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Frank and Gerard

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FRANK: It was my phone buzzing that woke me up in the morning. I mumbled and rolled onto my side. I could feel Gerard's gentle and warm breathing on my nose. I was cold, so I shuffled up closer, pulling the covers around me. Perhaps it was snowing hard: it was unusually cold. I couldn't control my shivers and tried to hug Gerard in hope of some body heat. I sighed happily and contendly and opened my eyes.
I could see the light of the white sun faintly out the frosted window behind Gee. The snow was falling in huge clumps, fast. I still love the snow, it still fills me with some excitement, despite the fact I see it almost every Winter.

I remembered that at my old school, The Queen of Peace, how everyone would stare out the high windows, hoping to get out quick, even when we were in later years. I'd stare deep into the infinately stretching sky and pray we could leave. The streets and alleys and even shady forests look more peaceful and less sinister in snow, which always gives you some feeling of relief. Is it possible that the harshest places can assume the most beautiful disguises.... Then again, blood only shows up worse on that white crystal surface.

I rested my chin on Gerard's shoulder, looking through the window. The light wasn't as bright as was most morning's but my eyes still hurt with that dull pain. It's rare that I just lie so quiet in the mornings with him, but I enjoy it, just being able to lie next to him, appreciating our relationship together. Letting each other be so close all the time is something that I doubt I'll find in another person. I don't watch him sleep or anything considered 'creepy' like that, I end up waking him up most times anyway. I felt his breath stop for a couple seconds and Gerard woke up coughing and spluttering all of a sudden. I sat bolt upright, saying I was sorry if I caused him to cough like that.
"Gerard! Are you okay?"
"Mmm... Yupp." he grumbled, pulling himself to sit up against the freezing window.
"Are you sure you haven't got a cold or anything like that?" I leaned forward to get a closer look.
Gerard laughed at my obvious concern. "Yes, nurse Frankie, I'm not gonna die or anything, I sometimes wake up... Weird!"
"Oh...." I hadn't noticed that in him before, he only coughs like that if he has a sore throat. To be fair, he gets a sore throat quite often nowadays, maybe from the extra moans I can squeeze out.
"It's cute you were worried though." Gee croaked, grabbing me and hugging me tightly, as if he wanted to choke me. Again, the talk of me being cute. I like it, but it makes me feel small. Which is pretty rich, I know, I know.

Gerard hummed and kissed me happily.
"It's so close, Christmas and New Year. My first calendar year with you."
I mumbled in agreement. We had some remarkable relationship, getting so close so fast.
"We should do something on Chrismas eve or something, even if it's just going out someplace before we get on the road."
"Yeah, to make up for Thanksgiving.... I'm sorry about that, but my Dad -"
I was stopped in yet another appology by Gerard's finger to my lips. I pushed it away and decided to rest my chin on his shoulder.
"It's fine, okay. I understand."
"You're the best....." I sighed happily, thankful to hear that word that meant almost as much as 'I love you'. To me, they're much the same. I wished again that I hadn't even felt the need to experiment and indulge with others.

We sat like that for what seemed like ages, hearing sounds of life downstairs. Coffee being made, chairs being carelessly dragged out and towards the table.
"Should we get up sometime? I mean, will it be a disaster if Mom and Dad saw me here?"
"No, they'll just have to deal with me being me." My eyelids were feeling heavy again after moving so little and it was so comfy too. I yawned and settled further in Gerard's hold.

"What's the time?" I asked, pulling away from Gee just early enough so that I wouldn't get too settled and find myself unable to move. He leaned over the side of the bed and checed his watch.
"Twelve o'clock." Gerard replied, suddenly pinning me to the sheets on all fours, looming above me. "Do you have to go somewhere?" He asked, kissing at my throat, filled with a new energy that had me awake in a flash too. His hot lips on my cold body drew out a whimper I didn't expect.
"No, but we can do something, even if it's just to stay in bed all day."
"That'd be heaven." Gerard whispered, now licking up my stomach. The trail left behind was icy cold. I sighed when he lay on top of me, legs interwining. Way colder than any duvet or heater in the house though it felt so good as they warmed up together.

