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Pirates of the Caribbean: dead men tell no tales

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(my last jack was dull I promise to make him better this time!)Taking place during at world's end, Jack's adventure in the world of the dead are finally revealed as he ventures to destroy the myste...

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Written by Me

Chapter 1
The gold pearl
Captain jack sparrow, the brave, ruthless pirate. No dead is laying on the cold hard beaches of death twitching and blabbering as if he were having a bad dream.he swung up and gave out a scream that lasted for five seconds. When he stopped, he looked around and saw the mountain range of sand and the black pearl next to him. He sighs and says, "well pearly, I guess its just you and me." suddenly a very fimiluar voice was heared. "and us." he looked up and saw the last thing he expected, himself standing and waving from the pearl, but then more Jacks walk up from behind the first one. Jack let's off a small "gah!". "who are you?" he said. "I'm you." he replied "but I'm me arnt I?" Jack said "were your eternal punishment." they all said. Jack stared off with his eye twitching and face smiling. "oh goody." he said as his slime turned into a frown. He boarded the ship and made an annoucment. " you all know, I'm the real jack and you are not." one jack replied "but were all one-hundred percent jack, too." jack stared for awhile and said, "no, your only 100-ish percent me, now is there anyone else here who is not me!" one said, "there are the deadmen." "who?" jack replied. They lead him to the bring were 3 half zombie men sat gambling for marbles. "You have visitors." one jack said they pushed the real one in. "so your jack?" one said scratching his, half showed brain. Arnt we all?" he replied smiling, his smile faded quickly as the second man give him a scary look."we've been waiting 1000 years for marvel at you." Jack jerked back as they started to reach at him. "All us guys are kinda identical you see." he said backing twords the locked door. "so maybe you can marvel over one of them." one got up and walked twords him. Jack started trying to break the lock and calling for a jack. But when the man got to Jack, he showed him a gold ball. "this is the gold pearl." he said. "it is the most evil object on the universe, it also keeps us alive." jack looked at it. "so what does this have to do with me?" he said. "you must travel to death mountain a drop it into the lava to destroy it." the man explained. "another dead pirate,deathlog, has 4 more, If he has all five, he can easily cross trough the worlds with unlimited power featuring both universes. Take it our lives our through." the second jack took it the men started to splutter and melt all the guys spilled on the floor and the skin turned into a map with blood ink. Once jack got to the deck he made an announcement. "all men to their stations!" he yelled "we've got work to do!"
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