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Chapter Seven

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school starts way too early...

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Chapter Seven

Gerard’s point of view:

“What’s her star sign?” Mikey pipes up, as we trudge along the road in the chilly, grey, early morning drizzle on the way to school.
“Unughh..” I groan, pulling the hood of my black Smashing Pumpkins up and sleepily stifling a huge yawn.
“Leo? Gemini?” Mikey persists.
Seriously, it’s not natural to be that full of energy at eight AM on a Tuesday morning.
“Unughh..” I mumble, feeling utterly zombified from total lack of sleep (i.e. staying up ‘til three in the morning listening to Black Flag on my ipod and reading “The Devil’s Footsteps”). Mikey has already stopped me getting squished by a bus. Apparently trying to sleep while crossing roads isn’t sensible.
We round the corner and the prison-like school gates loom into view.
“Ughhhh!” I groan, my tired, bloodshot eyes stinging in the dreary, harshly grey lighting. “Can’t we just skip, Mikey?”
“No!” Mikey says primly. “And besides, you need to find out Bee’s star sign!”
Sometimes, I really wish throttling people was legal…
“But school SUCK and I’m a sad, weird looser.” I moan.
“I know.” Mikey says brightly.
I sigh; the school gates are looming closer and closer with every step.
“What you got first?” Mikey asks as we slouch through the dreaded gateway to hell.
“Ummm…oh shit! Biology.” I groan, but for some reason, I feel my stomach do a tiny somersault.
“Try not to burn your eyebrows this time.” Mikey teases.
“Fuck you, Mikey! I-“
I stop as someone lightly taps my shoulder, and I turn round to see Bee standing slightly nervously behind us.
“Oh, hi Bee.” I manage a smile despite my serious lack of sleep, and Mikey turns an alarming shade of fuchsia pink.
“Hi.” Bee smiles shyly. “Is it okay if I walk with you to registration?”
“Sure.” I say, still surprised at how confident I seem to be around her compared to everyone else in this pathetic excuse for a school. Maybe it’s just because she seems just as shy and as much of a Misfit as me.
“Thanks.” Bee says as we trudge across the dreary yard toward the dreaded “main entrance”.
“Looking forward to day two in the hell hole then?” I yawn, shivering slightly in the damp drizzle that’s soaked though my hoodie.
“Oh yeah.” Bee says sarcastically. “Especially double maths!”
Despite my tiredness and the earliness of the hour, I can help cracking a weak grin, which is swiftly wiped off my face as the bell rings.
“Great.” I sigh, as we push our way through the mass of swarming students in the main corridor.
“Umm…see you later..” I hear Mikey mumble, as he ducks into room 308, still startlingly pink cheeked.
“Later.” I wave a little half-heartedly.
“Uh..b-bye.” Bee stutters, her own cheeks a faint pink.
We force our way through the bustling corridors, me silent and head down, praying I won’t get sneered at before lessons have even started.
For once, luck seems to be on my side, and I stumble into registration with Bee unharmed, making my way to my usual seat at the back.
I notice Frank Iero sitting next to Aled Hutchings at a desk near the back, dark circles under his russet eyes, a forced smile more like a grimace on his face, chewing his lower lip violently as Aled laughs loudly with Dom and Luke.
He looks away from them and catches my eye briefly.
I get a sudden attack of butterflies in my abdomen and stand, frozen to the spot for a moment, just staring into his greeny-russet eyes.
I suddenly realise I’m staring and blush furiously, attempting a shaky smile.
He just carries on staring at me for a second, glances at Aled, then me, then Aled again, and drops his gaze to the tabletop, the dark circles under his heavily lidded eyes more pronounced than ever.
An unexplainable sinking feeling of despondency in my stomach, I flop down in my usual seat.
“is it okay if I sit here?” I hear Bee say timidly, and I nod without looking up, gazing at the graffitied desktop.
“Are you okay?” she whispers, as our registration teacher, Mrs. Young, starts calling the register.
“Yeah.” I sigh, not really sure myself why I suddenly feel so gloomy.
We sit in silence for the remainder of registration, me reading the graffiti writing on the desk.
“What you got now?” Bee asks as the bell for first lesson goes.
“Ugggh!” I suddenly remember. Biology.
Can this day get any better?!

I’m so sorry this has taken me so long to post- ficwad’s been messing up :/ sorry this is kinda short too- it gets more interesting with gee and Frankie in the next couple of chapters  those of you who have reviewed, thank you soooo much- I’m going through a really shitty time and reading your reviews really makes me smile! Keep them coming- the more reviews, the sooner I update  thanks for reading!
Cosmic Zombie xo
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