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Hello, I'm Mrs. Jenna Spicer!

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Jack. Jack, Jack, Jack, Jack. You and your anger issues! When Jack finally gets a girl, he messes it up.

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I never believed in “real” cartoon characters. I mean, really, do you honestly think that a fictional character is going to magically come out of the T.V. at night and meet you? Well, you should. Because it happened to me. And you should think of the impossible, because nothing really is impossible. That character, say Spongebob for instance, is alive. In order for you to see it, It flies through the air to get your T.V. If you add some…sponge I guess? It could be real. Well, I’ll tell you my story.

Almost every day I came home with mixed feelings about Drake. I didn’t know what to do with his horrible sassy attitude. I loved him, but I couldn’t stand his ignorance. One day I came home crying. I had done it. I said it’s over right in his face, and I ended up getting slapped. HARD. Not your average pat, but a fully charged hit that could kill at least 7,000 ants at one time. I sat at my desk with a frozen ham to my face. I turned my computer on and went to Youtube. I watched my favorite show. Then an update on how our petition was going. I started a petition to put a few more seasons of Xiaolin Showdown. 19,000 signatures. Wow. We were gonna get there soon. CN agreed to 70,000 signatures. I smiled and turned my computer off. I thought about having another boyfriend. I was out of random pictures of 16 year old guys, so I couldn’t make one up. Urgh. I’ve never told anyone this, but I’d sort of considered having an imaginary boyfriend. Not like some made up crap, but a cartoon character from T.V. I know, I’m an idiot, but when I was little my cousin got random things left on her windowsill. Like watches, jewelry, clothes and shoes. She wrote little notes to her favorite guy on T.V. who wasn’t real, saying, “I love you so much, do you love me too?” She got a quick response, saying “Oh, I love you more, girly.” That freaked everyone out, and her parents called the police and locked all her doors and windows at night. She still got tons of stuff.

No one knew were this stuff was coming from. On the T.V. show, this guy was insanely rich. He had everything he wanted. Then on T.V., that guy had the same watch that my cousin got. I freaked. Anyway, I’m hoping I’ll get a response. I know, I’m stupid. Then I started typing my letter to Jack Spicer…Evil Boy Genius…XD….

The sun shone brightly in my face, waking me up instantly. I yawned and sat up, eyes still shut. I untied my ponytail and threw it at the window. “Ouch, you do know that hurts.” A whiney voice said. I froze and my eyes shot open. My head turned toward the window, and the silhouette of a tall boy with spiky hair drowned out the sun. “You know, I took that letter as a compliment. A very, sexy compliment, if you know what I’m sayin’.” I gulped. “W-who are you?” I was shaking. “I’m your ‘beautiful, gorgeous, cutie’ that you gushed about in that letter.” I froze again. “Jack? Jack Spicer? You’re real?” I gulped. “I’ve been real.” He walked away from the window and sat on my bed. “I-I did not gush.” I said. “Um, yeah, you did.” He inched closer and I inched back. “I’m dreaming, right? Yeah, I’m so dreaming.” He got up and got so close I could smell him. “No, you’re not dreaming.” I shook my head. “No. You’re not real. You can’t be. You’re just radio waves.” He smiled. “Add some flesh to those radio waves and you get me.” He got into my face. “Please move.” I said. “Nah. I’m good.” Jack got so close he could kiss me in a flash. “Kiss me and I’ll scream.” I said. “I’ll take that chance.” He closed his eyes and pushed his lips onto mine. He quickly pulled away. “You’re a liar.” He smiled evilly. I cringed. “Please leave, I’m really scared.” I jumped under my covers. “Hey.” He pulled the covers off. “You liked that, didn’t you?” I shoved my face into my pillow. “No. I hated it.” I said. “No. You liked it.” He sighed and got up. “I guess I’ll go because to hate me. I’m never coming back, no matter how much you want me.” I shot up. “No! No, no, no, no, no, no!” I yelled. Jack grinned. “Get up.” He said. I hopped out bed. “You wear shorts in 20° weather?” He said, scanning my body. “You wear a dress, I wouldn’t be talking.” He growled and grabbed my hand. “Come with me.” He started walking. “N-no. I can’t.” I pulled away. “What? Why?” He grabbed my hand. “I don’t even know you.” I said “Well, except on T.V. But that lowers my trust on you.” Jack smiled. “Well, I am evil, you do get that, right?” His watch beeped. “That’s my queue. I gotta go.” He ran to my window. “No! Do you have to leave?” I whined. “Yeah. I’ll be back though. I promise.” I crossed my arms. “Why the hell should I trust you?” He turned around. “You have a point. Come with me. It’ll be fun.” I looked down then agreed without thinking. “Awesome. Grab my hand.” I gripped his hand. I blushed. Wow, he had soft hands. I gripped tighter as he flew into the air. “Can anyone else see you?” I asked. “No. They don’t believe. But they can see you.” I watched below as people ooed and ahhed. “Thank you for making me the town freak.” I said. “I can drop you, darling.” I squeezed his hand. “I love you.” I said nervously.
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