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liar liar

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warning, violence and other things, hope you like

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I waited for Mikey outside his front garden, the patch of grass surrounded with flowers that made the place more homey and comforting. I played with the end of my t-shirt as I waited, playing with the lose thread in my fingers, tugging at it gently.
“Hey Frank,” Mikey said with a smile as he put his bag over his head and let the messenger bag rest on his shoulder.
“Hi Mikey,” I said.
“Mikey, don’t forget we’re going shopping tonight when mom is out,” Gerard said from the front door, I looked at him, I felt my heart flutter at the sight of him, but he seemed to not be so keen on seeing me, his expression was blank as if he had nothing to him, no personality. He turned and walked back into the house, shutting the front door behind him.
“Sorry about Gerard, he’s just been acting a bit strange,” Mikey said.
“It’s okay,” I mumbled, we walked along, talking and listening to each other.

I got out early, the sky was dark and miserable, like a grey cloud sitting over us, threatening us with rain. I got out of the gates, sighing as I thought about the un interesting day I just had. I saw Gerard standing at the gates, his eyes glued to his phone as his fingers moved texting away at the keypad of his phone. He looked tiered, as if he hadn’t slept in days, he was dressed in a black plain t-shirt, a black leather jacket, black skinny jeans and black doc martins. His raven black hair swept back slightly from when he would run his fingers threw it. His lips holding on to an un lit cigarette. I coughed a little to catch his attention. His eyes shot up, probably hoping it was Mikey or someone, someone other than me, I could see the pain and upset that swam around his eyes, they were blood shot red.
“Yes?” he asked in a snappy tone as his hand reached into his jacket pocket and got out his lighter.
“I want to apologise for how I spoke to you last time,” I said nervously, as if I had lost my voice when I was around him.
“Fine,” he said looking down at his phone again.
“Gerard please,” I pleaded.
“Please what? I was showing you that I wanted you, I’ve wanted you from the moment I met you when I accidentally dropped my box when we were moving our stuff in when I saw you sitting on the grass, I wanted to know about you, to talk to you. You seemed like you wanted it too, then as soon as the guilt comes crashing down you made me feel as if was wrong, wrong for being gay, for being in love with men instead of woman, I’m so sorry my sexuality offends you, good luck with finding your perfect catholic girl to marry,” he spat before he walked away, walking to wait for Mikey. I felt as if I had been shred to pierces, my heart felt as if it was weeping inside of me, I looked over to see if he was there, he was standing with Mikey talking. I felt the tears well up in my eyes, I quickly rushed home, my legs quickening my journey home as I got in threw the front door, running up the stairs and into my bedroom. I let myself land on my bed, burring myself in my pillow and covers. I felt the tears run down my face, why? Why was this happening to me? Why was I letting him affect me in this way? I didn’t understand anything, my mind was confused as I tried to work out what was wrong with me… why couldn’t it be easier for all of us?
I woke up to the sound of giggling, I stretched out, I must have fallen asleep when I was crying. I heard the giggling again; I got up, swinging my legs over the side of the bed and getting up. I quietly undo my bedroom door, hearing the giggling coming from my parent’s bedroom. I crossed my way across the landing and by my parent’s bedroom door, letting my ear rest against the wooden door.
“Oh God Frank,” I heard a woman’s voice moan out, my dad’s name was Frank.
“Frank we shouldn’t your wife might come back home, and what about that kid of yours?” the woman’s voice asked.
“Don’t worry, she won’t be home for another few more hours, as for the kid he is probably at his friend’s house,” my dad’s voice answered. I felt my blood boil, he was cheating on my mom, he was a sinner.
I slammed the door open, they’re tangled half naked bodies broke apart and looked shocked.
“Fuck,” my dad said. That was more than enough to make me run out the room and down the stairs. I grabbed hold of my mobile phone, searching threw the contacts to find my mom’s number. I heard the footsteps from upstairs coming down the stairs.
“Frank what do you think your doing?” my dad asked, his voice boomed with anger.
“Telling mom what a cheating lying bastard you are!” I yelled at him, he was taken back by my words. I soon had my mom’s number, I pressed the call button but the phone was yanked out of my hands, my dads ended the call and then threw it across the room, hearing it smash against the wall and then crumble to the floor in a broken mess.
“She won’t believe you,” he said.
“Yes she will, you think you can preach to me about how to live my life when you have some tart in yours and mom’s bedroom letting you fuck her when your married and have a kid!” I yelled but suddenly I felt his fist collide with my jaw, knocking me down to the floor as I tasted blood in my mouth and my head began to spin.
“Don’t you fucking dare talk to me like that! You’re my son, but what good is that! You’re a fucking bad excuse for a son!” he yelled at me. He pulled me up by my hair sending stinging pains straight threw me making me yelp in pain.
“What you going to do about it Frank? Come on then if you think your so fucking hard enough to take me down,” he said. Suddenly the front door was opened, mom walked in, she seemed to look happy till she saw my dad holding me up by my hair, blood over his knuckles and my face.
“Frank! Put him down!” My mom yelled. My dad dropped me to the floor.
“Frankie what’s going on?” asked the slut who walked into the kitchen. My mom looked confused and shocked at the same time.
But she came rushing over to comfort me.
“Sweetie are you okay?” mom asked me checking my face for injures.
“Yeah mom,” I answered.
“What happened?” she asked me.
“Dad, he’s cheating on you, I came in to your room to find them there and then when I was going to phone you he started on me,” I answered. I could see the pain in her face,
“Frank is this true?” mom asked my dad, not even looking at him.
“He is-” my dad started.
“Is it true!” my mom yelled as a tear slipped down her cheek, I raised my hand and brushed it away, she held my hand, squeezing onto my hand slightly.
“Yes,” my dad mumbled.
“Get out,” mom said.
“What?” dad asked with confusion.
“Get out! I don’t want a cheating abusive bastard in my house!” my mom yelled as she stood up and faced him.
He stormed out the room with his slut following him, she went out to the car to wait as he packed his stuff.
“Mom,” I said.
“What?” mom asked.
“I’m sorry you had to find out that way,” I said.
“Frankie, I’m glad you told me, if you had anything to tell me then I will listen,” she said stroking my cheek, wiping away the tears that were slowly rolling down my face.
“Thanks mom,” I said pulling her into a hug.
I heard dad’s footsteps come back into the kitchen, I pulled away and looked at him.
“I’m going,” he said.
“Keys,” mom said.
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