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Ink That Stains a Name

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F: Gerard gawked over my shoulder at the phone, though an interview and interrogation didn't follow to my surprise.

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MIKEY: The morning of the 24th of December was, well, boring. Like any other day, I made myself go to sleep again, resting until something like two o'clock and the extended sleep only made me more tired and more queasy from the warmth. I had been sleeping for about 12 hours.... Is that even normal?! I reached out for my glasses and slipped them on. The house was quiet, very quiet in fact.
Gerard was out and I thanked God when I realised he had spent the night with Frank again. I realised this due to a note left on my bedside cabinet, scrawled in an obvious rush and in Gerard's hand. It read:

Mikey - Spending the night at Frankie's. Incase you need me, please knock on the bedroom door first. Tell Mom and Dad where I am. Sorry if you counted on me being with you. Much love, G, be good for me. I'll be back about 3pm.

Another days grace for me then. It reminded me that I really need to think through me explanation or excuse when he comes back, raging that I messed up his little deal. Puppy-dog eyes were out of the question. There's no way of telling how we would react. He did swear that it was good for him, that he's practically murder me if I did anything against his actions but... Could he actually do anything? I doubted, rather optimistically and hopefully that he wouldn't have the heart to beat me to a pulp. Hell, if I trust him I pretty much deserve half of it but has he really heard my side of the story yet?

I padded downstairs, the question heavy on my thoughts, but unable to simulate the disasterous situation. Mom was working avidly in the lounge, setting up the tree.
"Mikey! At last! Get dressed so you can help me decorate." She asked nicely. Mom loves Christams, she loves any holiday that requires her to decorate the house in fact. We even give the house a little Irish theme for St. Patricks day for Chirst's sake! Don't ask, really. It includes rolling out a green carpet and decorating a room in leprichauns and the like.... But there is plenty of beer and of course the 'Irish traditional lucky charms' I suppose.

"Uh, yeah but I'm gonna have breakfast... Lunch." I yawned and carried on to the kitchen. Dad was out, it was clear because he wasn't in either the lounge or the kitchen, which seem to be his natural habitat. It was odd for me and Mom to be the only ones in, I was so used to Gerard being within arms reach (quite literally as it used to be), especially given the time of year.

As I mulled over the Gerard-Shane question over a sammich, Gerard himself was in-fact, gawking over Frank's shoulder as it turned out.

FRANK: I had a text from Shane, it appeared. Asking me to come over that night, seemingly just to pickup my gloves I had left behind. Now, I could have easily dealt with this situation on my own, but Gerard insisted on peering at the phone too. I cringed, waiting for him to explode in outrage, bombarding me with questions, tiying me to a chair and interrogating me between toxic kisses that put me in my place.
There were none. Not a single word about as to why I had been to that guy's place instead of with Gerard. Maybe he was simply preparing to say something, maybe he was stunned into silence, knowing how he is with his posession over me.
Still nothing. Instead, I asked him.

"A-Aren't you wondering....?" Not that I wanted to get into a fight or anything, but this reaction from Gerard was slightly disconcerting.
He shook his head slowly, frowning a little.
"No, you... You are responsible and I trust you two. I don't wanna ask though..." He cluctched me tighter around the waist, as I perched on his lap. His words sharp as razors, speaking quietly at the side of my throat. As if hoping to cut my throat with his subtle accusation, let the truth spill out in waves of accusational red. "If you took off more than gloves Frank."
My heart quickened. I hadn't done anything but did he hint that he knew of my sometimes less-than-loyal ways? I didn't think Gerard would pick up on any small give-aways. He isn't stupid though, far far from it. I felt a small pang up guilt slither up my spine slowly.
"No, Gee. I didn't: I wouldn't...."

"So you won't go tonight then?" He asked, reverting to his sweet, soft voice. His embrace too, coming more tender and kind.
"No, Gerard." I was telling a lie, I did intend to go there anyway. I may as well, since I went to the trouble of buying him a present. I'd simply slip out, run to his place, retrieve the gloves and dart back. Only a moments planning and a few minutes of execution and all would be well.
Gerard didn't need to know, I just wanted him to feel at ease. That's when I think bending the truth is okay, well, in this case, oblitarating it, but still, to spare someone's feelings is a good thing. Otherwise, I'd tell Gerard that I was going, and that would probably be a bad idea - to start and argument.

I waited for the tense atmosphere to disintergrate before thinking of what we'd do that night. Obviously, we couldn't pull a runner on both of our families, not on Christmas eve. It took us a long time, but we decided that I'd go over to Gerard's and he'd ask if I could stay for dinner. We could figure the rest out after and I could think of a decent, genius-proof plan.
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