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Chapter Six

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the joys of double maths, little brothers and best friends who think they're right.

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hey guys, thank you all so much for the reviews! :D here's the next chapter- sorry it's so short, and there will be a bit more Frerard soon, i promise, but for now, things between little fwankiekins and Gee really have to be like this for the story to make sense. like i said, trying to get 4 or more reviews per chapter, so pweeeeeeease R&R- good and bad comments are welcomed! anyway, i'll shut up now haha xD
here you go!

Chapter Six

Gerard’s point of view:

A light drizzle is speckling the grimy concrete of the school yard when I finally escape the tortures of double maths to walk home with Mikey.
I shuffle towards the gates in the mass of chattering students, pushing and shoving their way towards the buses.
I wait just outside the school gates, hood up, head down, hoping Aled’s gang won’t spot me.
“Hey Freakface.” I turn round, stomach a tight knot of fear, expecting to see Aled’s cold, grey eyes boring into mine, but instead, I find myself looking into a pair of hazel eyes similar to my own.
“Jesus, Mikes!” I breathe a sigh of relief at the sight of my little brother standing before me, all geeky glasses, straightened mousy hair, smashing pumpkins hoodie and teasing grin. “You fucking scared me!”
“Sorry.” Mikey chuckles, putting his hood up. “Ready?”
“Yup.” I sigh as we start off down past the endless queue for buses. “Let’s get out of here.”
I notice Bee standing near the end of the queue, and flash her a small smile as Mikey and I pass, hoping her first day wasn’t too bad.
“Hi Bee.”
She turns round and smiles a little shyly at me. “Oh..hi Gerard.”
“Was PE okay?” I ask. “This is my brother, Mikey.” I nod at Mikey, who for some reason, has turned bright pink and is staring determinedly at his VANs trainers.
“Ummm… hi.” Bee stutters, a faint flush creeping up her pale cheeks, and suddenly, she too seems to find her shoes intensely interesting.
“H-hello.” Mikey mumbles, cheeks going pinker still as he fiddles with the zip on his hoodie, not looking up.
“Well, we’ve gotta go- see you tomorrow.” I say, waving and dragging Mikey off down the road.
“Your girlfriend?” Mikey asks, a little too interestedly as we cross the road, and set off in the direction of home.
“No way! She’s just a friend- if that- it was her first day and I sat next to her in English.” I reassure him, though it suddenly strikes me as slightly odd that I never even considered Bee in that way.
Hmmm…maybe Cat is right…
“Oh.” Mikey says, visibly relaxing. “Cool.”
I roll my eyes. “Don’t scare her too much though, Mikes- she’s the first person I’ve hung out with since Cat left.”
“Scare her?” Mikey looks bewildered. “How would I scare her?”
“With your awful attempts at flirting?” I grin teasingly.
“What?! I can flirt! And I don’t like her like that anyway!” Mikey says defensively.
“Aww, c’mon Mikes, I’m not that stupid- I’ve never seen you go that red before!” I chuckle.
“I went red?!” Mikey looks mortified.
“There’s no such thing as fluorescent red, Gee.”
“Oh shut up, clever clogs!”
Mikey rolls his eyes. “I’m not a geek, I’m educationally advanced.”
I shrug. “Same difference.”

Still Gerard’s point of view:

As soon as I get home, I make a much needed mug of coffee and slope upstairs to my room, managing to shake off a very irritating Mikey, who’s asking countless, pointless questions regarding Bee.
As I’m sipping my coffee and messing about on my laptop, searching ebay for a Misfits T-shirt, there’s a familiar –“PING” from the minimised chatroom.

CraztCat228: heeeloo mon petite vampire face :P
CoffeeAddict13: hey.
CraztCat228: how has the hell hole?
CoffeeAddict13: okay.
CraztCat228: I think I just died of shock.
CoffeeAddict13: oh ha ha.
CrazyCat228: seriously, what happened?! Personality transplant?
CoffeeAddict13: fuck you. No, I had company.
CrazyCat228: omg, really? Who??
CoffeeAddict13: new girl, Bee. Doubt if she’ll still want me as company once she’s settled in, though.
CrazyCat228: why not?
CoffeeAddict13: I’m weird.
CrazyCat228: I know. But I wanted to hang out with you, didn’t I?
CoffeeAddict13: freak :P
CrazyCat228: lol. So what’s she like?
CoffeeAddict13: umm…pretty shy- shyer than me actually.
CrazyCat228: O: I didn’t think it was possible.
CoffeeAddict13: thanks. She like Ramones, Misfits, sorry and the sinatras, stuff like that. She seems really nice. Oh, and Mikey has a huge crush on her haha!
CrazyCat228: she sounds cool. I’m guessing you don’t have a crush on her then?
CoffeeAddict13: to be honest, it didn’t even cross my mind until Mikey asked if she was my girlfriend. I just cant see her like that, you know?
CrazyCat228: lol you should get her and Mikey together!
CoffeeAddict13: stop matchmaking! I’m the one that needs a girlfriend.
CrazyCat228: boyfriend more like…
CoffeeAddict13: stop telling me I’m gay!
CrazyCat228: you know it’s the truth, Gee…


I glance at the screen and my stomach performs an unexpected backflip.
!FreakyFrankie!: hey, howz it going?
CoffeeAddict13: good thanks, you?


CrazyCat228: seriously, just admit it!
CoffeeAddict13: go way. I’m talking to someone nice. Who DOESN’T KEEP TELLING ME I’M GAY!
CrazyCat228: I bet he’s cute… :P
CoffeeAddict13: you will die.


!FreakyFrankie!: okay thanks. What you been up to?
CoffeeAddcit13: lol just the usual- school and stuff. You?
!FreakyFrankie!: same. Whoever gave me physics on a Monday afternoon should DIE.
CoffeeAddict13: haha think one physics lesson is bad? I had DOULBE MATHS!
!FreakyFrankie!: eeek.
CoffeeAddict13: oh shit, we’ve got biology tomorrow, haven’t we?
!FreakyFrankie!: yup.
CoffeeAddict13: fanfuckingtastic.
!FreakyFrankie!: my thoughts prescisely.

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