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Chapter Nine

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not thinking before you speak, choking Mikeys and awkward silences.

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Hey guys, just noticed some terrible errors in here, so I’ve changed them- really sorry! Hope it makes more sense now!!
Chapter Nine

Gerard’s point of view:

The fine, misty drizzle is persisting as I sit, hunched up on the steps to the back entrance of the assembly hall at break time, hood up, earphones in, Famous Monsters by The Misfits up full blast. I stare blankly across the near- empty yard; anyone with any sense is inside, out of the cold and the rain, but I prefer the heavy drizzle to the sneering remarks and snide sniggers I know I’ll encounter as soon as I set foot inside the school building.
I’m totally lost in thoughts of The Misfits, coffee, for some reason, !FreakyFrankie! (a.k.a Frank Iero) and the biology project, so when I feel someone sit down beside me, I jump out of my skin.
“Jesus fucking christ!” I gasp, yanking out my earphones and turning round to see Bee sitting next to me, her reddish hair more wavy than usual from the damp weather, shivering slightly inside her velvet jacket.
“Sorry!” she giggles. “is it okay if I sit with you?”
“S-sure- just try not to give me a heart attack next time, yeah?” I gasp, massaging my chest.
Bee grins. “Deal. What are you doing out here anyway?”
“I just prefer to stay away from the guys inside, y’know?”
“Totally.” Bee agrees. “They were giving some guy a hard time for wearing skeleton gloves when I left to come and find you. You don’t mind, do you?”
“Not at all.” I offer Bee one of my earphones and smile, still not able to get over the fact that someone in the school apart from Mikey actually wants to spend time with me. “How’s it going?”
“Ugghh..okay, I suppose.” Bee rolls her eyes and takes the earphone a little shyly. “Thanks. How was biology?”
“We’ve got this stupid project thing for the next couple of weeks and we have to work in pairs.” I sigh, scrolling down my playlist for “Helena”, pressing play and noting how much she seems to come out of her shell when it’s just the two of us.
“Eeeek.” Bee says, tapping her foot in time with the beat. “Who’s your partner?”
“Uhh-umm..Fr-Frank Iero.” I stutter, suddenly not able to meet Bee’s eye, and instead fiddling with the frayed laces of my doc martens as I feel a slight heat creeping up my cheeks.
“Oh, the guy you smiled at this morning in registration?” Bee says brightly. “The one with the skeleton gloves?”
“Ummm…yeah.” I mumble, slightly unnerved.
“He seems nice- I sit next to him in physics.” Bee announces, fishing a mars bar out from her pocket and unwrapping it carefully.
“Really?” I say, a little too interestedly for my liking.
“Mhm.” Bee snaps the mars bar in half and offers the bigger piece to me. “He’s quite shy though- like me!” she laughs. “And he’s kinda twitchy, you know? He always acts like he’s too scared to be himself when those guys he hangs out with are around. I don’t know why he hangs out with them anyway- he seems so much nicer than them. Maybe he’s just worried they’ll turn on him if he starts being himself.” She looks thoughtful, munching her chocolate.
“They’ve turned on him anyway.” I say, taking the mars bar. “thanks.” I add, letting the rich, chocolately sweetness ooze over my tongue. “You really notice people, don’t you?”
I’m seriously impressed; she’s not even been here two days ad she’s already sussed Frank Iero out better than I ever could have.
“Kinda.” Bee smiles a little sheepishly. “people interest me, if that doesn’t creep you out! What was he like in biology anyway? Do you like him?”
“Uhh…yeah, he seems really nice and he’s got these amazing greeny-russet eyes and-“
I stop as Bee chokes on her chocolate.
Fuck, did I really just say he had amazing eyes?! Oh god, Cat really is right…
“What?” Bee chokes, eyes wide.
“I’m not-I mean-I-he-uhh-you-umm…do you want to hang out with me and Mikey after school?” I blurt out the first thing that pops into my head to change the subject, cheeks flaming.
Bee surveys me closely for a minute, chewing her mars bar thoughtfully and studying me in such a way I feel like I’m under the microscope.
I squirm uncomfortably under her gaze, expecting a cutting remark at the very least, but after a moment, she just swallows, takes another bite and says-

