Chapter Five

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Gerard, Bee, Frank and evil Aled.

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hey guys, sorry its taken me so long to update- i've been ill :( anyway, here's the next chapter- it's kinda a filler chapter- things will get more interesting very soon, but in the mean time, please be patient and review like you have been- thank youuuu :D

Chapter Five

The bell for lunch goes and everyone pushes and shoves their way out of English towards the canteen.
I pack up my jotter and copy of Macbeth and turn to go, but notice Bee standing uncertainly by her chair.
“You okay?” I ask.
“Umm..where do I go for lunch?” she mumbles.
“The canteen’s down near the French corridor- want me to show you?”
“Thanks.” She flashes me a small smile as we set off down the corridor.
My heart sinks and my hands go clammy when I see Aled and his gang strutting down the corridor towards us. I notice !FreakyFrankie! a.k.a Frank Iero’s with them, although he’s skulking quietly behind them, head bowed.
“Faggot.” Aled sneers at me as they pass, my stomach prickling with the familiar hurt.
“Freak.” Dom smirks.
“Queer.” Luke snarls.
I find my eyes drifting to Frank.
He keeps silent, gazing at the floor, although Aled nudges him forcefully.
“What’s UP with you?” he growls at Frank. “And seriously, what’s up with all this RED stuff?!” he nods sneeringly at Frank’s eyeliner. “You’re nearly as bad as the freak!” they all burst out laughing and I see a faint blush creeping up Frank’s cheeks.
“C’mon.” I mutter to Bee, and we manage to slip past, unnoticed, as Aled starts making fun of Frank’s skeleton gloves.
For some reason, something similar to guilt is bubbling in my stomach as we leave them picking on Frank. Why should I feel guilty? He hangs out with the guys who make my life heel, and I hardly know him- I’ve talked to him once online and that’s it.
All the same, as we round the corner and I steal a last glance at Frank’s vulnerable posture and Aled’s domineering one, I can’t help feeling sorry for him.
“You okay?” Bee’s looking at me, her dark chestnut eyes concerned.
“Yeah- sorry- I was just daydreaming.” I smile vaguely, pushing all thoughts of Frank and Aled to the back of my mind. “Here’s the canteen by the way.” I add as we go through the doors to the canteen and join the endless lunch queue.
We pay for bowls of pasta and sit down by the window, still in silence.
Bee seems to be even shyer than me, and strangely, this seems to make me feel more confident.
“So what was your old school like? I bet it was better than this hell hole!” I laugh dryly, picking at my bowl of watery, tasteless pasta.
“Well…” Bee pauses for a moment, chewing her pasta. “It was okay, I guess… I was kinda a loner actually.” She blurts, flushing pink and ducking her head, letting the strands of wavy red-brown hair hide her pink cheeks. “No one really liked what I liked- music and stuff- they all thought I was weird- I’m really shy. And this pasta is shit by the way.” She adds.
I can’t help but grin. “I know- it tastes like watered down cotton wool.”
“You eat watered don cotton wool?” Bee lets a grin slide across her face.
“It’s better than this crap!” I laugh, and Bee giggles too, relaxing a bit. “And as for being a loner-“ I carry on. “- I’m the biggest loner round here- I’m practically invisible. Except in biology.” I add thoughtfully.
“Why biology?” Bee asks, pushing a stray strand of her hair out of her eyes and fiddling with the straw of her raspberry milkshake.
“I like to set things on fire with the Bunsen burners. It was my left eyebrow last time.” I inform her.
Bee’s eyes widen.
“Not on purpose.” I add quickly, and Bee giggles again.
“So what kinda music you into then?” I ask, once again surprised at my own confidence- usually I’m too shy to have a conversation with anyone, let alone initiate it.
“Ramones, Rancid, sorry and the sinatras, misfits…you?” Bee smiles with a little more confidence.
“Awesome- I love those bands, but Black Flag is my fave.” I say, watching Bee struggle with the remains of her pasta. “You don’t have to finish that by the way.” I add with a grin. “I’m gunna bin mine.”
“Thank god!” Bee looks relieved as we get up from the table.
I chuckle, but am drowned out by the bell.
“Ughhh!” Bee and I grain simultaneously, then burst out laughing.
“Maths.” I groan.
“PE.” Bee sighs.
“Eeech, that’s bad.” I say sympathetically as we dump the remains of our disgusting lunch in the bin and set off down the corridor.
“I know.” Bee looks kinda anxious again as we slouch up the maths corridor.
“Hey, don’t worry- Mrs. Rees is okay- it’s my PE teacher, Mr. Morgan, you’ve got to watch out for!” I reassure her. “At leat you don’t have maths!”
All the same, when we reach my maths room and Bee sets off to PE, I actually feel okay.
I don’t feel so alone.

Frank’s point of view:

“I’m telling you man, you’d be great together!” Aled rolls his cold grey eyes at me. “Just ask her out already!”
It’s lunchtime and I’m scuffling along the corridor behind Aled, Dom and Luke, trying not to irritate them and trying my best to ignore the spiteful jibes directed my way- “Only faggots wear make up!” or “Any guy who’s straight needs a girlfriend!”
My eyes are stinging with tiredness after spending half the night awake worrying- the other half was spent having nightmares.
“Faggot.” I hear Aled snarl venomously. I glance up, hoping he’s not talking to me and see he’s talking to CoffeeAddict13- Gerard Way from my biology class.
Guilt is squirming in my stomach, but I’m too much of a fucking chicken to do anything to help him- or I know Aled will turn on me.
Gerard’s looking at the floor, his raven black hair hiding his expression. I’m not sure why I’m feeling such a stabbing guilt- I mean, I usually feel guilty when Aled picks on people, but why do I feel especially guilty now? I mean, I hardly know Gerard.
I glance up, noticing he’s with some one for once; a shy looking girl wearing a black velvet jacket, and I feel something I can’t put my finger on prickle my stomach.
“Freak.” Dom jeers.
“Queer.” Luke spits.
“What’s UP with you?” Aled nudges me forcefully, no doubt wanting me to add some cutting remark, but looking at Gerard’s vulnerable expression, anxious greeny-hazel eyes and messy onyx hair, I just can’t bring myself to, even though o know Aled will kill me later.
“And seriously, what’s with all the RED stuff?!” Aled sneers, referring to my eyeliner. “You’re nearly as bad as the freak!” he says coldly and he, Dom and Luke burst out laughing.
I feel the heat of hurt and humiliation creeping up my cheeks and I duck my head, hiding behind the strands of my dyed-black hair.
Out of the corner of my eye, I see Gerard and the girl slip past, and I brace myself for yet another lunchtime of taunts, humiliation and cruelty from my so called friends. Sometimes, having “friends” can make you feel more alone than ever.
But I can’t ever let them see that.

what do you think?? i know this is just kinda a filler chap and things WILL get more interesting soon i promise! anyway, pweeeeeeease R&R- i'll update sooner the more reviews i get :) i'm aiming for at least 5- i can see there are lots of you reading this and i wanna know what you think xD thank yooou!
oooh, look out for "You can sleep in a coffin, but the past i aint through with you" it's a one shot i've been working on and i should post it in a couple of days :)
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