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It's All Love (Just with blurred lines in between)

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Here we discuss Santa's slaves while sitting on a very hard Gerard. Y'know, a nice family xmas eve for all then.

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GERARD: Mom sighed heavily having worked tirelessly for dinner. Though this was only a taster compared to the Christmas dinner she planned. It made my stomach hurt to think about the next evening's meal...
I approached carefully, Frank waiting at the kitchen doorway quietly, anxiously.
"So, Mom I was thinkin' we could have Frank over tonight?" I asked, fiddling with a polished fork until her burning glare made me put it back in it's place. It was a huge thing to ask, I knew it but she did often feel obliged to give in to me. Not that I take advantage of that.

"Are you kidding? Oh God, Gerard, we can't do that! What about his family? And the amount I made?"
Though the amount she made was actually a good argument for myself really.
"My parents are having a rough time..." Frank added, seeming far away and very pitifull.
"Oh.... Well if it helps them out then yeah, we could try." Mom turned away, sighing again, mumbling stifled complaints into the filled sink.
I bounded over to him, planting a hearty kiss on the forehead. It was a big breakthrough in my eyes.
"Thanks Frank, that hit a nerve huh?" I chimed happily, forgetting that what he said was strictly true except he doesn't let it get to him like that.
"Serving in 10 minutes guys!" Mom hollered, regardless of where anybody was in the house. Frankie actually winced at the shout which always makes me laugh, he prentends to be so tough and all.

I hauled Frankie upstairs to Mikey's room but didn't find him there so we just sat there alone, in the fading light of day that seeped through the windows.

"So Gee, what's Santa getting you?" His lips twitched as he supressed a grin while I thanked God that he couldn't read my mind at that point in time. Sometimes, there's no stopping my sick mind.
"Oh, I know what I'm getting. I know what you're gonna get too."
Frank laughed but cut himself off quickly, biting his lip hard to do so.
"What do you mean?" He slid off the bed and onto my lap while I sat on the beanbag. His legs were unusually warm I noticed as he spread them on either side of me, positioning himself right where he wanted to be above me. He was going to try and tease me, so I took the power-challenge into my hands though hoping he would make a damn good challenge at that.

I shuddered again as more odd thoughts poured into my head.
"Roleplaying, Santa's slave style?" I destroyed any 'mood' Frank had tried to create. He made a strange hiccup sound and jolted suddenly which was a weird enough reaction to most things.
"No way, fuck you." Frankie still smiled at me. "Somehow, I can't imagine you as Santa being sexy at all." I found a sort of loop in his reasoning there, and as usual, took full advantage.

"Ah, so would be on top anyways?" I pawed at the side of his shirt, the timeframe in which we had to get up to anything completely escaping me. 10 mintues? 10 hours? Fukkit we're getting started and nothin on this Earth, not even dinner, would stop us.
"Ah! No, no way! It's...." Frank looked down, assuming a look of embarassment, "It's my turn for once."
"But that's what you inferred Frank, you'd be the slave." I giggled at my own choice of words. A couple of seconds of silence followed where you could see Frank trying to think of a away aorund what I was saying. Literally, pursing his lips in angered puzzlement.
"You'd be an excellent lawyer Gee, you know that?" Frank concluded.
I grinned when he suddenly pressed his forehead onto mine, "But I still won't be pounded into the matress this time."
"Bitch." I mutter, supressing a rebound smile to seem at least slightly sincere. In all honesty though, this fiesty new Frankie I had on my hands turned me on. He just seemed a little more, I dunno, daring. The harder I pressed, the harder he pressed back and when I'm talking about this when I mean boners, it really can't get much better. It may be sadistic of me but I liked it even more because we could fight and I'd still be on top, hopefully. Unless he doesn't do anything to blow my mind in particular. And would I love to see that.

Even so, I felt a warm heat rise to my cheeks as we sat that way, head touching but faces only milimeters away. I waited for Frank to close the gap that gaped between us, allowing him to finish what he started. Only thinking of all these things in that postion made me want him all the more.
Frankie being Frankie though, he didn't do what I expected, turning his head suddenly to let mine rest on his neck. I sighed happily and wrapped my arms around his back, pulling myself in closer. Getting his crotch to rub against mine that litte bit extra was an easy but not so subtle task.
"What's up?" I ask, nuzzling his throat as gently as I could before latching on with my teeth, as he had done countless times to me, to see what it was like to be the one biting for once.

"Hey guys." I didn't look up upon hearing Mikey's rather unimpressed voice when he entered the room. I don't care what he sees really, I don't think he really cares either.

"Hi." I felt Frank trying to turn around so I held tighter onto him. I knew Mikey was probably sitting on his bed beside us had I bothered to look. I bet Mike expected we would stop soon, but then again, he isn't stupid.
I don't see anything wrong with continuing a conversation like that anyways, we're all friends so why should it matter? I was way too engrossed in toying with Frank to think right anyhow. I decided not to give up until he got a hickey.

"Gerard, just let go..." Frank grumbled. I strained my eyes to look up at him longingly
"You know... You love it." I murmured, my voice muffled and deeper souding. There was a long moment filled with deliberation and deeper biting before any more moves were made.
Frank struggled more against me, groaing with annoyance. Or embarassment at what we were up to.
"Get off!" he exclaimed, now pulling violently at my hair, making me whine rather unnecessarily and more importantly, get wrenched off him.

Frank stood up for a second and then sat on my lap again but to face Mikey. He rubbed his now red and sticky neck uneasily.
"Uh, I'm sorry Mikey it's just..."
"He's a horny bastard?" Mikey finished, arching an eyebrow.
"Yeah." Frank nodded, shifting his weight on me knowing I was rock hard.

"So, was there a reason why you came in Mike?" I asked quickly. I didn't know wheather I liked them talking about me in such a truthful way.
"Now that I think about it... Yes. Dinner's on in like 5 mintues and also, this is my room."
I stared at him with a blank expression with a slight I'm-gonna-kill-you-for-breaking-this-up edge to it.
"What?" he replied to my death grimace, "I can come in if I want! Use your room for er... Things like..." He pointed to us, making a cirlce in the air, "That."

I smiled pleasantly, "Of course we will, since you insist. Make sure you can hear." I teased, knowing just how to torment the guy. The mere mention of things between me and Frank that would create noise made him stutter or trip over himself.
"Don't even think about getting up." I warned Frank who kept shifting around on me. "Really. Or I might decide to get nasty with what we do later."
"What's wrong with me getting up?" Frank asked, putting on a really crappy impression of an innocent person.
"Just stay put. It's a rager." I whisper the second sentence in an even worse impression of someone who wants to keep a secret.
"I know it is." Frank groaned, giving up on the getting-up he was threatening to do to my delight.
"You two are sick." Mikey interjected. "I mean, next thing I know you'll be fucking in the kitchen."
I snorted, not even bothering to return an obvious answer before Mikey realised he said the wrong thing.
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