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Chapter Eight

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Biology lesson, death of teachers and disobedient brains...

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Chapter Eight

Gerard’s point of view:

Biology is proved to be even worse than expected, after taking my usual solitary seat at the back of class, getting my Smashing Pumpkins hoodie sneered at by Luke, tripping over the undone laces of my doc martens and consequently getting laughed at by the rest of the class, Mrs. Evans, my biology teacher, announces that for the next two weeks, the whole class will be working on a project investigating the diseases carried by grey squirrels.
To make matters worse, at the end of the two weeks, we have to give a graded presentation in front of the whole class.
And now for the icing on the cake;
We have to work IN PAIRS.
Seriously, the universe hates me.
“Okay class, I’m going to call the register, and when I say your name, I’ll tell you who you’re going to get partnered with.” Mrs. Evans calls over the soft chatter of the class, getting out her red biro and opening the register.
I sit tensely in anxious anticipation as she works her way through the register, stomach clenched with nerves, wishing with all my might I won’t get paired with Dom or Luke…but knowing my luck, I will.
Thank god Aled isn’t in this class.
“Gerard Way!”
My stomach drops.
“H-here.” I stutter, palms cold and clammy with dread.
“You’ll be working with…Frank Iero.”
My stomach flips.
“Go and sit with Gerard, please Frank.”
For some perplexing reason, I can feel a red-hot flush creeping up my cheeks as Frank gets up and shuffles towards my desk and I duck my head, letting my messy hair hide my flaming cheeks and staring at the front of my jotter, hearing him flop down beside me.
As Mrs. Evans carries on with the register, a distinctly awkward silence descends between us, during which I pick tentatively at my singed jotter, still hiding behind my hair.
“Right class!” Mrs. Evans clears her throat for silence. “The plan is for you and your partner to put together a project on the diseases carried by grey squirrels. Any experiments will be done IN school to avoid any ACCIDENTS-“ she glances pointedly in my direction. “-and you will be expected to collect and evaluate information together out of school. Now, seeing as you will be required to spend a lot of time with your partner over the next couple of weeks, I want you to spend the next ten minutes getting to know each other.”
As everyone around us bursts into friendly chatter, the awkward silence hanging heavily in the air between us intensifies uncomfortably, me picking more viciously at my burnt jotter with clammy, slightly shaky hands.
Why do I have to be so shy? I though it might have been a little easier talking to Frank, considering we’ve talked online and he doesn’t seem to loathe me like most people, but on the contrary, it seems to be even more uncomfortable. This should be easy peasy pumpkin peasy after talking to Bee yesterday, someone I’d never even set eyes on before, but I seem to have become ten times more of a chicken than usual, not to mention my stomach has suddenly become a hyperactive gymnast.
“Umm..i…uhhh…” I hear Frank mumble, but I still can’t seem to summon p the courage to look up at him.
“Uhhh..” I stutter, tearing the corner off my jotter. “Uhhh..I- I’ll try not to kill you with a Bunsen burner…”
I have no idea which part of my crazed brain possessed me to burst out with that, but after two seconds of deadly silence, I hear Frank crack up, and somehow, as we laugh awkwardly together, the heavy awkwardness evaporates and I finally pluck up the courage to peek up at him from behind my hair.
I knew form his profile picture and seeing him around school he was good looking (from a perfectly straight point of view, of course), but seriously , close up…wow.
Flawless ivory skins, slanting cheekbones, heavy-lidded, intelligent, sensitive, gorgeous greeny eyes with flecks of russet round the rim of the iris and dark, spiky lashes.
The smudgy red eyeliner, pierced ears and silver lip ring only enhance his perfect features, and-
Hold on a second.
Have I just spent a whole five minutes describing (in unnecessary detail) Frank’s eyes?
And did I just call him gorgeous?!
Fucking hell, I’m officially cracking up. Insane. Mad. Deranged. Crazy. Fucked up. Mental.
Oh god.
Please tell me my mouth isn’t hanging open...
“”H-have you killed many people with the Bunsen burner then?” Frank says a little shyly, eyes darting to Luke and Dom as he tries to stifle his giggles.
“Uh..only the past five biology teachers..” I mumble, suddenly horribly aware of how close his thigh is to mine. Seriously, do I have no control of what I say anymore?! I’m talking about killing off biology teachers for fucks sake! He probably thinks I’m some kind of freaky, murderous science geek with a stutter and seriously bad sense of humour.
However, Frank’s eyes sparkle and his lips stretch into a cheeky, lopsided grin, and for once, he’s not looking anxiously in Luke and Dom’s direction.
“Nice.” He grins. “Hey, how about we play twenty questions, to get to know each other, you know?” he adds, his ivory cheeks pinkening slightly.
“Sure.” I say shyly, wondering why my right thigh has suddenly got a bad case of goose bumps. “Ummm…what are your three favourite bands?”
“Hmmm…” he considers, chewing thoughtfully on his lip ring. “Black Flag, AMEN and The Misfits.”
“Okay, so- your top five things you like doing?” Frank adds more confidently than before, his shy mask seeming to slip away.
“Uhhh…listening to music, drawing annoying my little brother, Mikey, reading horror stories and…ummm…” I struggle to think of a fifth one. “uhhhhh…and…killing biology teachers.”
“Awesomeness.” Frank chuckles, his mischievous, lopsided grin stretching across his face again, greeny russet eyes sparkling, all the tiredness and sadness I noticed in them this morning in registration seemingly disappeared.
I can’t help letting a huge grin slide across my face in return to his infectious smile.
Maybe biology isn’t going to be so bad this term after all.

Hey guys! Sorry it’s taken me so long to update :/ I’ve had soooo much school work- essays, presentations, exams ect so I haven’t had much time to write- I wrote most of this during French haha! Anyways, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE WONDERFUL REVIEWS!! They made me so happy :D in fact, if it hadn’t been for them, I think it would have taken me a hell of a lot longer to update.Sorry this chapter was kinda crappy, but rate and review anyway? It means so much you like my writing! R&R and I’ll update as soon as poss.
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