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But does anyone notice?

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Amys P.O.V

We walked over to Franks, not much was said, I didn't know what to say, All i could think was, do i act like I know who the guys are? or do I not?
I think i'll go with not, maybe they'll just think im trying to hang about with them for their fame, so no im gonna pretend i dont know them. At this point the guys were on the three cheers for sweet revenge album, me and Ruby had actually been to see them on tour last month.
"well here we are" Frank says
I look up, he had an average house, bigger than mine, but not a mansion or anything.
He opened the door and I followed him in.

In the living room stood 4 men, the first one had black long hair and was pale, the second was very tall skinny and had glasses at the tip of his nose, the next had a big afro and the last had strawberry blonde hair.
"This is Gerard, Mikey, Ray and Bob" Frank said introducing them one by one.
"And this is Amy Guys" he continued
They all said hi to me and i did the same.
This was so surreal, this amazing band standing right infront of me.
They all looked at each other in wonder why I was acting so normal.
Gerard went into the kitchen, nudging Frank on the way signalling for him to follow, so he did.

"Sit down if you want Amy" Mikey said to me.
So i sat down next to him on the couch. "So are you okay now? Frank told us what happened" Mikey asked.
"Yeah feeling better, obviously I'm still shook up about it, if it wern't for Frank I would have been dead" I replied.
"Yeh it must of been horrible" Mikey said looking sad.

I was sat near the door and could hear mumbled voices. "Mikey can i use the bathroom" I asked.
"Yeh its just up the hall before the kitchen" he informed me.
I left the room and went to the bathroom, I put my ear up against the wall to see if i could hear what that were saying.

"Frank have you not noticed she doesn't she know who we are, havent you told her" Gerard asked.
"Yes i have and she just obvioulsy doesn't know and why should i have to tell her Gee, she seems really nice and we're gettin on alright, it might wreck things if i tell her" Frank said.
"Well what if she finds out from other people, then she'll wonder why you didn't tell her yourself" Gerard said.
"Fine" Frank muttered before he walked out, I quickly exited the bathroom, just in time to bump into Frank, "Hey can i talk to you?" i asked him, "yeah sure, c'mon" he said.
He took my hand and took me out to a bench in the back garden, we sat down, "so what do you wanna talk about" he asked me looking concerened.
I knew i had to tell him.
"well, i heard you and Gerard talking, I know who you are Frank" I said to him.
He looked shocked.
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