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The Time Generator

by Garfield 2 reviews

While screwing around with his cemestry set, Cartman sends the boys to the time of pirates of the Carribean: at worlds end!

Category: Pirates of the Caribbean - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Crossover,Humor,Sci-fi - Characters: Gibbs,Jack - Warnings: [!!] [V] - Published: 2011-01-17 - Updated: 2011-01-18 - 431 words

Cartman sits in back yard playing with a chemistry set and dumping his fluids into a generator. Kyle, Stan and Kenny walk up.
"oh hey guys"
"that's strange, you have proboly called me a stupid Jew by now."
"yeah Cartman, what's up?"
"I'm building a time machine."
They all laugh uncuntrolably.
"shut up guys!!!!"
"sorry, that's just funny."
"I saw a d.i.y. special on time machines, and I just bought the ingredients."
Kenny gets up.
"how dose it work?"
"basically I make stuff and pore it into a generater."
He grabs a bottle labeled 'fludis and gases may kill'.
"that looks dangourus, I'm leaving."
Cartman turns around.
"hahaha stan's a wuss!"
Suddenly the generator explodes and a blue portal starts sucking them in.
"it works! Ha! In your stupid Jew face, Kyle!"
Suddenly there's a white flash and everyone dissapeared.
They all wake up on an old ship in the 1700s strange fish like men surround them and an larger one walks through the crowd,they were looking into the eyes of Davy jones.
" see...I was playing with my chemistry se-"
Kenny didn't answer, he was to scared.
In rage, Davy grabs Kenny's neck with his tenticals and starts chocking him.
Kenny's face goes white pale. And he passes out. Davy throws him across the ship.
"Hey! Dont hurt my friend, you bastard!"
"well now...maybe I'll just kill you."
He pulls out a rifle and points it at Stan's head.
Suddenly a voice is heared.
"Drop it Davy, before you hurt someone."
"it cant be! Jack!?"
The heroic pirate jumps up from the side of the ship.
"Look what I got."
He pulls out the chest containing davy's heart. Davy's face goes pale.
all the crewmates chased jack round and round the ship.
"Jump in the long boat, boys!"
Once in, they start rowing.
"wait for the captin!"
Droping the chest, jack dives into the bout. A few miles away, you can hear Davy scream in fury for in the chest was a paper with the word loser written on it.
"but our friends on that ship!"
Jack sits up.
"then he's a gonner unless we save him before he kills him."
"how long is that?"
"about 2 days,were coming up to my ship, we'll talk with mr.Gibbs how to retrieve him."
"who's gibbs?"
"why mr.Gibbs is my right hand man, look, he's waving us here right now!"
2b continued
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