“You are so gunna love me, Mikes.” I grin as we stand outside the school gates, taking it in turns to sip from Mikey’s Pepsi.
“You found out Bee’s star sign?” Mikey says excitedly.
I roll my eyes. “No, geekface.”
“Hey, I’m not a geek!” Mikey says indignantly.
I raise my eyebrows.
“Whatever Geek, but you’re still gunna love me for this!” I grin infuriatingly at a bewildered Mikey.
“What?! Love you for what? What have you DONE, Gee?! And stop smiling…it doesn’t look right on you..” Mikey says suspiciously.
“Hey!” I protest. “I always smile!”
Mikey promptly chokes on his mouthful of Pepsi, just as Bee forces her way through the crowd or students eager to get home, and smiles shyly at as.
“Hi Bee.” I grin as Mikey chokes more violently, turning red. “Hey, Mikes, did I tell you Bee’s hanging out with us today?”
Mikey goes purple, still spluttering and gasping for breath, and I decide now might be the time to pat him on the back.
“Okay there, Mikes?” I ask innocently, as Mikey stops choking and looks daggers at me.
“So…wanna go to the park or something?” I ask Bee as we set off down the road, watery sunshine trying to peek through the grey drizzle, and she nods quietly, staring determinedly at her bots.
We all walk in uncomfortable silence for a few minutes, and I can feel Mikey’s death glare boring into the side of my face.
“Sooo…” I say into the silence. “How was your day Mikes?”
Mikey shoots me a look that clearly states “You are going to die”, so I keep my mouth shut ‘til we reach the end of the road and I suggest going into the corner shop get some sweets.
By the time we emerge, ten minutes later, armed with bottles of coke and bags of haribo starmix still in silence, I decide something has to be done- which, by the way, has nothing to do with the fact a certain person who wear skeleton gloves and a lip ring won’t get out of my head.
“So, uh, Bee- you like The Misfits, right?” I say, sipping my coke.
“mhm.” Bee mumbles, still looking at her rocket dogs.
“Well, me and Mikes were thinking of going to see them next month- you should come too.” I say, nudging Mikey in the ribs.
“Really?” Bee’s face lights up.
“Yeah.” I smile. “It would be cool, wouldn’t it, Mikey?” I nudge him for firmly.
“Uhh..y-yeah..” Mikey mutters, bright red.
Fucking hell, I know I’m shy, but this is ridiculous!!
“TALK to her, Moron!” I hiss, nudging him more forcefully.
Seconds later, I find myself inserted into the hedge of a nearby garden from a sharp thrust from Mikey’s bony elboe.
“Ughhh!” I splutter, emerging from the hedge to the sound of laughter. “What the hell was that for?!” I say indignantly, spitting out leaves.
“Being an annoying fuck of a brother!” Mikey snorts.
“hey! I’m no where near as annoying as you, Geek!”
“At least I’m not gay…” Mikey smirks.
“What?!” I snap, pulling twigs out of my already tangled hair. “Neither am I!”
“Oh, so what happened at Cat’s house when you were watching Billie Joe on TV isn’t true, then?” Mikey grins infuriatingly.
“Fuck you!” I snarl.
“What happened?” Bee asks, Mikey, still giggling.
“Well, from what I heard, he got a little…excited…” I hear Mikey say as they start off down the road again, chuckling.
Great, so a couple of jokes about my sexuality and me being forced into a garden hedge and they finally get the guts to talk to each other?!
I slouch moodily after them, still spitting leaves out of my mouth.
Love works in mysterious ways…

Hey guys, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE REVIEWS!! again, sorry this chapter is so short- I’ve had soooo much homework and I STILL haven’t finished all of it :/ I’ll try and make the next chapter longer and get Frank’s point of view in too- it’s going to get interesting soon- sorry it’s taken so long! Do you guys actually like this story? Cause I don’t want to spend lots of time over it if you think it’s shitty, cause tbh, I’m worried it’ s getting kinda crap :/ anyways, please rate as well as review so I know what you think :)
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