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Chapter Eleven

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Smashed ipods, brothers from outer space and daydreaming

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Hey people! Sorry I haven’t updated sooner…schoolwork and all that shit :/ THANK YOU FOR ALL THE AWESOME RATES AND REVIEWS!!! YOU GUYS ROCK :D :D lol sorry…xD anyway, here’s the next chapter of my crazy ramblings…sorry it’s a bit short, but enjoy and remember to R&R!

Chapter Eleven

Frank’s point of view:
I watch Gerard’s retreating figure slouch down the street that meanders away from the park, hands stuffed in the pockets of his scruffy black jeans, head bowed, hood up against the seeping rain, walking dreamily a few paces behind his brother, Mikey and his friend, Bee, the new girl I sit next to in physics.
I sit there, statue-like on the swing as I watch his silhouette grow distant, my mind teeming with images of startlingly unique greeny-hazel eyes, filled with shy intelligence and dark humour, how the soft, pale, icy skin of his hand felt against my own, how my stomach twirled, my pulse fluttered, my spine tingled when those vivid, greeny-hazel eyes looked so searchingly into my own.
I’m still sitting there, unmoved, long after he’s disappeared over the horizon, my insides writhing in turmoil; longing, frustration, helplessness, utter confusion, adrenaline, happiness, all meshed together in my chest, like barbed wire on flesh, gradually swelling inside me like oil and water, like red hot lava, like ice cold venom.
It’s too much; too much to feel, too much to comprehend, too much to cope with, swelling and swelling inside me, pressing heavily against my chest, fighting to be let out, rising in my gullet.
All the overwhelming emotions bubbling furiously in my chest are making me want to do something crazy, something impulsive, something reckless; laugh hysterically, punch something, cry until my eyes bleed, scream my throat raw.
I’m still clutchi8ng my ipod, the blank screen boring into me, inescapable…the lava, the venom, the oil and water are rising at the speed of light, reaching their peak and exploding out of me.
I fling my ipod at the ground, stamping furiously on it, again, again, again, smashing it into obliviation, grinding it into the decomposing leaves.
I finally stop, panting, staring at the shattered fragments on the damp, leafy ground, that so mirror the broken feeling that’s now lurking somewhere behind my ribcage.
Just when I thought I couldn’t have anything more to be confused about, anything else to keep me awake at night…
I’ve never been more wrong.

Gerard’s point of view:
Grey satin clouds are gathering ominously overhead, making the dwindling October light eerie in the misty drizzle, as I trudge home with Bee and Mikey, through the many puddles, mud and decomposing leaves that line the shortcut path running behind the town’s graveyard.
Mikey and Bee are noticeably more comfortable together- Mikey actually seems to be able to have a conversation with her now- without choking violently or turning the colour if an angry, sunburnt beetroot. Bee seems less shy too- she’s smiling and not hiding behind her fringe.
Apparently one joke about someone’s sexuality can bring two other people closer together…as I’ve said before, love works in mysterious ways…
I’m walking a few paces in front of them, lost in thought, their conversation a mere murmur through the icy wind, the rustling of dead leaves and the squelch-splash of muddy puddles beneath our feet.
Although it’s been nearly half and hour since we left the park, it’s events are still fresh in my mind.
I also seem to be having problems getting Frank Iero out of my thoughts…the time we spent in the park was, to put it bluntly, awesome. Of course, I was my stupid, shy self to start with, but after a bit I forgot all that and was just me. But now, for some reason, I can’t seem to get his cute his cute, choppy chocolate side fringe out of my mind, his intelligent, intensely chestnut, big, dark, heavy lidded eyes with-
Mikey’s impatient voice and a sharp prod in my ribs brings me crashing back into the present.
“Umm..huh?” I mumble distractedly.
-dark, spiky lashes, the way he-
“I’ve been talking to you for the past five minutes and it’s like you’re on a different fucking planet! You didn’t even react when I called you a freaky, eyebrow singing gay vampire!!” Mikey says indignantly as Bee chuckles.
-nibbles his lower lip and looks intently at me when I’m talking, or flicks his disobedient fringe-
“Oh…umm..what?” I mumble absently.
“Is it okay if Bee comes back to ours ‘til her bus gets in?” Mikey says impatiently.
- out of his compelling greeny-russet eyes, and the way they lit up as I was telling him about the Misfits, and-
“Earth to fucking GERARD!”
“I…umm..yeah…” I say vaguely. “Awesome.”
Mikey rolls his eyes.
-how cute he was when he kept-
“Thanks.” Bee smiles. “you okay, Gerard?”
“yep.” In nod, barely aware of what I’m nodding to.
-dropping the sweets, or how adorably-
I jump as Mikey snaps his fingers in front of my face.
“Are you on fucking DRUGS?!”
-shy he was when he knocked me over, the way he made-
“Then what the hell is up with you?! You’re acting like you’re from a different planet! I mean, I know you are, but this is just not normal freaky…”
-my stomach jump when he pulled me to my feet, his-
“Gerard, do you know what time it is? My phones outta battery and Bee needs to know in case she misses her bus.”
-hand soft and sooth and-
“Gee! What’s the fucking time?!”
-warm, spreading tingles all the way down my spine-
“GERARD WAY! What’s the fucking TIME?!”
“Frank.” I hear myself say.
There’s silence and then Bee and Mikey burst out laughing.
Shit, did I actually just say “Frank”?
Oh god, there’s no denying it anymore…
I need to tell cat she’s won.

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