Lazily, I played with a few strands of his jet hair that seemed to shimmer a dark brown.
"So even if they came in..." Gerard began rolling his hips, grinding into mine slowly. "And saw something like this..." Each movement became deeper and more intense, "Would they have to deal with it?"
"Oh, crap.... Gee-" I pulled him down to kiss him, the rhythm the same as his hips. Last night we didn't 'get up' to much, nothing terribly sexual after many kind refusals followed by applogies and promises so I guessed it was Gerard changing his mind on me. Gerard stopped trying to get me to cure his morning wood when our tongues got involved in the delicious equation. It didn't put me off whatsoever but I also noticed that his lips were quite chapped, probably from the cold.
Things sped up a little and Gerard planted kisses pretty much all over my face. His hair slipped through my fingers like cool silk and I pressed down on the back of his head to deepen our kisses and delight.
Gerard broke off for a moment, holding my head at a strange angle with his mouth open, letting a bead of saliva drip off the edge of his lips into my mouth. I simply sighed from being held like that, I had to put in no effect to stay suspended like that.
"Do you think...." I gasped, our lips colliding properly for a final time, "We should get up sometime, and go someplace?"
Gerard rolled us over, so I was on top.
"I suppose." He pecked my lips, "C'mon."

I put on anything that'd keep me warm but I couldn't find my beloved skeleton gloves. I even looked under the great abyss that is my bed, with all the pointless crap I had kept under there. Giving up my search I concluded that they were in the wash for some weird reason.

GERARD: We ended up going to the cafe in the middle of the park. Brushing off the snow for us both, Frank and I sat down outside as the 4 tables inside were obviously taken by either sensible, early or boring people.
We held hands across the small table, luckily I had on some wool gloves so at least I could warm up Frank's bare hands. They were pink already so I squeezed tighter.
"Where's the gloves?" I asked, leaning closer to him.
"I don't know actually, probably hidden somewhere, or maybe I left them someplace...." he shrugged, "I can't remember."
"They looked so cool on you." I commented. Frankie looked adorable, for a reason I couldn't quite put my finger on. It might of been that beanie he had pulled down almost to his eyebrows or his clear caramel eyes glinting, or maybe just that sweet smile of his. It actually felt like a generally good day despite my paranoia and agitation last night.

"Gerard." he started. I looked up at him. "....I love you." A smile spread wide across his face as he blushed. That was like the cherry on top for me. I couldn't quite remember when he last said it. I know that, for some couples, 'I love you' is used like a catchphrase around each other. But for us, it's used meaningfully. Frank only says that when he really means it, when he's truly happy. That, of course means I'm happy.
"I love you too, Frank." I stood up to reach over and kiss him. Just as we were doing so, a waitress arrived with our drinks and food.
"Oh - Sorry to disturb you..." We sat down quickly. "Here." She hurried back inside after putting down our order: Hot chocolate and a cheese bagel for Frank, black coffee and cookie for me.

I looked deep into his eyes, this time taking off my sunglasses. The reflection of me was a little spooky, it was just like a gold-ish tinted mirror. It made me wonder what he thought when he saw me. Everyone seems to see others differently, so what did Frank see in me? Often, that is a question no worth asking due to disappointing answers. But hell did Frank's eyes interest and intrigue me. Maybe he always saw the truth in people, with such beautiful eyes.
"What?" I was brought out of my daydream. Frank was staring at me, seemingly perplexed. "What's wrong?"
"Nothing!" It's ridiculous but I didn't want to just say, 'you have beautiful eyes'. It's so.... so.... cliche, cheesy perhaps? "It just looked like you had something in your eye."
"Really? Is it gone?"
"No, just keep it there." And he realised that I didn't want to say something like taht directly and simply smiled, blushing once more and looking down at the table.
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