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This Is The Best Day Ever

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Avril's hanging with Steph again when a unexpected call comes bring her hopes high. [Everyone who was casted should read this!]

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The next installment! Everyone who was casted is this in chapter! Woot! I'm excited. Please read and review!
Three Weeks Later

It's been a long three weeks. Mom's been going to AA meetings on Fridays and she's even been seeing a therapist. She quit cold turkey after that night. It's been wonderful having my Mom back to her normal self. Though there has been something bothering me lately. Ever since that night I've been wondering about my feelings. Does my subconsince love Frank? I wasn't sure. I've been spending most of my time patching things up with my bestfriend Steph. She's been my bestfriend since kindergarden. During the whole ordeal with my Mom we shorta lost touch, so I've been trying everything to get her back.

I laid there on Steph's bed staring at the ceiling. All my thoughs on Frank.
"Av whats wrong?" Steph asked
I looked at her with a half frown
"Steph, I need to tell you something thats been confusing me lately." I said
"Lay it on me Chica." She said with a smile sitting on the bed beside me.
"I'm not sure how to say this." I said, so I preceeded to tell her about my dream the other night, leaving the part out about my Dad and Mom. Telling her I had woken up after kissing Frank.
She looked down at me for a while with a huge smile on her face.
"What?" I asked her starting to feel uncomfertable.
"I think you should start hanging out with the boy more often." She said "Try and get closer to Frank, and see where it goes from there."
"Steph your amazing!" I said sitting up and throwing my arms around her
"Thats what bestfriends are for." She said giggling.
Just then my phone rang, i pulled it out to find it was Gee.
"Oh, It's Gerard." I said
"Ooo!" She said while her face lit up. "Tell him I said Hi!"
I giggled ay Stephs obvious crush on my older brother while answering the phone.
"Speak to me." I said
"Av, Hey what are your plans for tonight?" He asked
"Nothing yet, why?" I asked
"Well you do now." He said, I could tell he had a smile on his face.
"What?" I asked
"You and Steph are coming to Frank's party tonight. Be home around five and I'll pick you up." He said then disconnecting before I could say anything more. I flipped my cell shut and looked at Steph with a confused expression.
"So... What was that about?" She asked
"I guess we're going to Franks party tonight." I said
"That's great!" She said with a smile.
I smilled at her amd looked a the clock. 3pm
"Shit!" I said "We have two hours to get ready!"
"Well lets get to it!" Steph said giggling.


We sat at my house listening to Yellow Submarine by The Beetles. Sing and dancing. I was singing 'we all live in a yellow submarine, a yellow submarine, a yellow submarine.' When Gee walked in the door looking at us with raised eyebrows. When I saw him I started laughing, then laughed even harder when I saw that Steph was blushing.
"Um.. right." He said "Well you to crazies ready to go?"
"Yeah." I said "Lets go."
Grabbing our purses we followed Gee out the door and over to his car. Once we were all in and buckled he turn on the ignition pulled out and started towards Frank's. At that point I was really wondering as to why he had invited us to Frankie's house.
"Hey Gerard?" I asked
"Yeah Av?" He asked me not taking his eyes off the road.
"Why did you invite us?" I asked
"It wasn't my idea." He said
Now I was really Confused "Then who's was it?" I asked
He looked at me "It was Frank's. Now stop asking questions. Cause I don't know anything more than that" He said before putting his eyes back on the road.
I sighed and accepted his answer. The rest of the ride to Frank's was silent. When we arrived I found that we weren't the first ones there. We parked and got out and headed to the door as soon was we walked in everyone jumped out screaming "Surprise!"
I was taken off guard and jumped back clutching my chest.
"W-what?" I asked
Frank ran up to me giving me a hug "This is all for you Avril!" He said all hyper.
Emily walked up to me with a smile on her face. Emily is Franks twin sister. Shes a bit shorter than Frank tho with Brown hair. Since shes shorter to Frank, he gave her the nickanem Shorty which kinda suck with all of us.
"We all figured you needed some cheering up." She said "So Frank and I planned this surprise party for you."
I was sp happy. I threw my arms around her "Shorty your amazing!" I said
"Hey! I helped to." Frank said with a pouty face.
I smiled and Hugged Frank again, "Thank you Frankie." I said giggling
"Lets get drunk!" Jaz yelled
We all looked at her with confused expressions. That;s Jasmine for you. She's Bob's girlfriend. She's shy most of the time, which makes her and Bob a perfect couple. Though at times you can never shut her up. She is often socially awkward which explains the random outburst.
"Jaz, your something else." I said smiling
"Come on!" Frank said grabbing my hand and pulling me into the living room.
Once there I looked to the floor to see Ray, His girlfriend Lila, Bob, and Mikey sitting in a half cirlce with an empty beer bottle in the middle. I looked at Frank and raised an eyebrown.
"Spin the bottle?" I asked
"Yup!" He said
"What are we twelve?' I asked laughing
"Oh come on Av! It'll be fun!" Jaz said sitting down beside Bob.
I shrugged and sat down beside Mikey. The circle went Me, Mikey, Shorty, Jaz, Bob, Gerard, Steph, and then Frank beside me.
"Me first!" Yelled Jaz spinning the bottle. It finally stopped landing on Bob, who had a smiled spread across his face. He turned to Jaz lifted her chin and softly kissed her. After breaking apart they sat there with huge smiles.
"Your turn Bob!" Frankie said clapping his hands.
Bob spun the bottle, to his dismay it landed on Mikey Mikey who looked at it wided eyed.
"You;ve got to be kidding me." Bob said causing us all to laugh.
"You have to Bobert." I said Jaz touched his shoulder. He looked at her and she nodded. Mikey looked at Shorty, to whom he was dating.
"Its okay Baby." She said
After Bob and Mikey's quick peck the bottle was spinning again. Landing on Frankie. They exchanged looks and Mikey slapped his forehead. Causing all us girls to giggle.
"Come on Mikey, quit being a sissy." I said
They both exchanged a quick peck.
"Yay! My turn, my turn!" Frankie said clapping his hands together like a little kid.
My heart leaped, this could be my chance to find out. He finally put his hand on the bottle and spun it. I watched it spin round and round. My heart started beating faster and faster. The bottle started to loose momentum. As it slowed down it felt like my heart was going to beat out of my chest. Finally it slowed down and finally landed on...
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